欲知更多有关“郭宝崑文学先驱展览会”? Find out more about Kuo Pao Kun in SWF’s “Literary Pioneer Exhibition”!

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We had a blast last weekend at the Singapore’s Writer’s Festival! Artistic Director Jian Hong, together with a group of theatre actors, participated in a panel discussion to share about the late theatre doyen Mr Kuo Pao Kun’s artistic achievements and his works. They even prepared a script reading of selected works! Missed the event? Fret not! Exciting photos await you below!

准备开始~ Getting ready to start…

演员们开始导读剧本~ The script reading begins…

让我们一起回味剧本里的精华~(德亮和徐冰现场朗读) Let us re-explore the script! See Leanne Ong and Mia Chee in action!

从朗读中重新认识郭宝崑先生~ (燊杰和许彬的现场朗读) Getting to understand Mr Kuo Pao Kun and the meaning behind his works (Nelson Chia and Xu Bin performing the script reading)

What’s more, from now till 30 Oct, don’t forget to catch “Literary Pioneer Exhibition – Seeding Change, Staying True: A Glimpse into Kuo Pao Kun’s Lifetime Achievements” at Singapore Management University! This exhibition offers a glimpse of some of the past works, as well as never-before-seen memorabilia, of Mr Kuo Pao Kun!
详情如下 Details below:
日期 Date:即日起至10月30日 Now till 30 Oct
地点 Venue:新加坡管理大学 Singapore Management University,Campus Green
入场免费! FREE admission!

我们捣乱晚晴园? We’re messing up Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall?!

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Any idea why we’ve travelled all the way from Waterloo Street to Toa Payoh’s Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall? Could it be that, like Mr Sun Yat Sen, we’re here for revolution talk?? No no! We’re here for a special purpose! The Theatre Practice Education Project is part of this year’s Wan Qing CultureFest and our programme’s Teacher Zhou had fun with many kids over the past weekend telling them stories!

Just storytelling that simple? Haha of course not! To spice things up, Teacher Zhou asked interesting questions along the way, capturing everyone’s attention, children and adults alike! At the end of the session, many parents even came up to share their afterthoughts!

Untitled-1 copy

小桃源?这不是当年新加坡的革命志士谈论时事的【小桃源俱乐部】吗?爸爸妈妈,我们进去做什么?原来是来听《花格子大象》的故事。 Little Paradise? Isn’t this the place where revolutionaries held discussions about current affairs in Singapore? Mummy, Daddy, why are we going in? Haha, we’re all going in for our story-telling session!

Untitled-2 copy

Enlarging those adorable storybook visuals for our kids and parents to have a better look!

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-4 copy

小朋友积极参与,家长们也看得乐淘淘!Seeing the kids participate actively, our parents are wearing grins from ear to ear!

Untitled-5 copy

Untitled-6 copy

After listening to the stories, the kids say, “Everyone is different and unique, so we must learn how to appreciate others for who they are!”
“That’s right! Each and every one of you is really special!”, parents said too.

Untitled-7 copy

Untitled-12 copy

我们还带了彩色笔和画纸,让小朋友们画他们心中的大象艾玛。看呀看,家长们也动手一起画画啊!We even brought along colour pencils and paper for kids to show us how the elephant character in the story looks like in their minds! Even our parents got a chance to draw as well!

Untitled-13 copy

你们猜哪一幅是儿子画的,那一幅是爸爸画的呢? Could you guess which one was drawn by the son and which one by the father?? *grins*

Untitled-14 copy

我们教育部总监晓端的女儿惠林也跟爸爸一起来! Our Education and Outreach Director Melissa’s daughter Hye Lim and husband came and joined in the fun as well!

这个星期日我们将会举行多一场“故事银行工作坊”哦!你还在等什么呢?快点来跟我们一起听故事,玩遊戏吧!We still have one more session of Story Banq storytelling this week! What’re you waiting for? Come join us and have fun!

详情如下 Details below:
文化飨宴艺晚晴 Wan Qing CultureFest
“故事银行工作坊”Story Banq Workshop
时间 Time: 2-4pm
地点 Venue: 晚晴园孙中山南洋纪念馆 Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

“无题胜有题”?Less is more

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每个星期的《编剧操练营》编剧们都在时间、资源及预设题目的挑战下进行“无限制”的创作。而最后一周,我们去除了其中一项限制 (题目)后,3位编剧面对的却是不一样的挑战 !

For the past 3 sessions of our Playwrights’ Boot Camp, our playwrights have had to work under the constraints of time, resources and topic and yet produce a creative and outstanding piece of work. In our final week, the challenge for them is a little different – there was no topic in particular, they could write about anything under the sky and beyond!
Our playwrights have been fretting over this “topic” – yes they could write just about anything, and materialise any fantastical ideas and share about any story that they’d like to tell! This is just timely for our final week of Boot Camp – a final session where imagination and ideas go wild. Just how Holly Ho, one of our playwrights puts it, it’s the final week, if there’s something you wanna explore, THIS IS IT!
We had a fabulous time Monday night, with 3 performances different in style. Not to mention, even our crew took the spotlight and had their time to shine on stage!

《一个男人和一只狗》A Man and A Dog
编剧 Playwright: 苏君英 Su Jun Ying
导演 Director: 郭践红 Kuo Jian Hong
演员 Actors: 傅正龙、蔡竞聪、黄惠敏、董姿彦和罗宝玲 Rei Poh, Edward Choy, Catherine Wong, Joanna Dong & Audrey Luo

在一个偶然的情况下,一个窝囊的失业男子遇上了一只刚被主人抛弃而且还会”说成语”的狗。一人一狗的简单相遇,在促膝谈心时,也带出了一个最难学会的功夫 – 接纳,接纳最真实的自己。
A cowardly office worker who’d just lost his job meets an abandoned dog, who could miraculously speak and even spout idioms. In both their darkest hour, a man and a dog bond through a lighthearted encounter, where they shared about both their lives and first learned about acceptance – embracing and loving one’s truest self.

Untitled-2 copy

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-4 copy

《粘粘乐》Sticking Is Fun
编剧 Playwright: 董欣 Dong Xin
导演 Director: 李邪 Li Xie
演员 Actors: 梁晓端、黄文鸿、吴悦娟 和韩乾畴 Melissia Leung Hiu Tuen, Huang Wenhong, Goh Guat Kian & Hang Qian Chou


“Out for dinner, see you later at night”
“Photocopy 6 copies and place them on my table before noon.”
“Love you”
Post-its are everyday items that we use, usually conveying a single message. A post it here, then there, and then back here… stuck on any possible surface, until it loses its hold, drops, and we throw it into the bin. Have we ever considered the similarities between a post-it and human relationships? Is the “glue” between us as fragile?

Untitled-5 copy

Untitled-6 copy

Untitled-7 copy

《父与子》Father & Son
编剧 Playwright: 何仙姑 Holly Ho
导演Director: 林志坚 Jonathan Lim
演员 Actors: 许彬、梁海彬、洪节华、黄惠敏、董姿彦和罗宝玲 Xu Bin, Neo Hai Bin, Hung Chit Wah, Catherine Wong, Joanna Dong & Audrey Luo


A melodramatic tragedy about a dying father and filial son takes the stage. Just at the climax of performance where the son mourns the loss of his father, we hear giggles from amongst the audience. Ssh! Some say. But the laugh becomes bolder. Unable to continue further, the son jumps out of character, and confronts a woman in the audience. She mocks the ridiculous script and scrutinizes every single plot development, citing her own personal experiences of losing her father! The house lights come on, even the director and artistic director appear to calm her down. It probes one to wonder, just how true is “life like a drama”?

Untitled-8 copy

Untitled-9 copy

Untitled-10 copy

Untitled-11 copy

For all you drama enthusiasts out there, here’re this week’s scripts for your reading:

《一个男人和一只狗》A Man and A Dog
编剧 Playwright: 苏君英 Su Jun Ying

《粘粘乐》Sticking Is Fun
编剧 Playwright: 董欣 Dong Xin

《父与子》Father & Son
编剧 Playwright: 何仙姑 Holly Ho

勒紧腰带系列2012 的《编剧操练营》圆满结束。嫌我们罗嗦?我们也得和大家说声:“谢谢!”




Poor Theatre Series 2012 – Playwrights’ Boot Camp has successfully ended after 4 weeks! This may sound mushy but we’d like to say it any: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE!

First a big thank you to all our audiences and friends! Week after week, your support and applause has brought smiles to all our faces! Thank you for being on this journey of exploration with us and all the playwrights, we’ll continue to bring you more exciting works!

To our 3 courageous playwrights, THANK YOU for accepting our challenge at Boot Camp! We do hope you’ve gained as much as we did, and we’d love to see some of your works being staged professionally very soon!

Not forgetting all our hardworking directors, actors and crew, THANK YOU for putting up a most awesome performance every week, given the tight time and resources!

新加坡作家节2011:“文学先驱”郭宝崑先生 Singapore Writers Festival 2011: Singapore’s Literary Pioneer-Kuo Pao Kun

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第14届的新加坡作家节将于10月22日起举行一些列活动。今年的“文学先驱”系列将会纪念已故戏剧家兼实践剧场的创团人– 郭宝崑先生。


The 14th Singapore Writers Festival will be held from 22 October 2011. This year’s Literary Pioneer series will honour the late dramatist, and founding theatre-playwright, Mr. Kuo Pao Kun.

On Saturday, 22 October, the Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice, Kuo Jian Hong, will lead a group of theater actors to participate in the event. They will be sharing Mr. Kuo Pao Kun’s contribution to the theatre scene in Singapore and the region, and how his achievements have influenced them in their respective lives. There will also be a reading of some of Kuo Pao Kun’s definitive, classic works.

Programme Details 活动详情:
地点/Venue: Transaction Pavilion, Campus Green, (新加坡管理大学 Singapore Management University)
时间/Time:7.00pm – 8.30 pm
– 郭践红 Kuo Jian Hong:实践剧场艺术总监 Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice Ltd.
– 徐冰 Mia Chee:演员和戏剧教师 Freelance actress and drama teacher
– 谢燊杰 Nelson Chia:本地剧场双语导演、演员、写作人及讲师 A bilingual theatre director / actor / writer / educator
– 王德亮 Leanne Ong Teck Lian:专业语文和戏剧教学教师 Language and theatre education teacher
– 许彬 Kenshin Xu:实践剧场驻团演员 Resident artist of The Theatre Practice Ltd.

欲知更多详情,请上网 For more information, please visit:

___ + ___ = ???

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实践剧场-教育工程11月份的精彩活动!The Theatre Practice Education Project-Exciting Programmes in Nov!

By , October 14, 2011 6:14 pm

• 免费“课程试一试”;
• 一年一度的《小风车上台咯 ! 》 演出活动。

“免费课程试一试”Free Crash-A-Course


Coming this November, we’ll be launching our FREE Crash-A-Course event, an opportunity for interested parents and keen kids to try out our variety of courses here at The Theatre Practice!

Coming this November, we’ll be launching our FREE Crash-A-Course event, an opportunity for interested parents and keen kids to try out our variety of courses here at The Theatre Practice!

Want to cultivate your child’s abilities to listen and speak the Chinese language? Keen to nurture their performing potential but not sure where to start?

Just so you don’t regret not signing up for one of our popular courses for 2012, our “Crash-A-Course” provides your child with an opportunity to try out our courses for FREE. Details as above.
报名与询问热线 Enquiry Tel: 6337 2525
报名时间 Registration period: 即日起至额满为止 Open till all places are filled.
电邮 email: TTPeducation@practice.org.sg
网站 website:www.practice.org.sg

《小风车上台咯 ! 》The Little Windmills take the stage!
little windmill
穿着黑色披风的强盗们,放下武器,推着他们的金银财宝,也来到了这小小的舞台上… …
蒲公英悄悄地落在这里,正急忙找回家的路,刚好遇到萤火虫… …



地点/Venue:月眠艺术中心黑箱剧场 Goodman Arts Centre Black Box (add:90 Goodman Road S(439053)
日期&时间/Date & Time: 25/11/2011, 星期五(Friday), 7:30pm – 9:00pm
票价/Ticket price: $10
订票热线/Ticket Hotline: 6337 2525

The time has come for The Little Windmills to Take The Stage again!
Daddies, mommies, sisters and brothers, the little squirrels, buffalos, rabbits, crows and foxes have all come out to play.
Pirates, dressed in black, have all discarded their weapons, pushing their trunks of treasure and gold, as they take center stage.
Dandelions, carried by the wind, drifting silently as they bump into little embers of fireflies, who are seeking their way home…
All these imagery will be brought to life at Goodman Arts Centre’s Black Box Theatre. The little kids of The Theatre Practice Education Project will put up a special performance and show you what they have learnt throughout the year.
Under the loving care and guidance of our teachers, kids aged 4 to 12, have made remarkable progress during their year immersed in theatre arts. As part of their learning journey, they have a foretaste of developing their raw talents and potential, through speech and drama, art and performance. Let us share their moment of brilliance, and welcome them to their very own stage. Whatever doubts you may have, leave them at the door, and come enjoy the show with us!

故事擂台挑战公教中学!The Great Story Challenge Goes To Catholic High School!

By , October 14, 2011 4:29 pm

If you could use a story that you have heard before, and by abiding by one special condition, what sort of an extraordinary story would you come up with?

    To allow students to unleash their creativity and potentials in acting, our dedicated actors and staff from TTP have set off early in the morning today to Catholic High School to hold the “Story Challenge” workshop!

      Firstly, our talented actors demonstrated how the “Story Challenge” is played!

        Though it was held early in the morning, our actors were so full of energy and exuberance. They were eager to tell these students their unique stories!

          Once the demonstration is over, the time is now handed over to the students to give the “Story Challenge” a go. Many of the students’ classmates have strongly nominated names to us so that all of us can enjoy an entertaining performance of “The Three Attacks on the Mad Dog Demon”!

            The students did their best under the guidance of our actors. Surely enough, our audience is full of smiles and occasional laughters as they watched and listened attentively to the stories!

              Following that, our students are brought back to their classes for a more focused workshop with our actors, so that all students are able to have a chance to participate and use their imaginations. These students also showed keen interest in the Chinese history as they boldly give their own renditions of these historical stories with a little twist in them.

                Students are broken up into smaller groups to discuss how they could create a compelling and engaging story for their classmates and our actors.

                  It is now time to perform!

                    On top of this, TTP was also privileged to invite Singapore’s very own well-known lyricist in the Mandopop scene, Xiaohan. She gave a talk to our future bilinguals on the tips and tricks of writing good lyrics for different songs.

                      It is unsurprising too to see that these students were captivated by Xiaohan’s professionalism and successful background in her industry. The students were also given the opportunity to pen down their thoughts and feelings, write their own lyrics so that Xiaohan can give them first-hand suggestions for improvement. We believe they are able to produce different styles and techniques when they write and compose in the future.

                        The responses from the students were enthusiastic as we have also left them with great gains. We have strongly felt their passion, have you?

                        代“表”什么? WATCH this space – Week 3 of Playwrights’ Boot Camp!

                        By , October 13, 2011 5:35 pm


                        这个星期的《编剧操练营》出现了3支手表 – 一支女装手表、一支可爱的Ben 10卡通手表和一支金光闪耀的劳力士手表… …

                        Are you wearing a watch right now? What’s the design? What does it say about you? Is there a story behind it?

                        Just the past Monday evening, 3 very different watches were found in our little studio during Playwrights’ Boot Camp – a ladies’ watch, an adorable Ben 10 cartoon watch, and a shiny expensive Rolex.

                        《现在几点?》What Time Is It?
                        编剧 Playwright: 苏君英 Su Jun Ying
                        导演 Director: 郭践红 Kuo Jian Hong
                        演员 Actors: 许彬和刘晋旭 Xu Bin and Ric Liu


                        A ticking noise wakes 2 elderly from their sleep in a nursing home. Has it been raining? No, they repeatedly say to each other.
                        Late at night, the duo set out to search for the source of the ticking sound, realising that it comes from the ticking sound of a female watch, found at the bedside of another friend, who had already passed away some time earlier. At first they discussed at length how they could best stop the watch from making the ticking noise, but they subsequently realised that there wasn’t a need to crack their brains over it. One day, eventually, the battery would run out, and just like life itself, the noise will stop.

                        Untitled-3 copy

                        Untitled-2 copy

                        Untitled-4 copy
                        原来是这支表发出来的声音! The ticking noise of a watch!

                        《小朋友的时间》Kid’s Playtime
                        编剧 Playwright: 董欣 Dong Xin
                        导演 Director: 李邪 Li Xie
                        演员 Actors: 梁海彬 、傅正龙和罗宝玲 Neo Hai Bin, Rei Poh and Audrey Luo

                        一支漂亮的全新Ben 10手表在一群小朋友中引起了热烈的讨论!

                        A Ben 10 cartoon watch becomes the topic of discussion among a group of kids! One of them says the watch comes with a gift of maturity – the sensibility to be able to manage time well. No! The others claim. It’s merely a tool for the adults to draw us into mimicking their hectic lifestyles – with tuitions, piano lessons, swimming classes… The kids refuse to succumb!

                        Untitled-5 copy

                        Untitled-6 copy

                        Untitled-7 copy

                        《我希望我先生有外遇》I Hope My Husband Is Having An Affair
                        编剧 Playwright: 何仙姑 Holly Ho
                        导演Director: 林志坚 Jonathan Lim
                        演员 Actors: 吴悦娟 、蔡竞聪、韩乾畴、洪节华、黄惠敏、梁晓端和董姿彦 Goh Guat Kian, Edward Choy, Hang Qian Chou, Hung Chit Wah, Catherine Wong, Melissa Leung Hiu Tuen and Joanna Dong

                        她看心理医生。她上律师所询问离婚配套。她幻想先生是同性恋。她渴望先生有外遇,甚至主动帮她找对象。她… …自己搞外遇。

                        There was this housewife woman, who has been married for years. She has also been out of love, for years.
                        She seeks help from a psychiatrist, a law firm, her friends, etc. She imagines how it’d be like if her husband was gay. She hopes her husband is having an affair, in fact, she goes as far as to making the affair happen. She… got herself into an affair with an attractive man.
                        However, the Rolex watch from her husband remains firm on her wrist.
                        She’s on a boat, she watches the sea. We hear the sound of her watch dropping into the sea. We hear a huge impact, as if a large object plunged into the sea.
                        Untitled-8 copy

                        Untitled-9 copy

                        Untitled-10 copy

                        Untitled-11 copy

                        Next week, there will be no topic restrictions for playwrights. Stay tuned!

                        For those of you out there who’re interested to read, here’re the scripts from our playwrights so far!

                        第三周- 题目:手表 Week 3: Topic – Watch

                        《现在几点?》What Time Is It?
                        编剧 Playwright: 苏君英 Su Jun Ying

                        《小朋友的时间》Kid’s Playtime
                        编剧 Playwright: 董欣 Dong Xin

                        《我希望我先生有外遇》I Hope My Husband Is Having An Affair
                        编剧 Playwright: 何仙姑 Holly Ho

                        第二周- 题目:各个编剧依据不同图片进行剧本创作 Week 2: Topic – Individual photos were given to each playwright as a topic

                        编剧 Playwright: 何仙姑 Holly Ho

                        编剧 Playwright: 苏君英 Su Jun Ying

                        编剧 Playwright: 董欣 Dong Xin

                        第一周-题目: 在一个风雨交加的夜晚… … Week 1: Topic: On a wet and windy night…

                        《伞》 Umbrella
                        编剧 Playwright: 董欣 Dong Xin

                        编剧 Playwright: 何仙姑 Holly Ho

                        编剧 Playwright: 苏君英 Su Jun Ying

                        《编剧操练营》之“表”里不一 WATCH out for tonight’s Playwrights’ Boot Camp!

                        By , October 10, 2011 5:56 pm

                        “回答!有劳力士、Ben 10 和女装手表各一只!”

                        “Tonight’s topic is ‘watch’.”
                        “Watch what?”
                        “As in watch (gestures to wrist)”
                        “I see. What watches are there?”
                        “One Rolex, one Ben 10 cartoon themed, one female watch.”
                        “So what’s so interesting to watch?”
                        “Watch out for the snippets below.”

                        Untitled-1 copy

                        Untitled-2 copy

                        Untitled-3 copy

                        你中奖了吗? Are you the lucky one? :)

                        By , October 7, 2011 4:37 pm

                        实践剧场“华文小剧场节”意见表抽奖的中奖者出炉了! The winners from our Chinese Theatre Festival‘s feedback form lucky draw contest have been picked!!

                        恭喜4位得奖者! CONGRATULATIONS FOR OUR WINNERS BELOW!

                        You get to take home a wireless speaker! Our staff personnel will contact you directly regarding collection of prize.

                        《阿Q后传》演出中奖者 Winner from The Story After Ah Q performance lucky draw contest:
                        Teo Jion Chun

                        《快乐王子》演出中奖者 Winner from The Happy Prince performance lucky draw contest:
                        Sng Jay Lai

                        《唱·戏》演出中奖者 Winner from Tell Tales Sing Songs performance lucky draw contest:
                        Foo Chee Wei Jerrick

                        《一眼思泪》演出中奖者 Winner from Am I Crying performance lucky draw contest:
                        Li Mengyi

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