《行者悟空》幕后花絮:身体与灵魂“行走”排练室Behind the scenes of Wanderer Seeker: The body and the soul “roam” the rehearsal space

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Wanderer Seeker – A Trek Around My Room brings together five actors, each one a unique personality both in their lives and in theatre. Over the last few weeks, they have been “roaming” and “sensing” their way around the rehearsal space. As a wanderer and a seeker, they explore within the defined spatial boundaries, and in the routines of day-to-day activities. Here, we reveal seven interesting nuggets that have occurred during rehearsals:



1. The director asks the actors to bring commonly-used items from their homes to be “played” with…


2. During rehearsals, there are frequent “table discussions”, as actors share their “wandering” and “seeking” exploits.



3. Some actors say that they have a more meticulous bath at home after rehearsals.

4.The director asks the actors to cut out one-third of lines from the original text.



5.During the first two weeks of rehearsals, actors were only “listening” to the furnitures…

6. After each improvisation exercise, the director will point someone to comment on each actor’s work. Even the stage manager and assistant stage manager will be asked for their comments.



7.When actors are asked to place furniture, they display varying preferences and signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Do you have any thoughts after reading this? We hope that you would come and watch the play, and gain your own sense of “freedom” both from within the theatre, and in your lives as well.

《行者悟空:七个关于理想生活的日常片段》将在9月12日至22日,于新加坡艺术学院 Studio Theatre 公演。这场演出是华文小剧场节的节目之一。请点击观看《行者悟空:七个关于理想生活的日常片段》宣传片。
Wanderer-Seeker: A Trek Around My Room will be performed at SOTA Studio Theatre from 12 – 22 Sep 2013. This performance is part of the Chinese Theatre Festival. You may view the trailer for Wanderer-Seeker: A Trek Around My Room here.

The Bouffons are in town

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Witness the grotesque faces, deformed bodies and wicked humour in our very own “Bouffons” . This is the theme of our fourth Philippe Gaulier Master Class in August, a partnership of The Theatre Practice with National Arts Council.
This performance genre originated during the French Renaissance. Bouffons were those marginalised and scorned by society. Philippe Gaulier has a unique teaching methodology that aims to bring out the very best of each individual performer’s potential.
The idea: To spot and bring out what is unique and beautiful in each of us. Within ugliness, a sense of pride and beauty can still rise to overwhelm the audience.
First up, we start with the infamous theatre games – Philippe Gaulier style!

Self-introductions are not easy when you have to remember all the correct sounds and hand gestures to go along with it.

Skipping rope takes on a whole new meaning when you cannot miss a single beat in between! Miss three times, and you’ll be sent to the “handicapped” group, and banished for “cremation”.

And don’t move! Don’t even flinch or clench a muscle, otherwise your partner’s hand is ever-ready by your face to flick a tight slap at you.

Playing the classic game of “1, 2, 3, freeze!” in a mass group of 30 people is one amazing feat to witness.

After warming up, it’s time for the Bouffons to take centre stage.

Participants work as a close-knitted group, helping those about to perform to get ready: Gritty makeup for the face and darkened teeth, hideous pot bellies, shortened arms, and more.

Letting go of their inhibitions, the participants transform into bouffons with different “deformities”, such as a hunchback dwarf, or a big-stomach person.

Think that your talents lie in being a sweet-natured girl-next-door? Think again! Screech with all your might, stand as proud and tall as your deformed height allows you, and sweep us all off our feet with your proud dignity and stance.

Individuals will come out, one at a time, and get brutally “tweaked” into giving their best performances, under the sharp and unflinching wit of the master, Philippe Gaulier.

For the first time, we organised an open class for members of the public to view the last performance segment of the Master Class. Take a peek at what they watched! A high priest, and the bouffons surrounding her.

Finally, a group photo at the end! Philippe Gaulier, with his trademark red glasses, and Michiko, his wife and lovely assistant by his side. Was it only 5 days of workshop? It felt like a family was slowly bonding together in every sense…

To know more about Philippe Gaulier, visit his website: www.ecolephilippegaulier.com

【初生】做梦的人【La Naissance】The Dreamer

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初生 La Naissance  keyart



A dream I had when I was young: My grandmother, who passed away when I was about 7 or 8 years old, would often “visit” me in my dreams. We would walk along a path, slowly, because of her old age, and she would be talking to me. Then we would sit down in a room, and drink some tea together. Or it could have been tea for her, and maybe milo or some other drink for me. These “visits” always gave me a very uneasy feeling, and I never remembered what was said between us in the dreams. I probably continued having such dreams every now and then for a few years until I was in secondary school. Maybe it was because I have very clear memories of our actual visits to her flat in Tiong Bahru when I was young. We would walk up a very long flight of stairs alongside the main road, and certain steps had lines of the most gigantic ants you can ever find in Singapore. And when she passed away, it was the first time that I ever saw my aunts and uncles outwardly expressing such intense grief at the funeral. I remember the sadness.(-Shimin)





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