Countdown to Seasons… 天冷就来了!

By , April 14, 2009 10:55 am

Months of preparation are finally coming together this Thursday, culminating into a much-awaited 26-shows performance in Drama Centre. Behind everyone’s fatigue is a shell-shock expression, ‘let the show begin!’.

The actors and actresses appear rather calm and remain highly professional in the string of media dialogues taking place before the show opens. Round table dialogue by Zaobao, one-to-one-interview by Straits Times Life!, video recording by Razor TV, appearance on prime time show Good Morning Singapore, humming familiar xinyao songs on air Radio 1003 are now part and parcel of daily life between snatches of sleep and nights of fine tuning in rehearsals. And our very own Practice Cat is published in the Straits Times next to Sing Chew, who plays the lingering singing spirit.
在公演之际,实践的宣传更是不敢怠慢,安排了好些媒体专访:联合早报、海峡时报生活!、Razor TV、早安您好、电台1003都有《天冷就回来》演员们的踪迹!演员的时间其实都排得满满的,平日不是排练,就难得有多少时间休息,所以访问时间都非常珍贵。尽管如此,演员在面对媒体时仍处之泰然,非常专业!我们的践猫也不甘示弱,与扮演幽魂小静的石欣卉抢镜,被刊载在海峡时报!


Sing Chew posing with the Practice cat for Straits Times Life!


Sing Chew, George Chan and Jianhong with the news anchors of Good Morning Singapore


Joanna Dong, Ric Liu and Sing Chew at Radio 1003 with our favourite DJs!

The production team led by two formidable skinny lasses and a prop making skinny lad has started the move into Drama Centre on Sunday just as ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ crew moves out. Sets, lighting, sound system would be fine-tuned and any snags resolved before the actors/actresses and musicians move into position.

More than 10 schools would be attending our performances despite the advisory and as a result, artfund funding withdrawn. Resourceful teachers who believe firmly in the necessity of arts education (beyond dancing bunnies) have sought alternate sources of funding. The draw of a previously sold-out Singapore Chinese Musical strung together by xinyao has silenced the hug.

Art has prevailed! 艺术至圣!

Let the show begin. 好戏登场!


Look out for our front-of-house installation at the Drama Centre, conceptualised by Jianhong and executed by Mirene!


We are lucky to have not one but two A-Qiangs this season! Jeffrey Low and his doppelganger, Robin Goh!

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