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《郑和的后代》就要开演了!DESCENDANTS opens tonight!!

By , September 9, 2010 5:17 pm


DESCENDANTS OF THE EUNUCH ADMIRAL opens tonight!! We’re all really thrilled! Not only that, tune in to Capital 95.8FM at 7.30pm and Love 97.2FM at 8.15pm for more exciting DESCENDANTS news!!

《郑和的后代》: 一切就绪,准备出发! All’s in place, DESCENDANTS ahoy!

By , August 30, 2010 9:55 am

[youtube 1ywNIROz5o4 nolink]

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不说你不知 OIC!

By , August 27, 2010 11:38 am

这个系列,继续与你分享有关《郑和的后代》剧本背后的创作故事,郭宝崑的生平事迹,及有关航海家郑和的有趣小发现!请锁定我们的网址 ,为你每日更新讯息,一说你便知!

Presenting to you our fascinating new series – OIC! Every few days, we’ll be sharing exciting stories related to Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral, theatre playwright Kuo Pao Kun and the grand historic explorer, Zheng He.

  • 郑和的阉割,是不得已的。
    Zheng He’s castration was an inevitable event.


In 1382, when Ming troops invaded Yunnan, Zheng He’s father was killed and he was taken for castration.

  • 《郑和的后代》剧本的收录,工程浩大。
    IT WAS A LABRIOUS TASK TO COMPILE THE script of Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral!


The completed script, as we know it today, is an accumulation of rehearsal notes, actor notes, compiled and revised over numerous performances.

  • 1990年,剧作家郭宝崑是在无公民权的情况下荣获国家颁发的“新加坡文化奖”。
    When Playwright Kuo Pao Kun received the cultural medalion in 1990 he was not a singapore citizen!


    Kuo Pao Kun was stripped off his Singapore citizenship in 1977 and had it reinstated only in 1992.

    • 郑和原本不姓郑!
      Zheng He’s last name used to be Ma.

    郑和本姓马, 原名为马和。小名三宝。明朝燕王朱棣赐郑姓。

    Zheng He’s original name was Ma He. The last name Zheng, was bestowed onto him by the Emperor Zhu Di.

    • 《郑和的后代》有多种语文的翻译本
      Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral is available in many languages!


    Besides English and Mandarin, the script has been translated to many languages including Japanese and Malay and staged in many parts of the world from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, US, Croatia & Egypt just to name a few!

    继续锁定我们的网址 ,为你每日更新讯息,一说你便知!
    Visit as we amaze you with interesting facts everyday bound to make you go, “OIC!”

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