故事擂台 @唐城坊 Story Challenge @Chinatown Point

By , December 28, 2012 3:54 pm

Many would not know, but our unique Story Challenge format was first unveiled to the public in 2006 right at Chinatown itself!
So it seems somewhat nostalgic to be invited by Chinatown Point to perform our English Story Challenge show for them on 22 Dec 2012.

First up: Our 3 hyper-excited actors raring to get the show on, as they holler to one and all at the newly-renovated mall, to come and join in the excitement.

首先登场的新编故事是“Toy Story”(《玩具总动员》),演员也充分地利用场地,一直跑上跑上舞台,很卖力的在演这独特的故事。
They performed a new version of “Toy Story”, and ran up and down the stage so that they effectively widen their space to include the audience.

Next, audiences provide story topics and conditions for the actors to improvise and create new content on the spot – in just 5 minutes! They performed “The 3 miserable little pigs”, which had elements of thwarted Christmas shopping due to MRT delays, bus drivers going on strike, and the ponding issue in Orchard Road! A very local story indeed 

And finally, we invited 2 courageous kids onstage to perform yet another improvisational story with the actors. Thank you for their spontaneity and enthusiasm!

With that, we conclude our Story Challenge outreach and shows for the year. Happy new year everyone!


*Story Challenge is an original improvisational storytelling activity, created and organised by The Theatre Practice. The Story Challenge format has been developed into school assembly shows, training workshops, a nationwide tournament, community road shows, and more. For more information, please visit our websites:

儿童课程试一试! Crash a Course for children!

By , December 7, 2012 3:06 pm

It’s the holidays! On a recent Sunday afternoon on 25 Nov 2012, we had free trial classes for our children’s courses right here at The Theatre Practice!
That Sunday, instead of lazing it away at home, several excited parents and kids trooped to Waterloo Street to take part in free trial classes.
In our cosy studio, Teacher Wang guided 6 children through a series of activities in her Drama Class (10-12 years). They recited poems, and transformed themselves into “coconut trees”, “helicopters” and more in theatre games. See how one parent took part as well!
For the Play in Arts (4-6 years) class, look at what Teacher Red is doing? Through some simple games involving bouncy balls and creative movement, the kids have lots of fun, while also learning the importance of focusing by using their eyes and ears carefully in class.
And in Story Banq (7-9 years), Teacher Zhou tells a story to the attentive children, and then they participate in follow-up activities such as games and drawing. Both parents and kids were so involved in the lesson that they continued drawing and talking to the teacher even after the lesson had ended!
若有家长对我们的课程感兴趣,可以拨打63372525询问,或者电邮至: TTPeducation@practice.org.sg。您也可以在我们的网站www.practice.org.sg/education/littlewindmills/上,找到更多资讯。
Parents who wish to know more about our courses can call us at 6337 2525, or email TTPeducation@practice.org.sg. Information is also available on our website: www.practice.org.sg/education/littlewindmills/
We are still open for registration for classes for 2013! Term 1 starts on Sat, 5 Jan 2013.

与鱼尾狮、大熊猫、芒果恐龙和“呼啦圈特技演员”一起度过的奇妙一夜! A night with the Merlion, pandas, Mango dinosaur, acrobatic hula-hoopers and more…

By , December 6, 2012 6:51 pm

Thursday, 22 November 2012. It was the night that The Little Windmills Took the Stage for their annual presentation each year!
The rehearsals were intense in the various studios at The Theatre Practice. Students practised diligently during their extended lessons in the weeks before the performance. Let’s take a quick look at their lessons first.
These are our youngest kids from the Play in Arts (4-6 years) class. What are they doing with hula hoops and bouncing balls?
Next, let’s move on to the older kids in Story Banq (7-9 years) classes. With both classes combined, there are a total of 18 children to put together a surely engaging skit! Ah, I see the 3 lively boys seemingly pitting themselves against 4 lovely girls. Are they having fun, or a disagreement?
Teacher Red from Play in Arts class also put a lot of effort into rehearsing ALL the students for the Opening and Finale acts – something that we are doing for the very first time. Here are some exciting photos! With a ladder, biscuit tins and bamboo sticks… what an unusual mix:
Then it’s off to Goodman Arts Centre to prepare for the actual performance. First, put on the make-up and spruce up the hair! Awww, don’t the kids look all ready to go, especially all dressed in their new Little Windmills t-shirt?
Soon, it’s 8pm. The doors close, all family and friends are seated, and Artistic Advisor Mdm Goh and Education & Outreach Director Melissa take the stage to introduce the programme and philosophy of the courses. This helps to give parents a greater understanding of how the students have progressed through the year and the issues faced.
The Opening Percussion segment is breathtakingly lively, and immediately sets the atmosphere for a euphoric start to the programme. Look at the brilliant smiles of the children!
First up are the vibrant Story Banq kids! They look amazing all dressed up as the various creatures: From the Merlion, to the crocodile, monkey, bees, flowers, scholars and pandas! Tapping on the popular tune from Gangnam Style as their sound cue, they perform the journey taken to invite pandas to come visit Singapore.
Next are the Drama Class students! They performed 2 different skits, both under the topic of “One Minute”, and dazzled us with their simple yet solid performances. Incidentally, both scripts were completely penned by the students themselves. They came up with the props on their own as well.
Finally, we have the tiny kids from Play in Arts. Mdm Goh led some of the boys in one segment, and emphasised to parents on how it’s essential to let each child grow to his/her own potential. Hence, it’s important to see how they respond and act upon certain instructions, and less on drilling them to do repetitive motions.
With the Finale nicely wrapping up the programme, all of us then come together for a group shot – with Daddy and Mummy’s cameras merrily clicking away.
Don’t worry, we will email all parents shortly on how to access the performance’s photos and to order the DVD of the whole show.
Lastly, all audience, students, teachers and staff adjourned outside for a small reception to further share their joy and experiences. Thank you for a magical night!

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