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The Bride Always Knocks Twice has started its run. Have you watched? Have you heard about it? Here’s a peek at happened on stage and off!







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The Bride Always Knocks Twice runs till 6 April. Come show us your support!

故事。。擂台赛。。。棒!What a challenge of a story!

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不知不觉,今年的全国“故事擂台”已圆满进行!Before we know, the National Story Challenge tournament has successfully concluded!

好精彩的4周。。。最刺激应该是刚刚在上个星期六,3月16日落幕的总决赛。我们见识了一场龙争虎斗!即兴表演故事的确不容易!What an exciting four weeks they have been. And most thrilling of all has got to be the Finals and Grand Finals that saw exceptionally fantastical and out-of-the-world improvisational stories last Sat 16 March!

当天,报名处由轻切无比的实践教育工程工作人员招待。。。她们的笑容开动了一天的精彩活动 🙂 Our lovely staff setting up the Registration table! How nice to be greeted by such wonderful smiles 🙂

也不忘后台人员认真的工作态度。。。赞!Not forgetting our ultra-serious production team preparing on their side as well.

参赛者和老师们到场报名。。比赛即将开始。。。紧张!The participants and teachers start arriving… tense with anticipation for the final competition about to take place.

可是,偷看一下在等候室的参赛团队。。。一些同学显得信心十足,满脸笑容,还摆姿势拍照呢!Sneak a peek at the team participants waiting in the Holding Room… ehh, they don’t seem that nervous after all! Some even gamely pose for the picture. Click!

紧要时刻:参赛者得知故事的大题目,准备时间计时。。开始!The critical moment – when participants unveil their story topic for the Finals, and the time starts ticking… now!

同时间,老师、朋友、家人和其他支持者都在LT里乖乖等候。Meanwhile, teachers, friends and family supporters sit tight in the LT waiting for the tournament to begin!

感谢当天担任英语组的3位评判!Meet our friendly judges for the English Finals! From left: Ms Leslie Ho, Executive Committee, The Society for Reading & Literacy; Mr Adrian Wong, Arts Education Officer (Drama), MOE; and Ms Joanna Dong, Jazz Singer/Theatre Practitioner.

总决赛正式开始!故事主题总类繁多,参赛者只有短短的15分钟创作新编故事。。。And the competition kicks off! The audience is enthralled by stories such as “Gone in six seconds”, entirely created by students in just 15 minutes…

参赛者的脑筋都动的好快,轻易把稀奇古怪的小条件传入故事中。… and marvel at how the quick-thinking trio here incorporated the quirky condition of having a character say “Are you a Care Bear?”

过了两轮的比赛,成绩即将揭晓。。。紧张啊、紧张!Then, tension runs high after two rounds of competition, as the audience and participants await the results of the Grand Finals…

恭喜所有英语组获胜的参赛者与进入总决赛的同学们!And here they are for the English category! Congratulations to all finalists and winners!

欲知更多详情,请查看官方网页:Visit our official website for the full list: nationalstorychallenge.com

啊,别忘了,还有华语组的总决赛哦!感谢当天的评判:吴倩如女士,前任教育部录像监制;高丽莲女士,国家图书馆管理局,阅读推广处,处长;钟坤华先生,Y.E.S. 93.3FM 电台DJ。Ah but wait, we are not done yet! Onwards for the Mandarin category, and meet our judges!

隆重介绍:这位可爱的小女生可是活泼无比!… Meet our infamous chirpy contestant with her dramatic gestures…

故事题目多样化,例如“小白船”。。。… and the exciting teams telling stories about a Little White Boat…

还有更多!有时候,我们就是被参赛者灿烂的笑容给吸引住的。。。… and much more! Sometimes, it’s their irresistible grins that capture our hearts more than anything else…

同学们的确都是热爱表演的!… or simply their delight in performing for us!

恭喜所有华语组获胜的参赛者与进入总决赛的同学们!Congratulations to all finalists and winners of the Mandarin category as well!

欲知更多详情,请查看官方网页:For the full list, visit: cn.nationalstorychallenge.com


很想在家里或学校尝试“故事擂台”吗?现在,你可免费下载免费的“故事擂台”应用程序(app)。尽情与家人、同学、老师和朋友玩吧!Itching to try out Story Challenge at home, but don’t know how? Fear not, our brand-new Story Challenge app is now available for FREE download! Have loads of fun playing with family, friends and even your teachers or classmates 🙂

ScreenShotstory challenge-qrcode.12402137
下载网页Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id597428023

非常感谢所有参与全国“故事擂台”2013 的学校、参赛者、支持者、工作人员和义工人士!THANK YOU to all schools, participants, supporters, staff, volunteers and all for helping tremendously in National Story Challenge 2013!

如果你有什么意见或看法,欢迎电邮让我们知道!Do send us your thoughts! Email us: TTPeducation@practice.org.sg

全国“故事擂台”比赛2013进入白热化!Turning up the heat at the National Story Challenge 2013!

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After two weeks of spinning tales off the top of their heads under the most grueling of situations, 48 teams from primary and secondary schools across Singapore have emerged for the Finals! This weekend, the competitors will face each other off in the fight for the title of National Story Challenge Champions!

Semi 1

semi 2

semi 3

semi 4

semi 5

semi 6

semi 7

semi 8


For latest balloting updates and other details, please visit http://nationalstorychallenge.com/

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