POV – A Cursed Film review


Preview screening courtesy of SHAW and Omy.sg

Norio Tsuruta, director of POV-A Cursed Film, known for his horror based stories over the years, such as the Scary True Stories and prequel of The Ring which some of you might have already seen before, has directed yet another supernatural film, trailer as follows.
[youtube va7q4aOTu9g]
 POV – A Cursed Film is different from any other POV(Point of view) horror films, it’s in Japanese, that means, there’s no way you can cover your eyes and comprehend what’s going on just by listening, as one who doesn’t speak Japanese, I was forced to open my eyes to read the subtitles throughout the screening.

Ivy and I, we covered half of our eyes and ears through the movie, reading only subtitles and seeing a bit of ghosts. Ivy says, it would be scarier if I actually hug her, thanks ah.

It does remind me of my experience with the Singapore Paranormal Investivators(SPI) back some time ago.

Unfocused photograph of the polaroid film which captured a mysterious human-figure at the end of the corridors, we confirmed that no one from our team was there, creepy eh?


Mirai and Haruna are shooting a show streamed on smartphones which introduces
different viewer submitted videos. That day the videos were all of paranormal phenomena,

carefully selected alleged accurate accounts of haunted occurrences. In the middle of
one video, the image gets interrupted, immediately turning back on to show a footage that
was not in the script. The video capture an urban legend rumored at Haruna’s school. A
psychic on the show assesses that a certain demonological ritual must be performed in
order to rid the school of this phenomena. The director, agents and the two girls go to the
school accordingly to find there is more to the video than meets the eye.

 POV – A Cursed Film starts screening on 26th April 2012 in Singapore, do bring your timid girlfriends or boyfriends ahead!

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