• [Audio] 2013.08.30 – 中国扬州美女颁奖盛典

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    Hi guys! It’s been a while but i’m sure everyone is eggcited about Yanzi’s contract with Universal Music and the album following contract signing.

    We shall all eagerly wait for new sounds from her. In the meantime, yanzi’s schedule is starting to fill up with performances.

    Last night, she performed at Yang Zhou and sang 3 songs – yu jian, ai qing zheng shu and green light.

    I’m sure you miss listening to her live so here’s the audio recording of her performance(:

    [youtube l4JSBgOw-78]

  • [News: 2013.08.19] 孫燕姿加盟新東家環球 年底出輯

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    Our dearest will be joining Universal Music and the Asia press conference will be held on 3rd September. Her new album is slated for release at the end of the year! Are you ready for the new album? We certainly are!(: May her partnership with Universal be a fantabulous one!


  • The New Paper on Abbott’s Press Conference

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    TNP 01/05/13

    A report on yanzi’s Abbott press conference yesterday by the New Paper.  Go grab your copy today!

  • 30/04/13 Abbott press conference

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    As promised, here are the links to the several videos that were taken during the press conference:













  • 30/04/13 Abbott Press Conference

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    Hellos everybardy!!

    Have you caught up with all the news and video updates that has been published today?

    Our dearest was at a press conference today for her Abbott endorsement, and today marks the start of her comeback! Are you as eggcited as we are? It’s been a busy day catching up and sourcing for her news, it’s been a while!

    Abbott press conf

    So here’s a summary of the various reports today, video links will be up in our next post!


    By Yip Wai Yee

    Local Mandopop superstar Stefanie Sun, 34, cuts a svelte figure in her first public appearance after giving birth to a baby boy last October.

    She was named the new ambassador for Abbott Nutrition.

    Dressed in a fitted black top and a long white skirt, she said at a press conference on Tuesday at Goodwood Park Hotel that she has lost “most of the baby weight” already.

    “I’m still 4kg above my usual weight but weight gain is really the last thing on my mind. I’m running around all the time with the baby, so I think I will be able to lose it.”

    She also said that she currently does not intend to have a second child.

    “I feel quite tired, so at this moment, no, I have no plans for a second. But maybe when I get the hang of it (parenting) more, I will.”

    She is married to Dutch-Indonesian Nadim Van Der Ros and has still not revealed her son’s name.

    Credits: http://stcommunities.straitstimes.com/music/2013/04/30/i-have-no-plans-second-child-says-singer-stefanie-sun


    SINGAPORE: Singapore singer Stefanie Sun looked very much the same when she met reporters during a media event for a baby formula brand on Tuesday, her first public appearance since her pregnancy.

    Whether it was before she had her baby or after, there was barely any difference in Sun’s appearance – she still looked as slim as ever.

    However, the singer expressed that her outlook on life and work has changed considerably following the birth of her child.

    “Actually, when I was pregnant, I thought I’d go back to work right after I have the baby. At that time, I was perhaps a little naïve.

    “After you have a baby you really want to care for the child, become concerned about his growth, and want to give him a stable schedule so he feels safe,” said Sun.

    Sun admitted that she was a pretty anxious mother, who regularly goes online to gather more information about motherhood.

    “Maybe all along, I have given people this idea that I am cool and in control.

    “But first-time mums are always particularly anxious over whether their child eats, has an appetite, and whether the baby’s nappies need changing,” said Sun.

    Sun, who had just returned to work on Monday, revealed that she had experienced a bout of ‘separation anxiety’ when work kept her apart from her child.

    “The whole day I was using my phone. I’d just take out the video of him and look at it. I’ll ask different people to look at it, so I can watch it again,” said Sun with a smile.

    “I think naturally, when you spend so much time with a person and suddenly you have to stop, you feel very anxious.”

    From songbird to ‘shift worker’

    The 34-year-old star believes the key to successfully balancing the demands of a career with the needs of a child is familial support, along with time management.

    She explained that her partner “is very into schedules” and had drawn up a timetable that divides the day into shifts so both of them knows when they are responsible for taking care of the baby.

    “That really helps because once your shift is over, you can focus on what you need to do,” said Sun, who also believes in setting aside some time for herself to better care for her child.

    “I feel that it’s something that mums don’t really talk about because it makes them look like bad mothers,” said the singer before bursting into laughter.

    “But finding some ‘Me Time’ … is very important. Because you are so stressed out about your kid. If you are so frustrated, he (the baby) will be frustrated.”

    She pointed out that this is “all part of being a good mother”, and that finding time for oneself and caring for one’s child is “not mutually exclusive”.

    It looks like Sun has gotten everything figured out.

    Is it time for baby number two?

    “At this moment? No. I feel quite tied up,” said Sun hesitantly.

    “Maybe when I feel like I have gotten the hang of it (motherhood).”

    Until then, it’s back to work for the popular singer, though it will be some time before concert-goers get to see her on stage again.

    “I’ll probably kick off a concert tour in January next year,” said Sun.

    “Right now, I am still finding the right balance between work and family life.”



  • [Mag] Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong April 2013

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    Our dearest will be on the cover of the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong! We said April will be a goody month and it seems to be so(:

    Check out the sneak peek of the look created by Alvin Goh, exclusively for Burberry Prorsum.

    The April issue of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong will be out tomorrow!

    Harper Bazaar

    Photo credit: Alvin Goh

  • [FC Gathering] 6th April – Block your calendars!

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    Yes April is coming! This means we are one day closer to our dearest’s “return” with each passing day! Doesn’t that sound fab?

    What’s more, we are going to have a fan club gathering on 6th April! We would really love to catch up with u guys and have some fun so come join us, 11am at Pasir Ris Park.

    To register, simply drop us a mail at admin@yanziunlimited.org with your name and contact number. Mail us by 1st April 2359hrs and u’re all ready to kick start your April in a fun way.

    See you there!(:

    Come join us!

    Come join us!

  • [News: 2013.02.18] 為3月復出作好準備 孫燕姿不敢大吃大喝

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    source: http://www.singpao.com/yl/mx/201302/t20130218_419304.htmlimage

  • Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2012

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    On 16 Sept 2012, a group of FC members gathered for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2012. We named our run the “Mission 一起走到” and we completed it together, leaving no one behind! Here’s some photos…

    Credits/Source: Yanziunlimited FC Members

  • [Magazine] Me! – 17 Aug 2012, Issue 296

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    Another magazine that has our dearest Yanzi featured as cover story! Which outfit do you like best?

    Credits/Source: Me! Magazine
    Please purchase the magazine for clearer images. 🙂