A night to remember for the Little Windmills! 为可爱的“小风车们”拍拍手!

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Last Thursday evening (25 Nov), our adorable “Little Windmills” put up a spectacular performance at YMS Arts Centre, making both their teachers and parents proud! The Little Windmills Take The Stage was the highlight of their course curriculum, providing them the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learnt so far at the different classes!
The kids have long been preparing for this big night! From rehearsals to trying on costumes to make up, all of them devoted time and effort to ensure that they put up their best performance and shine!

Untitled-1 copy


The night brought about bounds of delightful surprises, and exhibited a whole range of different talent performances! Check out the programme rundown below, with exciting photos for those who missed out on the performance!

Picture 032

1. Poetry Recital诗歌:“母子对话:大海的女儿”
Kuai Ban快板班 Teacher: Ms Gao Hui Bi 老师:高慧碧



2. Skit 短剧:“过桥历险记”
Story Banq故事银行(5-6 years岁) Teacher: Ms Zhou Yunxia 老师:周云霞



3. Cross Talk相声:“数字的学问”
Kuai Ban快板班 Teacher: Ms Gao Hui Bi老师:高慧碧


4. Skit 短剧:“成语一二三”
Story Banq故事银行(7-9 years岁) Teacher: Mr Liu Xiaoyi老师:刘晓义


5. Cross Talk相声:“作文的秘诀”
Kuai Ban快板班 Teacher: Ms Gao Hui Bi老师:高慧碧



6. Skit 短剧:“会笑的星星”
Drama Class戏剧表演课 Teacher: Ms Leanne Ong Teck Lian 老师:王德亮


7. Kuai Ban 快板:“对歌联唱”
Kuai Ban 快板班 Teacher: Ms Gao Hui Bi老师:高慧碧




With that, we express our most heartfelt thanks to our wonderful students who put in such great efforts for this performance, our patient and most encouraging teachers – Ms Gao Hui Bi, Ms Leanne Ong Teck Lian, Mr. Liu Xiaoyi and Ms Zhou Yunxia, our most helpful volunteers, all parents and all audience who made it down for the performance! The Little Windmills Take The Stage wouldn’t not have possible without you, you and you!  Great job guys! See you all next year!!

The Little Windmills take the Stage! 小风车上台咯!

By , November 20, 2010 11:23 am


The Theatre Practice Education Project’s annual performance “The Little Windmills take the Stage!” is here! Not only is it an integral platform for our students to showcase what they have learnt, parents and teachers can also chart the growth of these children. Most importantly, this is a precious opportunity for students to take what they have learnt in the classroom and translate that to a LIVE performance on stage!

Perform…ing classes include:
Story Banq (5-6 & 7-9 yrs)
Drama Class (10-12 yrs)
Kuai Ban (7-12 yrs)

Call TTP at 6337 2525 or email TTPeducation@practice.org.sg to find out more and obtain tickets! $10 per ticket, free seating.


故事银行 (5-6和7-9岁)
表演戏剧课 (10-12 岁)
快板 (7-12 岁)

欲知详情或购票,请拨电 6337 2525 或电邮 TTPeducation@practice.org.sg 每票$10,自由入座。

Lush Botanic Gardens + Great Family Fun = Creative Juices Camp!

By , November 20, 2010 10:34 am

环境优美的新加坡植物园 + 乐翻天的亲子活动 = 创意泡泡营!

Given one day at the Botanic Gardens, photographs, crayons, cardboard, string and wheels, what could any family possibly do with such an unusual mix of materials?

Here at Creative Juices, our teachers had just the perfect idea: Use all these simple items, add fallen leaves/sticks, and enjoy an entire day of Arts Education activities AND family bonding time set within the natural environment!

照片 118

We started off nice and early in the morning, and immediately all families had their hearts racing to find 3 stations in quick succession! Yes, the utmost task for the day was to find the Dragon trapped in the Botanic Gardens, where could it be?

Challenges abound: Kids had to find their name-tags hidden amongst the bushy trees, and draw whatever their imagination took them upon the photo clue cards!

照片 042

Next up! Create a wheel trolley with just raffia string, strips of cardboard and wheels + screws! No glue, no tape, only a pair of scissors and a screwdriver. Ah-ha, not so easy after all? Just when kids thought that their trolleys were finally completed, another task beckoned: Drag your trolley onwards on the reflexology path and attempt to catch the Ping Pong Balls thrown by your parents!


After lunch, we slowly made our way to the Symphony Stage area, not for lack of energy, but to carefully gather interesting leaves and sticks for the next activity!
午饭后,大家还不能松懈下来哦。在往 Symphony Stage 的路上,大家都拿着塑胶带、细心的把形状特殊的落叶和树枝捡起来,好在下一个活动派上用场。

The kids loved the Hillslide activity as they slid down a track made of cardboard boxes, roping in even their parents to slide down with them!


Finally, families realized that they had to create their own dragon ‘bodies’ in order to rescue the captured Dragon! Armed with the cardboard boxes and their collected leaves, they were determined to create the most unique dragons in order to fulfill the challenge.


What a day! The weather held, the families enthused, and we had one great time! Thank you everyone for your passionate participation and valuable feedback. See you next year at Creative Juices 2011!

惊喜不断、精彩绝伦的“创意泡泡!”讲座!A jaw-dropping Creative Juices! talk by Prof Chang Shih-Tsung! LITERALLY JAW-DROPPING.

By , November 8, 2010 5:36 pm


Last Saturday (6Nov) at Geylang East Public library, our audience at Let’s Talk Creative Juices! were blown away by Prof Chang Shih-Tsung, his charmed and jovial personality, as well as his bag of “magical” tricks!The audience ooh-ed and aah-ed as he performed one trick after another, relying not on magic, but pure creative thinking and learning! From ropes to paper garments and paper towers to using your fingers to do the math for the times table, Prof Chang led our audience into the world of possibilities, inspiring parents and educators alike to start thinking out of the box and henceforth encouraging the children to do so too.


错过了上个星期六的“创意泡泡!”讲座?别愁!这个星期六(13/11),我们将举办亲子 “创意泡泡!”营!父母及孩子可以一起来参与一整天的精彩活动!不但能在环境优美的新加坡植物园进行各项活动,还能一同寻找线索解放被困住的“龙”!再来,重点项目还包括全家一起DIY滑板!一家大小肯定会度过一个快乐的周末!名额有限,赶紧报名吧!

For those of you who missed out on our Creative Juices! talk, fret not! We’ve more in store this coming Saturday! Join us for a one-day camp at Singapore Botanical Gardens! Parents and children can look forward to a day full of fun and creative learning, join forces to uncover clues to release a trapped “dragon”, and even create your own DIY skateboard! Seats filling up fast! Hurry, details below:

“创意泡泡!”营之亲子溜溜植物缘Creative Juices! Camp – The Great Family Skate-Off!
13.11.2010 (星期六Sat), 9-4pm
新加坡植物园Singapore Botanical Gardens
报名详情How to register?
现在就拨打热线6337 2525!Call 6337 2525 now!

For more info, please click here to download our online flyer!

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