实践剧场45周年各方祝语 (系列1)TTP-45th anniversary well wishes! (Part 1)

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45 years of wind and rain. In 2010 – a new chapter begins!

[youtube fI0GaZ9Qdvo nolink]

吴丽娟女士 Mdm Goh Lay Kuan
Mr Airan Berg
陈鸣鸾女士 Mdm Tan Beng Luan
吴维奋先生 Mr Daniel Goh
萧丁明先生 Mr Samuel Seow
Mr T. Sasitharan

好一个“快活”的星期一!Savour the adrenaline rush of a fulfilling Playwrights’ Boot Camp!

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当然,身为实践忠实支持者的你 (是啦!就是你 😛 ) 应该已经非常熟悉《编剧操练营》的模式:7天的剧本创作 + 6小时的排练过程 + 当晚的作品呈献!这个星期,编剧们的创作围绕在:必须用4个演员,性别不拘。 故事在一个空间发生。过程10分钟,从午夜12点开始。

编剧: 邹文森

编剧: 黄素怀

编剧: 刘晓义
演员: 徐啸天、傅正龙、雷宇、陈明阗

哎呀 ~ 错过了作品呈献?那就来看看精彩的画面回顾吧!

Last night was the debut performance of Playwrights’ Boot Camp showcase and the audiences were in for a remarkable treat! Held in our cosy little black box studio at Waterloo Street with the audience casually seated either on rattan cushion chairs or on the floor, the evening was filled with anticipation as three interesting scripts were presented to the audience!

By now our loyal reader (yes that means you!) would be familiar with the boot camp concept – 7 days of script creation and only 6 hours of rehearsals before completion! The topic of the week given to the playwrights – Wensen, Suhuai and Xiaoyi – was this: The story unfolds in a space with four actors (no restrictions in gender) in a duration of ten minutes, starting from midnight.

Here’re the playwright and cast combinations:
Waiting for Mahjong
Playwright: Cheow Boon Seng
Director: Kuo Jian Hong
Cast: Lim Poey Huang, Thomas Lim, Audrey Luo, Jacklyn Kuah

Playwright: Huang Suhuai
Director: Li Xie
Cast: Wong Woon Hong, Xu Bin, Neo Hai Bin, Joanna Dong

Playwright: Liu Xiaoyi
Director: Jonathan Lim
Cast: Gordon Choy, Rei Poh, Lei Yu, Tan Beng Tian

Alright, just for those who missed our exciting plays yesterday, sharing with you some snippets of yesterday’s Playwrights’ Boot Camp!

Waiting for Mahjong
Set in a space with three mahjong kakis waiting for a friend to arrive in order for the game to start, watch how the story unravels as they attempt a three-player mahjong session!



What’s the definition of strange? What does it mean being outside and inside a pre-set circle of space? Does it even matter?




Imagine a war-struck Singapore. Now, a dilapidated hut with 3 wounded comrades – 1 deaf, 1 mute and 1 blind – and an able-bodied soldier. Then someone knocks on the door, with a secret code. Would you open the door?





号外!号外!循众热烈要求,我们将增加报名人数!还不快快拨 6337 2525!
日期:4/10, 11/10,18/10
时间:星期一,晚上8点 (7点45分报到)
Waterloo Street, Stamford Arts Centre, Level 2

After that, the audience also joined in an insightful discussion session with the playwrights, directors and cast!

Fret not if you missed this week’s Playwright’s Boot Camp, listen up folks, WE’RE EXPANDING THE NUMBER OF SEATS FOR EACH SESSION! Yes you heard us! So you know what to do, simply call up at 6337 2525 to register! Details below!

Playwrights’ Boot Camp
4 Oct, 11 Oct, 18 Oct
Monday, 8pm
The Theatre Practice, Studio 4
Waterloo Street, Stamford Arts Centre, Level 2
Pay as you want

Want to attend ‘Audition Monologue’ classes by Kate Foy (Aust)?

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Would you be interested to attend coaching classes for ‘Audition Monologue’ conducted by Kate Foy, creative artist and voice & dialect coach from Australia?

Kate Foy is active in performance and education, with over 20 years in the Australian higher education sector. She was previously Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Arts, University of Southern Queensland, and is currently Honorary Professor at the University and also a freelance research practitioner in areas such as acting and voice and text studies for the actor. (Learn more about her expertise and work here: http://katefoy.com/about/)

As an acknowledged specialist in voice and text in performance, she will be in Singapore in late Oct 2010. From Oct 15-30, she will be in town and available for either Small Group or One-to-One coaching on ‘Audition Monologue’. We are currently exploring on what type of lessons to offer depending on interest from the local community. Coaching fees will depend on the type of lessons to be arranged.

If you’re interested or have questions, act fast! Please email us with your interest (small grps? Individual lessons? Dates you’re available?)by 30th Sept 2010 so that we can propose suitable classes for the community!

Email: TTPeducation@practice.org.sg
Tel: 6337 2525 (Please ask for Shimin)

倒数“开演”的《编剧操练营》!The countdown to Playwrights’ Boot Camp!!

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滴答~ 滴答~ 滴答~ 滴答~

距离演出倒数3小时,导演、演员、舞督、灯光和道具制作的工作人员得快马加鞭,同步进行。快快看一眼我们快快拍到的排练过程。一切,就在今晚(9月27日,8pm) 发生!

The clock’s ticking away every second! It’s a race against time for our participants of Playwrights’ Boot Camp!

With only 3 hours left to the performance tonight, the directors, actors and crew are all up on their feet with only one goal – to do up a GREAT SHOW! Take a look at what we’ve caught on camera so far, giving you a sneak preview of tonight’s show at 8pm!

导演郭践红叉着腰监督,演员们坐着努力背台词,道具制作工作人员背对着镜头拼命找道具!Director Kuo Jian Hong devoting full attention to the actors’ reading while they strive to memorise their lines. Not to forget our hardworking crew in the background scrambling to find props for tonight’s performance!

Umn….麻将和演员?Hmm… mahjong session for the actors?

演员:”喃喃喃喃喃喃“(背台词) Actor: “(murmurs murmurs…) what’s the next line?”

导演 Jonathan Lim 看来进度最快!已经在讲解要求了!Wow spot director Jonathan Lim already giving one-on-one advice to actors!

演员:”不是我~“ (互指)

Director Li Xie: “Now who did this?”
Actors: “Not me, not me!”
(hahaha, pardon our imaginative lines)


Ops ~ 是谁第一个被导演叫”上台“?Oops, who will be the first to be called onto stage?!

快写!快排!快演!快看!就在今夜~ 就在今夜!
In a nutshell – Just write! Just rehearse! Just perform! Just watch! – starts tonight!!!

你中奖了吗?Congratulations to our contest winners!

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也恭喜以下2位朋友,各可赢得价值 $499 的 iKnow Greenbook 电子书:

1)曾佩瑜(手机号码: xxxxx068)
2)Peh Bee Yong(身份证号码: Gxxxxx09X)



Generously sponsored by iKnow, these 2 lucky contest winners get to bring home a Greenbook eBook Reader worth $499! CONGRATS!

1)曾佩瑜 (HP: xxxxx068)
2)Tan Jia Ling (NRIC: Sxxxx564B)

The Theatre Practice will be contacting you shortly on collection of your prize!

Big thanks for the utmost support of Descendants!!

《编剧操练营》7天创作,6小时完成一切!Playwrights’ Boot Camp – 7 days of creation, 6 hours to completion.

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Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral has just ended its run; coming up The Theatre Practice will presents the Poor Theatre Series – Playwrights’ Boot Camp, bringing you an innovative and unique performance with a bold touch of creativity!
Perhaps you might be confused as why “Boot Camp” is used in a performance title. Well, the performance process is indeed that of a boot camp! This boot camp aims to stimulate the creators to complete a most creative and powerful work within the limitations of space, time and resources.

左起:刘晓义,邹文森,黄素怀 From left: Liu Xiaoyi, Cheow Boon Seng, Huang Suhuai

左起:刘晓义,邹文森,黄素怀 From left: Liu Xiaoyi, Cheow Boon Seng, Huang Suhuai

To find out more about this exciting rehearsal process, do join us for the post-show discussion with the playwrights, directors and actors held after every week’s performance!

9月23日,电台1003 不给一口叮
[audio:http://blog.omy.sg/ttp/files/2010/09/poor-theatre-radio1003.mp3|titles=poor theatre radio1003]

中秋月夜吃、喝、猜!Mid-Autumn Madness – Eat, Drink & be Riddled

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😛 李白月饼:床前明月光 有饼没包装
举头望明月 低头闻饼香 

😛 杜甫月饼:细草微风岸 今年送礼多
何物能摆阔 月饼最出色 

😛 柳宗元月饼:无权鸟飞绝 没钱人踪灭 品饼蓑笠翁 独过中秋节 

😛 苏轼月饼:明月几时有 举饼问青天
不知天上饼 能卖多少钱 


今年, 你如何度过中秋节? 或许跟家人在家中庆祝?或在餐厅享用晚餐?或许与左邻右舍朋友在附近的联络所相聚?

你知不知道?实践剧场应国家艺术理事会的邀请,在3间民众联络所表演特别节目:“中秋月夜吃、喝、猜!”两个周末前,我们已在加冷民众俱乐部和淡宾尼中民众俱乐部进行精彩的呈现!这个星期六(25/9),我们将在裕廊湖畔为你带来中秋夜的最后的一场表演 – 这不只是庆祝中秋节,也同时欢庆新建的”浮桥”!

How have you spent your Mid-Autumn Festival this year? Perhaps celebrating with family at home? Or enjoying a meal at a restaurant? Or maybe even with neighbours and friends at your local community centre?

Guess what! This year, The Theatre Practice has been invited by the National Arts Council to perform our special ‘Mid-Autumn Madness – Eat, Drink & be Riddled!’ at selected Community Centres! We have already entertained the audiences a-plenty at Kallang CC and Tampines Central CC 2 weekends ago. This coming Saturday, watch out for us as we invade Jurong Lake to kick off their series of performances to celebrate not just Mid-Autumn Fest, but also the opening of their spanking new Broadwalk@ Jurong Lake!


Not just a performance – Eat, Drink & be Riddled!

下午,我们先上一堂儿童艺术工作坊吧!通过戏剧游戏,让孩子们暖身后参与简单的中秋故事表演。 在玩乐中学习如何展现自我!
In the afternoon, we first conduct an Arts Workshop just for kids as they play theatre games and understand the stories of Mid-Autumn Fest via dramatization and much play!

感谢白新春茶庄的赞助,现场将准备热泡的“陈年普洱”和冷泡的“佛手神”让大家试喝!不仅如此,白新春掌门人将亲自示范如何包茶 – 培养“茶”的文化。实践的助手也在现场协助示范泡茶。
In the evening, thanks to our kind sponsor, Pek Sin Choon tea, they will be bringing huge canisters of both hot-brewed Aged Pu-Er and cold-brewed ‘Spirit of Buddha’s Palm’ for audiences to sample! What’s more, Pek Sin Choon master himself will be around to teach the tea culture to interested people on how to carefully wrap tea packets! At the same time, our volunteers will demonstrate the traditional method of brewing tea on-the-spot.

讲古与猜灯谜 – 少了这些还算是过中秋吗?实践3名富有活力的演员将以轻松诙谐的方式讲古;旁边挂着灯谜等待观众去猜。还附上白新春茶叶当作奖品!别小看年纪小小的小孩 – 他们可是最会猜灯谜。有些谜底还是英文呢!
What’s Mid-Autumn Festival without age-old stories, myths and guessing of riddles? Our 3 lively actors will keep you in suspense with their colourful stories about Mid-Autumn Festival; while lantern riddles are hanging ready for audiences to guess… and win Pek Sin Choon tea cans as prizes! You will not believe how clever even little kids can be in guessing… some riddles even have English words as answers!


日期:9月25日 (星期六)
地点: 裕廊湖畔 (靠近“浮桥”)
欲知详情并购票,请联络达曼裕廊民众俱乐部:拨打6265 1711

Why not come on down this Sat and join us for our final ‘Mid-Autumn Madness’… Be there, and let’s go mad together!

Date: Sat 25/9/10
Time of performance: 7-8pm
Venue: Jurong Lake (near the Broadwalk)
For more information on the entire programme and to obtain tickets, please call Taman Jurong CC: 6265 1711

感谢支持《郑和的后代》,敬请期待《编剧操练营》!Playwrights’ Boot Camp hot on the heels of Descendants!

By , September 20, 2010 3:42 pm

ZH Thank you & Boot Camp EDM

Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral has successfully ended its run! Big thanks for the love & support!

“勒紧腰带系列”2010 – 《编剧操练营》演出即将登场!
Don’t miss our Poor Theatre Series 2010 – Playwrights’ Boot Camp performances which start next week!

实践剧场举行别具一格的“编剧操练营”,让 3 位本地新晋编剧磨刀霍霍,小试拳脚,期盼他们能从这个小舞台出发,接受严苛的操练,激发日后的创作。一起来看看这些创作者如何在每一个星期里,以最少的资源和最短的时间,呈献最具创造力的创作!
The Theatre Practice is organising a one-of-a-kind Playwrights’ Boot Camp: a platform that gives aspiring writers a chance to sharpen their skills, take some risks, and hopefully emerge (after the training and practice) with inspiration for the future. Within the imposed limits of time and resource, join us every week in watching how these ‘Boot Campers’ find a way to stretch their creativity beyond their boundaries!

编剧 Playwrights:
邹文森 Cheow Boon Seng
黄素怀 Huang Suhuai
刘晓义 Liu Xiaoyi

导演 Directors:
郭践红 Kuo Jian Hong
李邪 Li Xie
林志坚 Jonathan Lim

演员 Actors:
徐啸天 Gordon Choy
董姿彦 Joanna Dong
柯静云 Jacklyn Kuah
雷宇 Lei Yu
林佩芳 Lim Poey Huang
林毅炜 Thomas Lim
罗宝玲 Audrey Luo Baoling
梁海彬 Neo Hai Bin
傅正龙 Rei Poh
陈鸣阗 Tan Beng Tian
黄文鸿 Wong Woon Hong
许彬 Xu Bin

演出详情Performance Details
27/09, 04/10, 11/10, 18/10
星期一Every Monday, 8pm

地点 Venue: 实践剧场,第4课室 The Theatre Practice, Studio 4
155 Waterloo Street, Stamford Arts Centre, Level 2

自由付费 Pay-as-you-want
须拨电订位,座位有限,预订从速,以免向隅! Registration required. Limited seats available. Book now to avoid disappointment!

订位热线 Hotline: 6337 2525

With unparalleled fixation, every comment hits the spot! 不动如山!一针见血!

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Barely 2 weeks ago, The Theatre Practice invited esteemed French theatre master Philippe Gaulier to conduct his inaugural Master Class in Singapore. Theatre enthusiasts no longer have to travel all the way to Paris to learn from the acclaimed master himself. We greatly thank the National Arts Council for their support and partnership, which made possible the successful conclusion of this year’s Master Class! Do you know? Popular Hong Kong artiste Anthony Wong also studied under Philippe Gaulier.

About 30 participants attended the intensely and tightly-packed schedule over 5 days – with some coming from neighbouring Malaysia and even a teacher from England! Every single day, the class proceeded with much merriment. Most essentially, the students found themselves receiving invaluable theatrical training under Gaulier.

Are you lamenting that you missed out on this rare learning opportunity? Fret not, Philippe Gaulier is set to return in 2011! Details to be revealed in good time via our official channels such as TTP website, OMY blog, Facebook, etc. To be kept informed of TTP productions and events, email your name and contact no. to ttp@practice.org.sg

A straw hat and red-rimmed glasses make up one fastidiously solemn master teacher!

上两周,实践剧场荣幸地邀请了法国德高望重戏剧大师菲利普•高利埃(Philippe Gaulier)前来教学,学员们不必远赴法国,就可在本地享有这位戏剧大师国际级的剧场训练,感谢国家艺术理事会的协办促使这「大师工作坊」能顺利的开办。不说不知,原来大家熟知的港星黄秋生也是他的得意门生。



官方网站 Website: http://practice.org.sg
部落格 Blog: http://blog.omy.sg/ttp/
面子书 Facebook: thetheatrepractice

First day of class: attentive students.

Could this be the all familiar game we play of grabbing chairs?

Gaulier patiently instructs individual students.

5 days of training – all captured for posterity!

Hear the beat, fall into position: the drum as Gaulier’s main tool of instruction.

The Skipping Rope challenge: those who fail automatically declare themselves ‘handicapped’ or ‘severely handicapped’.

30 people playing ‘Pepsi Cola 123!’ at one go – fantastic fun!

The funniest segment ever: Students listen to a french song and thereafter sing one of their own with much style.

Ending each day with a wrap-up session, fighting against time to engage in dialogue with the master!

Local theatre practitioner Alvin Chiam returns to Singapore specially to assist as teacher’s aide.

In closure: Beyond theatrical training, firm friends were also made.

《郑和的后代》演出引人深思!Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral – A thought-provoking production!

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Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral opened at Drama Centre Theatre last week, presenting audiences with a thought-provoking performance! Descendants continues its voyage till this Saturday, 18 September. Be sure to catch it before it’s over!

Descendants Quotes EDM

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