Dear OCBC bank of Singapore

on 19th of May 2010, I’ve opened a Passbook Savings account from the Hougang Branch.

A few reasons,

  1. I needed to save.
  2. I needed to store money somewhere to buy a house in the future for me and my future wife.
  3. And the promises of a free cake and birthday cheer from your service staffs according to one of your commercials I saw on TV. (which also you have given to others too, Click here(1) Click here(2) Click here(3) and Click here(4) to read about it.)

Rest assured, I will be there at the Hougang branch to collect my birthday cake and enjoy a birthday cheer on my birthday every year.

(Video of commercial)

I also applied for your internet banking services, which would bring me conveniences if I were to do a monetary transactions online.


The internet banking package you have sent me was not sealed.

The sticky tape wasn’t enough to seal the package! Pardon me for my itchy fingers for tearing the dotted parts, even though it was a not-properly-sealed package.

And yet you promised me “Double the security. Double the assurance.”!

I would wish to get a brand new one, I just really don’t see how hard is it to just, Seal a package.

I refuse to use this, It could had been duplicated by a hacker whom might have taken a look in my package. And I’m worried because of this hacker, My money that is invested in OCBC could be jeopardized .

Also the device’s strap that came together with the package, seems to be a pirated one, the printing looks very smudged, and it looks like there’s blood stains too. I don’t believe the original strap would look smudged, It should look professionally printed just like the Passbook’s OCBC bank logo.


Could this package been in the hands of a murderer?(It looks like some blood stains on the strap given) Maybe a hacker cum murderer is trying to send me a message through this not-properly-sealed package that he/she is going to kill me and take all my money away! Oh wait, Maybe the murderer stole the original professionally printed strap too!

And again OCBC, I am a very busy man, I have full-time school, and a weekend job to secure, I simply do not have any time.

I couldn’t find any emails that I can forward this issue to, and my phone currently have a faulty keyboard, resulting that I will not be able to contact OCBC through the hotlines. And there is not one Branch that is in my convenience to approach.

You can contact me through my email address, yongwei92(at)

I would also suggest putting double the amount of tape the next time you send a new package to me, afterall, you did promise me, “Double security”.

Goh Yong Wei


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