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实践剧场50周年:“以人为本,有容乃大” The Theatre Practice turns 50:”Putting people first, embracing diversity”

By , January 20, 2015 5:42 pm

50th Anniversary 团徽是一个象征、记号与形象。2015年是实践剧场成立的第50年,至今我们呈献了超过300部作品。今年我们在团徽上做了小变化,融合了“50”的字样,纪念这具有历史意义的一刻。




A company logo is a symbol, a marker, a representation of a brand. It is also design and familiarity and feeling. A logo is emotion. And so in 2015, an emotional year indeed for The Theatre Practice, we have chosen to integrate the number 50 into our logo to celebrate our 50th anniversary and over 300 productions.

Our foundation is the simple principle of putting people first. This is how we engage our concern for humanity, society and life. The Theatre Practice strives for tolerance by embracing differences, engaging in spirited interactions, and pursuing the realisation of an open society.

Our guiding principle is that of “the core and the fringe.” In mainstream productions, our core themes are affirmed by respecting and entertaining our audience. At the fringe, we explore and innovate, constantly challenging boundaries. In this way we hope to expand cultural limits and extend our own artistic depth.

The Theatre Practice remains committed to these ideals on our 50th anniversary, and we wish to enjoy your continued support and encouragement. On Facebook there will be weekly postings about this anniversary, as well as stories, both silly and sentimental, from the years since our founding in 1965. We’ll reminisce together about the colourful characters who became a part of our lives, and the people who gave us unwavering support for all these years. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page!

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