The true meaning of Chen Tian Wen’s “Unbelievable” is unbelievable

Recently, Mediacorp’s Chen Tian Wen, released an amazingly catchy song based on 70s tune, it has garnered more almost a million hits and 30k shares on Facebook within just a few days, but as I listened over and over, I sensed something was……odd……..and I decided to interpret the song in my own ways.

(This is a satirical  article, Chen Tian Wen and Mediacorp please don’t sue me.)

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Un un un un un Unbelievable, that’s what you are.

Come be my coffee table, and I’ll be your sofa.

Un un un un un Unbelievable, so near yet so far.

Please be the metal cable to my cable car.

You blossom like a flower, I’m so stunned like vegetable.

My girl, you are un un un un un unbelievable.

“Come be my coffee table, and I’ll be your sofa”

Now what does that mean? It’s clearly of an adultery motive! Nobody’s house will contain just a sofa and a coffee table, there’s usually a TV cabinet, display cabinet, carpet, windows, fridge, dining table and a shoe rack.

Girl, clearly you’re not the only one, you are part of the many “furnitures” in his life, get away while you still can!

And don’t ever believe anyone who says they don’t have a TV.

Joey on Friends

“Please be the metal cable to my cable car.”

Now, a cable car system, has MANY cable cars, holding onto a single cable/wire. Girl, what does that mean to you, you being the cable car, and the man being the cable car?

He means you sleep around with countless guys, constantly going around and have cable cars in and out and in and out of your system, and now he wants a piece of you.

“You blossom like a flower, I’m so stunned like vegetable.”

And now the final part, “You blossom like a flower…..” why does that sound so familiar…….OH RIGHT, STDs such as syphilis! “Flower buds” blossom all over you! And that’s why he got stunned like a vegetable!

And if you would like chords for the song, here it is on my Facebook Post here! :D


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6 Things you shouldn’t do in your early 20s

The future is big, bright and full of excitement, as a 22 year old with an observable high number of early 20s screw-ups that I am friends and acquaintances with, I feel obliged to come up with a list, to help you not screw up.

1) Quitting school

Not saying that it will be necessarily a bad thing, but you are not Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, they have plans, visions, the know-hows and balls to work on what they want with finite or no resources.

Unless you have a solid plan, the grit to work hard, great attitude and probably a decent portfolio, knowing what you really want, and a team-player, otherwise just stay in school.

2) Shotgun Weddings Screwing Around

Condoms are cheap, from just $3-4 at any convenience stores, and to save you “embarrassments”, you can also purchase them online from Durex Singapore’s site.

And abortions cost just around $600 to $2000(According to AWARE)

I don’t care about morality or not, it’s a clear fact that you cannot afford it(shotgun marriage) and you shouldn’t.

A pack of condoms and/or an abortion is cheaper and less regretful than a lifetime of unhappy marriage, quarrels and the high chance of adultery, since you got married because of pregnancy and not because of love.

This is the time for you to build start your career, think about it.

3) Lending money

“Eh Bro, can lend me $100? I’ll return it to you on monday.”

Avoid these people, especially during Fifa World Cup periods, they have bad budgeting and usually are in debt to a number of people at any one point of time.

Exceptions can be given in the case where a proposal is given, and/or you know they have a steady job or just started on one.

If you do loan money out of compassionate any reasons, don’t expect it to come back, just forget it.

4) Games

I do play games, and it isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re spending almost any free time you have on DOTA, WOW, LOL or LMFAO, then you better wake the fuck up.

Exceptions can be given if you’re from a wealthy background or if you’re sponsored by a big corporation along with professional skills for competitive gaming.

Otherwise, just remember that you’re not rich, and you have a family to take care of in the future, build your portfolio while you can.

5) Clubbing

I do club occasionally, and when I do, I spend minimally (Less than $50) or nothing at all.

Don’t waste your money on overpriced drinks with minimal alcohol, try having a quiet night with close friends and have drinks instead. It’s better to get drunk at a trusted friend’s place than getting pissed drunk in public.

6) Relying on your certificates

Frankly, your certificate probably means nothing, almost everyone has got at least a diploma or a degree nowadays.

Experience, attitude, credibility, network and skills make a better “certificate” these days. So what if you graduted with GPA of 4.0? Chances are you won’t be using what you learned in school for real work anyways.

Take heed, a person with 2.0 GPA with network and experience would beat a graduate with 4.0 GPA easily.

So go out, meet people, treat them to a cup of coffee or lunch, work on small projects with different people, a network will bring you far, your paper won’t, it’s just a benchmark.

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Entrepreneurship: What is it like?

Coming to office early and leaving the latest, has become a habit.

Some friends and acquaintances have found out that I am full-time in entrepreneurship, here are some of the common questions that popped from them.

I may be just 22, highly inexperienced compared to businessman in their 30s, 40s or 50s.

But I will answer what I can, as a 22 year old running a business for the 3rd year.

When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I started when I was 14 while still studying in secondary school, I saved my $5 daily allowance given by my parents and bought web hosting services to run websites and a $380 guitar to learn and teach fellow newbies interested in learning music. I starved in school and took about 4-6months to reach that goal.

I realised at that age that the Rich and well-to-do are always either

  1.  Highly educated and working in higher levels of corporates, or 
  2.  People running a business, whether educated or not.

Being on a tight budget of a student, I ran a website that resells common products I could source on the internet, and conducted guitar lessons while learning it to help fund my amateur start-up at the age of 15.

Of course, it failed, at least it was an early failure and I learned a lot from it.

I gave up for a few years and concentrated on my studies, it was only when I had my internship in Malaysia that sparked the failed entrepreneur in me once again.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.23.35 pm

I would say, if you are still studying, keep a lookout and request for internship opportunities outside of Singapore, don’t just take any internship your school gives you, go out and see the world while getting underpaid, it can give you a better perspective and experience.

My Malaysian boss was a great mentor whom inspired and guided me into business once again.


What challenges have you faced?


While I was so busy planning another start-up, I overlooked the fact that as a Singaporean male, I was required to enlist into the army after tertiary education, months after I incorporated my company, I had to neglect everything and went into near-zero silence for the next 2 years while I served my national duties.
I’m just happy I made it through without closing the company with the help of an awesome business partner, whom pretty much took over every role in the company while I only helped out occasionally on some weekends(I was posted to a stay-in unit, only time I’m home is on the weekends.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.10.05 pm


I had a loving girlfriend for a period of time, but because of my commitments to work, I couldn’t play my part well, I am not and will not be ready for any relationship anytime soon, though lonesomeness does hit sometimes, that’s where you have to train thyself mentally strong while keeping a lookout for  another “right one”, no one wants to die alone, right?

2014-05-07 16.02.54

Social Life:

My social life has been dramatically reduced, I can no longer afford to stay up late or lepak(chill in Malay) like theres’ no tomorrow, My blog write-up frequencies also reduced due to the amount of time required to commit to business, especially as an SME.(Small-medium enterprise)

What do you love most about running a business?

My nature of work allows me to constantly meet great people and meet awesome celebrities such as Hossan Leong.


Super awesome Glenn Ong of Class 95FM

And I get to dress whatever I want to work everyday, put on foundations/concealers without being judged, and I get to color my hair! :D


I also don’t have to apply for leave to do some charity or volunteer work whenever I’m free.

2014-09-30 15.08.17

What are some of the things you dislike? 

The only thing I pretty much dislike now, is being required to wear a suit on certain occasions, I’m already layered with fats, having another coat on me almost melted me everytime!


You own a company, you must be loaded now lah!

Not true at all…..and this question isn’t cool at all, I do hate it when people assume I’m loaded and try their luck to take advantage, I am actually just like any young and poor Singaporean youths.
My business partner and I draw a monthly $500 allowance to just pay bills, transport, some CPF contributions and meals. We have pretty much no savings, we simply reinvest constantly, building the company a little bigger one step at a time.
Ha, even our staff gets paid more than us.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.10.14 pm
My bank account hardly ever reaches 4 digits.

 I want to start a business too! How and any guide?

Sure, why not, it’s always good to experience something out of the ordinary.

Finding the right business partner:

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a business partner, choose and test the person, if he/she is the right person, do not blindly sign any papers without understanding the other party or anything related to business.

Your business partner is also your new wife/husband for life, you will together share, innovate, work, starve, suffer, be in success or embrace failure together.

There is no finish line:

You want to be an entrepreneur, you want to be a boss, take heed that once you start, there is no finishing line, one day you will have generations of people depending on you for a living, you cannot quit and failure is not an option, success is.


So, do you think I should work or should I start a business?

Honestly, it’s easier and less stressful to work for someone 9-5 daily in Singapore, but whatever career you choose, make sure that you are happy, and when you are happy, work is no longer work but a gameplay of realistic RPG(Role-playing Game), which is quite awesome.


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Domino’s Pizza new offer: 4 Flavors on 2 Pizzas for only $22!

Some photos courtesy of The Influencer Network

I look the most fabulous here I think.(I’m the one at the back with the awesome hair.)

Ever since I started working full-time, I’ve hardly had any time for socialising, this small little gathering with bloggers actually made my new adulthood-full-time-work life awesome.


We played a little game, choosing 3 pizza flavor names and make a story out of it, look at Vivian’s impressive work done in under 10mins!


I couldn’t be that elaborate and as creative than her, so I decided to compete with “the shortest story ever”
One day I met a Classy Chic
And she made my Cheese Burst(Insert awkward silence as crowd bursts into laughs after 5 seconds)………….out of my Very Veggie pizza.

(Note: The staff did warn me not to come up with sexual jokes….paiseh lah cannot help it.)


The pizza, with two flavors available, it can actually solve disputes among couples who can’t decide on what to eat.


Ordering is available through Dominos Singapore webpage, in my opinion it’s quite a good deal lah, especially when you have a party and everybody cannot decide on the flavors and toppings, it’ll always end up with over-ordering.

2014-11-06 18.17.55

P.S. We had a lot of leftovers at the Bloggers party, I’m just glad that many of us packed the clean and edible leftovers and brought it home, usually at blogger food events lots of uneaten food goes to waste, just want to thank the other bloggers who helped out in this. :)

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Food review: Indonesian Cuisine Paradise @ Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel Singapore

Feast@East at Grand Mercure is currently holding a limited time special indonesian cuisine dinner codenamed: Indonesian Cuisine Paradise, it will only be available till 12th Oct 2014(Whether it extends or not, I don’t know.)

Kudos to Eastie Brekkie for the extended invitation to this food review night.

We were presented with some of the most delicious Indonesian food we ever tasted by experienced Senior Sous Chef, Chef Sharifah who flew into Singapore to specially prepare such a feast for us and to the public for only a short period of time.

Egg Tofy (Tahu Telur)

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Ox tail soup(Sup Buntut)

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Sambal Prawn(Udang Petai Balado)
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Sambal Stingray

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Rendang Sumatra(Beef)
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
Peranakan Assorted Dessert(Top left), Chendol specially preparedby Chef Sharifah(Right), Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel’s all-time specialty Durian cake(Bottom left).
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel food review
The chef.

We enjoyed our food a lot! They were really fresh and tasty, and the Sweet and spicy sauce(Black sauce) was really unforgettable, we wanted to buy a bottle but unfortunately it wasn’t available(yet?).

I was totally reminded of my awesome ex that night too….. :D cause she’s Indonesian!

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel / Roxy Square50 East Coast Road
Singapore 428769

Feast@East buffet restaurant
Level 3
Reservations: +65-6340 5665

Monday To Sunday (Lunch)
Adult: S$45.00 + + Per Person
Child: S$23.00 + + Per Child
Senior Citizen: S$34.00 Nett Per Person

Monday To Thursday (Dinner)
Adult: S$46.00 + +
Child: S$23.00 + +
Senior Citizen: S$36.00 Nett Per Person

Friday To Sunday, Eve Of Public Holiday And Public Holiday (Dinner) 
Adult: S$49.00 + + Per Person
Child: S$24.00 + + Per Child
Senior Citizen: S$38.00 Nett Per Person

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Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew : Found Father of Modern Singapore Tour

In celebration of our Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s 91st birthday,, a local tour group featuring tours of local heritage sites, and today, I will be writing about a tribute tour guided by an experienced local guide, Miss Chia Bee Lian

We started our tour at Amoy hotel, located at Telok Ayer Street, the display shows what the street was like before Singapore had one of our first land reclaimation done, right in front of the hotel, was the sea where boats carry shipments from around the region in, I believe it was part of the British East India Trading company’s trades?
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

This miniature display, is the actual look and scene of where Amoy Hotel is now in the past, a complete scaled down recreation of where we are standing.(We are in the actual building in the picture.)
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

The walking tour allows brings us around using our public transport system, particularly the trains and buses, our guide brought us around the tunneled stations where many of the local arts are showcased, you don’t have to visit a museum! We bring it to you!
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Probably not known to many, especially tourists, our train stations feature many different types of art such as calligraphy by local artists.

The next time you wait for a train, take a look around, you might just be standing on the works of great local artists.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Our tour Bee Lian was very patient and answered our questions accordingly, sharing her experiences growing up in this area of Singapore(Dhoby Ghuat/City Hall was once where many schools stood, she was a student there)

Unfamiliar to some of us, The MacDonald House holds the history of why there’s tension between Singapore and Indonesia in recent months, read more about it on Wikipedia.

It is one of the heritage sites, reminding us of why we must always keep Singapore and safe home, and defend it, through security and deterrence.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

A visit to the War Memorial Park, located between the Esplanade and Swissotel, a 67m high structure, also known as the Chopsticks memorial site, a site dedicated to victims of massacres during  world war ii.

Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Smith helping to clear out a wasp’s nest out of respect, and waiting for cleaners to come would take probably too long.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Do you know where the first ever tunnel was built in Singapore? This is the one, right under Anderson Bridge near the Asian Civilisations Museum! (A boring fact though)
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Walking through Victorial Concert Hall.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

A couple was having a beautiful wedding photo shoot, I think the strong maroon really matches with the environment, hope their photos turn out great!
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Bee Lian even brought us to see a noodle stall at Maxwell Market, it sells “Rickshaw noodles” the same recipe which Rickshaw riders would consume in the past, even till this day it costs only 80cents, I’ll definitely try it one day when I come here again.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

The beautiful Jacqueline Wong, looking through the displays at the tour of URA(Urban redevelopment Agency) Building.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Can you believe they actually did a miniture of the whole of Singapore?! It’s really amazing how detailed they are, I wonder how they did it.
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

Can you spot where you stay? All the buildings are mapped out here, including undeveloped ones!
Found father of modern Singapore Tour

I think Bee Lian really deserves an award and recognition, in the 2 hours we spent in the walking tour, I think I learned more than what I learned in 5years of secondary school.

No matter where we went, she kept us entertained and shared with us amazing stories and interesting historics of Singapore, I would highly recommend my friends and tourists alike to engage tours like this, she made me feel more proud to be a Singaporean than before.

To book for tours like this, simply head to  and start booking and find out more information.

To book for the tour I went, click here , I don’t know when it’ll be FREE till, but book now!

Found father of modern Singapore Tour

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ORD LOH! now what?

Today marks the 45th day of my completion of full time national service in the army, what can I say? I’m happy, really happy but yet nostalgic about my life in army, both the good and bad times.

I am finally “free” after two years of conscription.
2014-07-01 16.18.13

I think I’m glad my ex-colleagues at Singapore Press Holdings have a strange sense of humour, putting my photo with photoshopped explosions on the front page of The Straits Times.

2014-07-18 22.47.33

The army has made me slim down for a period of time…..but well, since I’m out of the regiment now, I’ve unknowingly gained some weight back unfortunately.

2014-03-11 06.50.52

My last day of service, sitting in a 5 tonner with all my barang barang all alone, on the way to collect my civilian identity card from the new Multi-Mission Range Complex, I literally ORD’d with a bang as I completed my combat shoot on my ORD day.

I’m already starting to miss a lot of things about life in army.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 4.35.43 pm

What do I miss the most?

  1. The super healthy hours of waking at up 6:30am daily, and sleeping by 11pm.
  2. Free meals daily.
  3. Needlessness to worry about what to wear daily, just put on the Number 4 and that’s it!
  4. All the funny Regulars I work with.

Enough about army, I had two years of it, what am I doing full time now?

Pursueing my interest: Studio Photography and Outdoor shoots

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 12.22.02 am

But if another murder is going to occur at my photoshooting location again, I’ll probably quit photography once and for all.


Catching with all the awesome friends I’ve not met for almost 2 years, 


Especially friends with a passion for cycling around Singapore. :)


Awesome friends from all over the world!

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 4.51.42 pm

What about career?

Here I am, in my new office, working my ass off late into the night.

I’m going full time into entrepreunership.

I’ve made my mind up while in NS to stop pursueing further studies, the real knowledge worthy(in my humble opinion) is out there in the real working world.

I just don’t believe in academics or the need to be part of the rat race anymore.

Whether I become successful or not, I know this is what I want at this point of time and life, there will be decisions I make that I will regret, and there will also be choices that would help rise my team up another level.

Either way, it will expand our perspective and knowledge, enabling us to make better decision in the future.

And don’t say I stupid hor, I’m in the 95th Percentile of the general population according to Mensa.

And at last……..ORD LOH!

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Student scolds teacher and demands teacher to apologise

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This boy may be childish as heck(He’s like what 10years old? What do you expect? ) But he dared to stand out and do whatever he wanted.

With years ahead of him to train in proper communication skills, I bet this kid will become one of the best salesman in the future, and he will probably in the Forbes lists then, who knows.

I see a lot of potential in him, as long as he manages to find the right mentors and not get in trouble with the law, he will be a very successful person.

Don’t you all think so too?

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. – Steve Jobs”

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This is a problem to many students right now due to parents do not knw how to provide the right ...
25 January 14 at 10:10

<3 Stephanie Koh (steph micayle)

It came to me during a bus ride to the hospital for my physio, some scribblings and random writing(I usually just write the first stuff that comes into my mind), Pardon my drawing please.


With the rest of the afternoon free and being really bored……..I give you this!

embedded by Embedded Video

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If you haven’t watched her “I’m not proud to be Singaporean” video, do watch it here.(embedding disabled)
I don’t think she’s wrong with her points in her video, in fact I do agree…….wait, just to show that I’m sincere and honest, I actually watched it twice, the first time was to simply admire her awesome B-cup boobs(is it B-cup?), I personally prefer girls with A and B-cups, C negligible , D = too big.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.48.16 am

Let’s compare Singapore to a more music-friendly country, such as the United States, assuming that just 0.1% of the respective countries’ population wants to make it in the creative industry(no matter which fields they want to get in, camera/sound/artist.) You’ll get a more sustainable number in a bigger country, not a tiny little red dot.

USA= Approximately 310million population, 0.1% = approximately 300 000 people.

SG = Approximately 5million population, 0.1% = approximately 5000

(Numbers are absolutely inaccurate and made up by me just to get the point across)

What I’m trying to say is, it’s not that there’s no creative industry in Singapore, it’s just that the numbers are so small compared internationally, it’s really a I-see-u u-see-me everyday kinda thing. Look closely at the local news, are there really news that are news worthy everyday?

Even Serina Wee’s dress can make it into the headlines lor. (Link)

Even the highest grossing movie(formally, taken over by Ah Boys To Men) Money No Enough in Singapore earned only S$5.8m (according to wikipedia), deduct the production costs and spread the earnings among crews and actors, do you think it was a lot? (Even if it was a gold pot, it was only a one time thing back in 1998)

I’m proud to be staying and living in Singapore, my friends are here, my family is here and this is the only country I know that I can safely go RK house in the middle of the night to eat my favourite indian muslim food and not get mugged.

I’m ok with how people don’t smile and don’t greet each other, I like to mind my own business too.

But nonetheless if I come across an aussie or go to Australia some day, I would embrace the culture and greet people too, see how friendly I am with this aussie in the picture? (That’s Aussie Pete, a great makan blogger/buddy from Australia, catch up soon eh?)

Photo by : Alvin Lim

I’m proud to be from Singapore, I mean really, which other country can you eat prata at 3am and not get mugged?
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The categories of resolutions that you should have.

2013-12-13 18.29.20

I have a problem, I’ve never really been detailed with my personal goal-settings, and therefore I seem to fail at it every year.

As I thought about it through a little more thorough than how I would on what to eat for lunches everyday, it seems like these are the categories I think everyone should at least have.

The categories of goals everyone should have(in my humble opinion)

  1. Health(Psychological and Physical)
  2. Relationships 
  3. Deeds
  4. Financial
  5. Pleasure
Do note that goals can be mixed and matched in the different categories, and remember not to set too many goals unless you want to stress yourself up and fuck it up through this new year.
And remember, be REALISTIC, an example of an unrealistic goal would be “Win toto lottery S$5million)”, these are subjects which you have no control of, set a goal within your area of control such as “To be able to run 10kilometres within 1hour”.
2013 wasn’t exactly a good year for me, I went through betrayal, set-backs, a month long suicidal depression period, financial tightness, almost died of dengue and lost a valuable mentor who has yet to teach me all the knowledge he knows, I do wonder how I kept my shit together.
If you are in the same shoe as I am, just remember that the new year can only get better!(THINK POSITIVE! ) 

Yong Wei’s personal resolutions for the year 2014!

1) Health

Losing weight won’t be easy for me, post-op I gained 13kg before listing 10 of it, I’m still struggling to get back on track with my personal weight-loss program.

This year will be the year I finally lose weight for good, I’m sure of it. Do read my write up on how I lost 40kg in the past 2 years here

2) Relationship

I am a hopeless romantic, I’m turning 22 next month and unlike all my friends, I am pretty much the only one that has never been attached to anyone, or even my first kiss(kisses when I’m drunk doesn’t count).

I can’t tell if I’m desperate due to peer pressure or whether it’s because I do not want to miss out on this chapter of life. Even my mum has talked to me about buying a HDB flat when I’m 35(singles are only eligible to buy a flat to themselves at age 35 in Singapore).

I’ve been hurt quite a few times from different girls over the past few years, that I can no longer seem to develop that “feel” or “cloud nine ” adrenaline rush when wooing anyone any more.

I think if I can just get an experience of having a girlfriend this year, it’ll be a big step for me.

3) Deeds

Run more giveaways on this blog more often(Do look out for free food and goodies coming in the next few months, next week I’ll be giving away a pair of high-end spectacle lenses!)

Being an O+ blood manufacturer, I also wish to start donating again once I’m eligible this year! (it’s just that tingling sensation in your heart knowing that you’ve helped someone prolonged their lives, you know what I mean?)

4) Pleasure

To complete my mandatory national conscription duties peacefully, so I’ll no longer feel being constantly oppressed.

Travel to at least 2 countries before the year ends.

  • A 1 week trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • A 1 week trip to Bali, Indonesia 

(it’s what I can afford lah, I’m only born with an aluminium spoon you know?)

Well, that’s pretty much it, I do hope that my guide above will help you plan your resolutions and goals this year, remember to keep it measurable and realistic. :)

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