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There’s something I wish to say…

…But I never dared to as I felt that there’s no need for anyone to know except close friends. It’s that I have to deal with anxiety and depression very often, and sometimes, really badly. I recall about 2 months back, my anxiety triggered so badly that I couldn’t leave my bed or answer any phone calls. I isolated myself and slept through a whole week, alone, and talked to almost no one about it.

I’m elated that I got over that awful period. As much as I am encouraging, positive and cheerful to people around me, and giving logical advice to people as an entrepreneur, I do have emotions too. When I am down, I’m really not sure of what to do or who to find.

I think the number one trigger that affects me most, is jealousy. I envy people with relationships, like really really envy. Then again, I’m confused as I’m not sure if that’s what I really want. I feel useless/unwanted as I know I’m talented, can sing, can do media stuff like design and recordings, able to run a business and so on but yet I am still single, and have a 100% failure rate with dates.

It makes me doubt myself, a lot, and that is probably my biggest trigger for self-esteem issues. But when I do date someone, I normally start feeling turned off, partly because I still have a very strong crush on someone else I can never be with. And the dates usually end off with just a single dinner meet up.

So I’m actually confused, I’m not sure of what I want, I want people around me to be happy, yet I am unable to feel happy about myself.

Till recently I had a wake up call:

An acquaintance of mine died recently due to muscular dystrophy. He spent almost his entire life on a wheelchair. Although he was severely handicapped, he had dreamt of becoming a film director, and he worked hard towards that aspiration by being a scriptwriter for various short films.

I felt so ashamed of myself when news of his passing broke out. While I was feeling sorry, emotional, and being envious of other’s (seemingly happier) life, I missed out the fact that there are many others who wish the same towards me.

Anthony Tan, you are an inspiration, and a wake up call to me, may you rest in peace.

To everyone else who are dealing with anxiety, depression or whatever problem on a regular basis, please know that you are more valuable than you think, and definitely capable of doing so much more as well.

And I hope you find your happiness, and I continue searching for mine too.

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Oink Oink Mookata – Steamboat buffet in AMK

Kudos to Caren for the invite to her friend’s newly opened steamboat buffet at 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. The hot pink signage is really easy to spot.



Remember in the past where most of us would gather at Marina Bay for bowling, arcade and steamboat buffets at dirt cheap prices? This is quite a réminiscence for me personally with a bunch of friends gathering to enjoy great steamboat buffet.  2015-07-21 20.38.46-1  I quite lazy to cook, luckily I got Joey to help us cook, if not we would had starved.

2015-07-21 20.45.25


The steamboat buffet consists of many fresh and well marinated meat, especially pork stuff such as livers (my favorite), and some other parts, I’m not a charcuterie-r so I also can’t explain to you what parts are there really, I just know how to enjoy.

In short it’s quite comprehensive lah, you want mushroom, seafood or chicken, also have, the staff were very friendly and always keeping a lookout if we have enough food.

2015-07-21 20.48.33-1


They blend their own chili sauce too and it’s just sweet and savoury, I had two servings of it and mostly just pouring it all over my food.

2015-07-21 21.00.29-1


Unglam photos of pretty girls eating and enjoying, this is something you will see only on



And you know what’s great about coffeeshops? Cheap beer at only S$6.50 for a big bottle of Tiger to cool off from the steamboat heat, overall, just enjoyable especially with friends to talk cock with.

2015-07-21 22.42.29

Oink Oink Mookata

Address: 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 560721

Reservation: +65 9615 9901

Prices: S$24/pax for buffet, ala carte and special sets available for those who don’t wanna be a glutton 😛

They always got many many giveaways/contest/luckydraw, so follow them on their social media sites and check them out!


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Sometimes the darndest things happen


At around 5pm yesterday, I got a phone call asking for 100 T shirts to be printed, I casually said the usual “yes, it can be done”. Only to realise when it was too late that it was to be delivered just hours later……before 6am.

Here we worked through the night with my colleague cursing me for not finding more details of delivery date and timing……

Not that our manpower at Super Store Singapore can’t do it, but the question is…..who in the world orders 100 customised T-shirts just hours before the event?!

This is something really funny that we will always remember.

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My third year as an entrepreneur

Super Store Singapore, a company I founded, is reaching it’s 3rd anniversary, I think it’s time I share some of my insights and experiences.

It started some time in 2012, a very good friend and I pooled together a few hundred dollars and started a website selling solely Button Badges, it was really weird, a website that’s named “Super Store”, yet there was only 2 products.

To see how bad the first website roughly looked, click here to see it on

We then invested in a few machines, a second-hand table and worked our asses off in the comfort of my room, it wasn’t easy, lots of time and effort was pumped in.

The birth of Super Store Singapore


Our R&D was pretty fun too. From bad drawings to bad product demos, most ideas we had were simply thrown out, either being too expensive or too difficult to produce.

2013-01-14 20.43.55

Drafting of new products


With the help of friendly & awesome friends,referrals and my web presence, more business came in and deals were closed. It allowed us to have more money to re-invest and expand, over and over again. Now, 3 years later, we are now a “halfway full-fledge” manufacturing company, with numerous products such as notebooks, stickers and shirts even.

I feel very encouraged comparing between how I started and how I am now. I am not successful yet but just lucky to have a great partner that shares the same vision. That one day, anyone and everyone can have high quality customised goodies easily, without minimal order quantity and fast turnaround.

The reason why many are frustrated with in this industry is that customisation requires bulk order in the hundreds or thousands, with terrible lead time, and sometimes questionable quality. We want to change that by giving good quality and quick turnaround time as expected of our fast paced society.

This is where I now work everyday. It’s not a fantastic set up but there’s lots of room for growth. It can get messy at times but at least it’s never empty.

2015-06-02 16.20.15


Now for some questions that I can think of and I’ll pretend to interview myself!

Do you ever feel down?

Sometimes I do compare myself with my peers, at age 23 they’re graduating with degrees and so on, me? I have nothing much, just a Higher-Nitec cert from ITE. I took a very daring path to stop studies temporarily and do full-time entrepreneurship.

Am I making a lot of money? Nope, but at least I can live on a decent basic salary of S$500/month. I’ve survived with that in my army days and I know I can survive with it for a long time, though not permanently. I come from a fair-background family and I want to change that. I simply want to be better off in the future than stuck with a job that only sustains me month by month.

I have spent time alone at night in the office, tearing, feeling lost, down and emotionally empty, wondering if I will ever fail. But screw it, I know the people I work and network with are awesome and I will overcome hurdles because failure is never an option.

I am very lucky to have great friends that support me in this business. Many times when I feel down, especially when business is bad, I get reminders like:

“You are 23 and able to rent a huge space to operate your business, how many others are like that?”

What have you learned from the past 3 years?

Attitude and networking:

Whatever you do, do it with attitude and never stop learning, even if you think you have learned enough.

I may know how to design and work with WordPress, talk with clients, or creative works like videography or generating ideas. However, there will always be someone better, more knowledgable, more experienced and more capable than me. Therefore, always network with people and learn from each other.

Priorities & focus:

You only have 16 active hours a day, what are you going to do that will feed your rice bowl? You can get a career in any jobs or start a business in any industry, but is it your interest? Will it make you happy? So I came up with a very simple rule to let myself follow, 50% Dream, 50% Business/Career.

For example, I love doing music, I love writing lyrics, singing and composing, but is there a market for it? Yes, but is it oversupplied? Of course! Now we have Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and traditional channels such as radio stations to listen to music and videos.

That makes it roughly 99% Dream of becoming a celebrity singer, and a 1% Career chance. It’s too big a risk and I can’t possibly starve or be broke for 10 years to chase a dream with a small probability of becoming a star, right?

So, do things that sparks interest in you and that is able to be monetised with a decent demand in the market, hence the reason why I started Super Store Singapore.

Anyone is capable of doing anything but most importantly, we need focus. Learn to say ‘no’ occasionally to things that might distract and stray you from your main goal. Likewise, you do not tell a salesman to do a marketing job and vice versa.

Given back to the community?

Yup! Occasionally we do support some people in need and certain communities. However, as much as we want to help and contribute, we are running a business and we have overheads, workers to pay and a company to grow.

A special mention will be, Project Lokun, a very interesting bi-annual humanitarian project, where they send a team of doctors, medical students and volunteers to Cambodia to give free health checkups and some medicine. Personally, I feel it’s a very honourable project and they were very sincere and legit. It’s truly one of the projects that made me happy to help out with.

They’re very active and are constantly looking for volunteers as well. If you want to help out the unprivileged as well you can find out more at

What will the future be? 

I am not a fortune teller (selling assurance to people is a good business idea too). What I know is, the future will be awesome as long as I work hard and smart. If follow where the passion is, eventually I’ll be successful and have more capabilities to help others. I believe that if you can’t help yourself, it will be difficult to help others.

Anything to say to people wanting to start a business?

Better not, you might want to work for others if you don’t have grit. It’s so much easier than starting a business.

I am not a business guru, but if you want to start a business and not screw up, I’ll be happy to share my little experience over the few years and help you to minimise screw ups, so email me? 🙂

To end off, Happy 3rd Birthday to Super Store Singapore, and to a better year and future we go!

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The true meaning of Chen Tian Wen’s “Unbelievable” is unbelievable

Recently, Mediacorp’s Chen Tian Wen, released an amazingly catchy song based on 70s tune, it has garnered more almost a million hits and 30k shares on Facebook within just a few days, but as I listened over and over, I sensed something was……odd……..and I decided to interpret the song in my own ways.

(This is a satirical  article, Chen Tian Wen and Mediacorp please don’t sue me.)

[youtube watch?v=9_lyJt2T3GY]


Un un un un un Unbelievable, that’s what you are.

Come be my coffee table, and I’ll be your sofa.

Un un un un un Unbelievable, so near yet so far.

Please be the metal cable to my cable car.

You blossom like a flower, I’m so stunned like vegetable.

My girl, you are un un un un un unbelievable.

“Come be my coffee table, and I’ll be your sofa”

Now what does that mean? It’s clearly of an adultery motive! Nobody’s house will contain just a sofa and a coffee table, there’s usually a TV cabinet, display cabinet, carpet, windows, fridge, dining table and a shoe rack.

Girl, clearly you’re not the only one, you are part of the many “furnitures” in his life, get away while you still can!

And don’t ever believe anyone who says they don’t have a TV.

Joey on Friends

“Please be the metal cable to my cable car.”

Now, a cable car system, has MANY cable cars, holding onto a single cable/wire. Girl, what does that mean to you, you being the cable car, and the man being the cable car?

He means you sleep around with countless guys, constantly going around and have cable cars in and out and in and out of your system, and now he wants a piece of you.

“You blossom like a flower, I’m so stunned like vegetable.”

And now the final part, “You blossom like a flower…..” why does that sound so familiar…….OH RIGHT, STDs such as syphilis! “Flower buds” blossom all over you! And that’s why he got stunned like a vegetable!

And if you would like chords for the song, here it is on my Facebook Post here! 😀


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6 Things you shouldn’t do in your early 20s

The future is big, bright and full of excitement, as a 22 year old with an observable high number of early 20s screw-ups that I am friends and acquaintances with, I feel obliged to come up with a list, to help you not screw up.

1) Quitting school

Not saying that it will be necessarily a bad thing, but you are not Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, they have plans, visions, the know-hows and balls to work on what they want with finite or no resources.

Unless you have a solid plan, the grit to work hard, great attitude and probably a decent portfolio, knowing what you really want, and a team-player, otherwise just stay in school.

2) Shotgun Weddings Screwing Around

Condoms are cheap, from just $3-4 at any convenience stores, and to save you “embarrassments”, you can also purchase them online from Durex Singapore’s site.

And abortions cost just around $600 to $2000(According to AWARE)

I don’t care about morality or not, it’s a clear fact that you cannot afford it(shotgun marriage) and you shouldn’t.

A pack of condoms and/or an abortion is cheaper and less regretful than a lifetime of unhappy marriage, quarrels and the high chance of adultery, since you got married because of pregnancy and not because of love.

This is the time for you to build start your career, think about it.

3) Lending money

“Eh Bro, can lend me $100? I’ll return it to you on monday.”

Avoid these people, especially during Fifa World Cup periods, they have bad budgeting and usually are in debt to a number of people at any one point of time.

Exceptions can be given in the case where a proposal is given, and/or you know they have a steady job or just started on one.

If you do loan money out of compassionate any reasons, don’t expect it to come back, just forget it.

4) Games

I do play games, and it isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re spending almost any free time you have on DOTA, WOW, LOL or LMFAO, then you better wake the fuck up.

Exceptions can be given if you’re from a wealthy background or if you’re sponsored by a big corporation along with professional skills for competitive gaming.

Otherwise, just remember that you’re not rich, and you have a family to take care of in the future, build your portfolio while you can.

5) Clubbing

I do club occasionally, and when I do, I spend minimally (Less than $50) or nothing at all.

Don’t waste your money on overpriced drinks with minimal alcohol, try having a quiet night with close friends and have drinks instead. It’s better to get drunk at a trusted friend’s place than getting pissed drunk in public.

6) Relying on your certificates

Frankly, your certificate probably means nothing, almost everyone has got at least a diploma or a degree nowadays.

Experience, attitude, credibility, network and skills make a better “certificate” these days. So what if you graduted with GPA of 4.0? Chances are you won’t be using what you learned in school for real work anyways.

Take heed, a person with 2.0 GPA with network and experience would beat a graduate with 4.0 GPA easily.

So go out, meet people, treat them to a cup of coffee or lunch, work on small projects with different people, a network will bring you far, your paper won’t, it’s just a benchmark.

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Entrepreneurship: What is it like?

Coming to office early and leaving the latest, has become a habit.

Some friends and acquaintances have found out that I am full-time in entrepreneurship, here are some of the common questions that popped from them.

I may be just 22, highly inexperienced compared to businessman in their 30s, 40s or 50s.

But I will answer what I can, as a 22 year old running a business for the 3rd year.

When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I started when I was 14 while still studying in secondary school, I saved my $5 daily allowance given by my parents and bought web hosting services to run websites and a $380 guitar to learn and teach fellow newbies interested in learning music. I starved in school and took about 4-6months to reach that goal.

I realised at that age that the Rich and well-to-do are always either

  1.  Highly educated and working in higher levels of corporates, or 
  2.  People running a business, whether educated or not.

Being on a tight budget of a student, I ran a website that resells common products I could source on the internet, and conducted guitar lessons while learning it to help fund my amateur start-up at the age of 15.

Of course, it failed, at least it was an early failure and I learned a lot from it.

I gave up for a few years and concentrated on my studies, it was only when I had my internship in Malaysia that sparked the failed entrepreneur in me once again.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.23.35 pm

I would say, if you are still studying, keep a lookout and request for internship opportunities outside of Singapore, don’t just take any internship your school gives you, go out and see the world while getting underpaid, it can give you a better perspective and experience.

My Malaysian boss was a great mentor whom inspired and guided me into business once again.


What challenges have you faced?


While I was so busy planning another start-up, I overlooked the fact that as a Singaporean male, I was required to enlist into the army after tertiary education, months after I incorporated my company, I had to neglect everything and went into near-zero silence for the next 2 years while I served my national duties.
I’m just happy I made it through without closing the company with the help of an awesome business partner, whom pretty much took over every role in the company while I only helped out occasionally on some weekends(I was posted to a stay-in unit, only time I’m home is on the weekends.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.10.05 pm


I had a loving girlfriend for a period of time, but because of my commitments to work, I couldn’t play my part well, I am not and will not be ready for any relationship anytime soon, though lonesomeness does hit sometimes, that’s where you have to train thyself mentally strong while keeping a lookout for  another “right one”, no one wants to die alone, right?

2014-05-07 16.02.54

Social Life:

My social life has been dramatically reduced, I can no longer afford to stay up late or lepak(chill in Malay) like theres’ no tomorrow, My blog write-up frequencies also reduced due to the amount of time required to commit to business, especially as an SME.(Small-medium enterprise)

What do you love most about running a business?

My nature of work allows me to constantly meet great people and meet awesome celebrities such as Hossan Leong.


Super awesome Glenn Ong of Class 95FM

And I get to dress whatever I want to work everyday, put on foundations/concealers without being judged, and I get to color my hair! 😀


I also don’t have to apply for leave to do some charity or volunteer work whenever I’m free.

2014-09-30 15.08.17

What are some of the things you dislike? 

The only thing I pretty much dislike now, is being required to wear a suit on certain occasions, I’m already layered with fats, having another coat on me almost melted me everytime!


You own a company, you must be loaded now lah!

Not true at all…..and this question isn’t cool at all, I do hate it when people assume I’m loaded and try their luck to take advantage, I am actually just like any young and poor Singaporean youths.
My business partner and I draw a monthly $500 allowance to just pay bills, transport, some CPF contributions and meals. We have pretty much no savings, we simply reinvest constantly, building the company a little bigger one step at a time.
Ha, even our staff gets paid more than us.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.10.14 pm
My bank account hardly ever reaches 4 digits.

 I want to start a business too! How and any guide?

Sure, why not, it’s always good to experience something out of the ordinary.

Finding the right business partner:

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a business partner, choose and test the person, if he/she is the right person, do not blindly sign any papers without understanding the other party or anything related to business.

Your business partner is also your new wife/husband for life, you will together share, innovate, work, starve, suffer, be in success or embrace failure together.

There is no finish line:

You want to be an entrepreneur, you want to be a boss, take heed that once you start, there is no finishing line, one day you will have generations of people depending on you for a living, you cannot quit and failure is not an option, success is.


So, do you think I should work or should I start a business?

Honestly, it’s easier and less stressful to work for someone 9-5 daily in Singapore, but whatever career you choose, make sure that you are happy, and when you are happy, work is no longer work but a gameplay of realistic RPG(Role-playing Game), which is quite awesome.


If you like what I write, drop me a buzz at

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Domino’s Pizza new offer: 4 Flavors on 2 Pizzas for only $22!

Some photos courtesy of The Influencer Network

I look the most fabulous here I think.(I’m the one at the back with the awesome hair.)

Ever since I started working full-time, I’ve hardly had any time for socialising, this small little gathering with bloggers actually made my new adulthood-full-time-work life awesome.


We played a little game, choosing 3 pizza flavor names and make a story out of it, look at Vivian’s impressive work done in under 10mins!


I couldn’t be that elaborate and as creative than her, so I decided to compete with “the shortest story ever”
One day I met a Classy Chic
And she made my Cheese Burst(Insert awkward silence as crowd bursts into laughs after 5 seconds)………….out of my Very Veggie pizza.

(Note: The staff did warn me not to come up with sexual jokes….paiseh lah cannot help it.)


The pizza, with two flavors available, it can actually solve disputes among couples who can’t decide on what to eat.


Ordering is available through Dominos Singapore webpage, in my opinion it’s quite a good deal lah, especially when you have a party and everybody cannot decide on the flavors and toppings, it’ll always end up with over-ordering.

2014-11-06 18.17.55

P.S. We had a lot of leftovers at the Bloggers party, I’m just glad that many of us packed the clean and edible leftovers and brought it home, usually at blogger food events lots of uneaten food goes to waste, just want to thank the other bloggers who helped out in this. 🙂

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Food review: Indonesian Cuisine Paradise @ Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel Singapore

Feast@East at Grand Mercure is currently holding a limited time special indonesian cuisine dinner codenamed: Indonesian Cuisine Paradise, it will only be available till 12th Oct 2014(Whether it extends or not, I don’t know.)

Kudos to Eastie Brekkie for the extended invitation to this food review night.

We were presented with some of the most delicious Indonesian food we ever tasted by experienced Senior Sous Chef, Chef Sharifah who flew into Singapore to specially prepare such a feast for us and to the public for only a short period of time.

Egg Tofy (Tahu Telur)

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Ox tail soup(Sup Buntut)

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Sambal Prawn(Udang Petai Balado)
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Sambal Stingray

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Rendang Sumatra(Beef)
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Peranakan Assorted Dessert(Top left), Chendol specially preparedby Chef Sharifah(Right), Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel’s all-time specialty Durian cake(Bottom left).
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
The chef.

We enjoyed our food a lot! They were really fresh and tasty, and the Sweet and spicy sauce(Black sauce) was really unforgettable, we wanted to buy a bottle but unfortunately it wasn’t available(yet?).

I was totally reminded of my awesome ex that night too….. 😀 cause she’s Indonesian!

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel / Roxy Square50 East Coast Road
Singapore 428769

Feast@East buffet restaurant
Level 3
Reservations: +65-6340 5665

Monday To Sunday (Lunch)
Adult: S$45.00 + + Per Person
Child: S$23.00 + + Per Child
Senior Citizen: S$34.00 Nett Per Person

Monday To Thursday (Dinner)
Adult: S$46.00 + +
Child: S$23.00 + +
Senior Citizen: S$36.00 Nett Per Person

Friday To Sunday, Eve Of Public Holiday And Public Holiday (Dinner) 
Adult: S$49.00 + + Per Person
Child: S$24.00 + + Per Child
Senior Citizen: S$38.00 Nett Per Person

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Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew : Found Father of Modern Singapore Tour

In celebration of our Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s 91st birthday,, a local tour group featuring tours of local heritage sites, and today, I will be writing about a tribute tour guided by an experienced local guide, Miss Chia Bee Lian

We started our tour at Amoy hotel, located at Telok Ayer Street, the display shows what the street was like before Singapore had one of our first land reclaimation done, right in front of the hotel, was the sea where boats carry shipments from around the region in, I believe it was part of the British East India Trading company’s trades?
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

This miniature display, is the actual look and scene of where Amoy Hotel is now in the past, a complete scaled down recreation of where we are standing.(We are in the actual building in the picture.)
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

The walking tour allows brings us around using our public transport system, particularly the trains and buses, our guide brought us around the tunneled stations where many of the local arts are showcased, you don’t have to visit a museum! We bring it to you!
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Probably not known to many, especially tourists, our train stations feature many different types of art such as calligraphy by local artists.

The next time you wait for a train, take a look around, you might just be standing on the works of great local artists.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Our tour Bee Lian was very patient and answered our questions accordingly, sharing her experiences growing up in this area of Singapore(Dhoby Ghuat/City Hall was once where many schools stood, she was a student there)

Unfamiliar to some of us, The MacDonald House holds the history of why there’s tension between Singapore and Indonesia in recent months, read more about it on Wikipedia.

It is one of the heritage sites, reminding us of why we must always keep Singapore and safe home, and defend it, through security and deterrence.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

A visit to the War Memorial Park, located between the Esplanade and Swissotel, a 67m high structure, also known as the Chopsticks memorial site, a site dedicated to victims of massacres during  world war ii.

Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Smith helping to clear out a wasp’s nest out of respect, and waiting for cleaners to come would take probably too long.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Do you know where the first ever tunnel was built in Singapore? This is the one, right under Anderson Bridge near the Asian Civilisations Museum! (A boring fact though)
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Walking through Victorial Concert Hall.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

A couple was having a beautiful wedding photo shoot, I think the strong maroon really matches with the environment, hope their photos turn out great!
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Bee Lian even brought us to see a noodle stall at Maxwell Market, it sells “Rickshaw noodles” the same recipe which Rickshaw riders would consume in the past, even till this day it costs only 80cents, I’ll definitely try it one day when I come here again.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

The beautiful Jacqueline Wong, looking through the displays at the tour of URA(Urban redevelopment Agency) Building.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Can you believe they actually did a miniture of the whole of Singapore?! It’s really amazing how detailed they are, I wonder how they did it.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Can you spot where you stay? All the buildings are mapped out here, including undeveloped ones!
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

I think Bee Lian really deserves an award and recognition, in the 2 hours we spent in the walking tour, I think I learned more than what I learned in 5years of secondary school.

No matter where we went, she kept us entertained and shared with us amazing stories and interesting historics of Singapore, I would highly recommend my friends and tourists alike to engage tours like this, she made me feel more proud to be a Singaporean than before.

To book for tours like this, simply head to  and start booking and find out more information.

To book for the tour I went, click here , I don’t know when it’ll be FREE till, but book now!

Found father of modern Singapore Tour

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