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[News] HyunJoong, Explosive Response from Japanese Fans as SS501 Leader Still

December 15th, 2010 reena


Despite group SS501 members have all moved to various other agencies separately and starting on their individual activities, the Japanese fans are still chanting Kim HyunJoong as the leader of SS501.

On 14-Dec, 4pm at Tokyo Dome City JCB Hall, the official photo session started. Shu-I, D-NA, Tomuro Tetsuya, GACKT, VANNESS, Kim HyunJoong, Joe Cheng, HwanHee, Bae YongJoon were there for the photo taking.

Only 630 fans were chosen by drawing lots to attend this event and 200 reporters from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asia countries came to report on this event.

At the official photo session, Kim HyunJoong said in Japanese ‘Hello. I am Kim HyunJoong. Seeking for your support.’ He said and put on a bright smile.

Every time Kim HyunJoong appears on stage, the Japanese fans will shout ‘Leader!’ (meaning SS501’s leader) and chant cheers for Kim HyunJoong. Besides that, Kim HyunJoong nodded slightly and smiled towards his fans while saying his thanks.

Kim HyunJoong came in a comfortable and casual style, wearing matching black jeans with black coat and black vest.

Later from 6pm onwards is the public recording of charity event program ‘Message! To Asia’ (planned to be broadcasted on 2010-01-10), held at Tokyo Dome and broadcasted through Channel DATV which specializes in broadcasting Asia Entertainment Contents,

=last paragraph omitted=

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[News]Bae Yong Joon. Kim Hyun Joong, successful joint stage debut

December 15th, 2010 reena


The originator of Hallyu Star Bae Yong Joon and “Little Yon-sama” Kim Hyun Joong’s first joint-stage has been successful. 30,000 fans from all parts of Asia cheered at Bae Yong Joon’s gesture and applaud generously at Kim Hyun Joong’s smile.

On the 14th at 6PM, Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong made their first appearance in front of the Japanese fans through DATV’s Charity Project “Project Smile” at Tokyo Dome, Japan. The two of them stood side by side on the official stage between the two countries throughout for the first time.

Kim Hyun Joong started off the opening fire of “Project Smile”. Kim Hyun Joong started off “Project Smile” by singing “The Power of Smile” passionately, a song composed by Japanese Music producer representative Komuro Tetsuya.

After Kim Hyun Joong finished his song, on the same day, attendance of the event include Hwanhee, Dae Guk Nam Ah, SHU-I, Joe Cheng, Kattun, Vaness Wu etc came up on the stage one by one to greet the fans. Bae Yong Joon also graced the occasion with his presence together with the rest.

Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong stood side by side for the first time together, adding grace to the occasion. Ever since Kim Hyun Joong transferred to the agency (KEYEAST) and made his first appearance, the Japanese fans have been calling him “Little Yon-sama”.

The two of them appeared earlier at 4PM in the afternoon, JCB hall, to proceed with the Charity Event side by side on the stage. For the charity event, a Photo Time was arranged for the fans. The two of them stood side by side together, causing each of the fans to call out excitedly “Rida” (SS501’s Leader) and “Yong Joon” respectively, showing their love for the two of them.

“Project Smile” and non-profit KnK work hand in hand with Cambodia, the Philippines etc to provide social welfare for the Asia region’s underprivileged children. Bae Yong Joon, Kim Hyun Joong and all other members of the cast who attended the event will be making donations of their prized possessions as well.

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[News]Kim Hyun Joong does not keep in contact with Hwang Bo

December 15th, 2010 reena


Hwang Bo expressed her affections for her former virtual husband Kim Hyun Joong during her appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart.”

f(x)’s Victoria was on the same show and had talked a bit about her own feelings for her virtual husband, Nichkhun. The attention was then shifted over to Hwang Bo, who is a senior of the “We Got Married” show. MC Kang Ho Dong asked her, “Do you still keep in contact with Kim Hyun Joong?”

Hwang Bo answered, “No, we don’t. He contacted me just once, to wish me a happy birthday. I think he only did it because I’m the adult in the relationship,” causing the studio to burst out in laughter.

Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong, affectionately nicknamed the ‘ssangchu/lettuce couple’ by their fans, had their own segment on “We Got Married” in 2008 and were widely loved by viewers.

Source: My Daily via Nate + allkpop

[News] Park Jungmin and IU Perform Nagging on the Melon Awards

December 15th, 2010 reena

On tonight’s[14.12.10] Melon awards IU and Jungmin,performed a special performance of Nagging!

Today hosted the melon music awards 2010 and as a special performance, SS501‘s Park
Jungmin and IU teamed up to perform her hit song Nagging. with a blend of sweet vocals and smiles the duo captured the audiences hearts.

Credit: Jejjmin @
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[News] SS501 Park Jung Min sudden revelation, “I’m a five-toes socks lover”

December 14th, 2010 reena


Park Jung Min, member of Idol group SS501, has expressed that he is a five-toes socks lover.

On 11th of this month (December), MBC has aired an episode of “Quiz that Changes the World” and there is a topic on “The song that is suitable to listen during winter”. Park Jung Min has mentioned that SS501 has songs that are suitable for winter and he even performed a part of “Snow Prince”, which gained everyone’s applause.

During the show, Park Jung Min has said that he is currently preparing for his solo activities. Previously when doing group activities, he was slightly fatter than the other members. Hence, now he has already lost 12kgs. This has caused much laughter in the studio.

Also, Park Jung Min is the first Korean celebrity to appear in a famous Japanese talk show (hosted by Sanma Akashiya). Park Jung Min has said, “Sanma Akashiya’s (celebrity) status in Japan is equivalence as of Lee Kyung Kyu in Korea. On the second day after I have appeared in his talk show, my popularity search has gone up.”
side-note: both Sanma Akashiya & Lee Kyung Kyu are famous comedians.

Jo Hye Ryun, who is also currently having her activites in Japan, has mentioned, “The Japanese like Park Jung Min’s looks very much. He is really very handsome.”, which is evidence of Park Jung Min’s popularity in Japan.

Although he is a popular idol, Park Jung Min has some habits which surprise everyone. His liking for wearing five-toes socks is totally unmatched to his idol image. As such, Park Jung Min has explained, “I do not have feet odour, but my feet tend to perspire. That’s why I like to wear this type of socks.”

-Omitted last paragraph as it only mentions the other celebrities appearing in that day’s show and the ratings for that day is highest record of 18.0%.-

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[News]‘Ambitious Idol’ Kim Hyung Jun “Jo Seung Woo” As Role Model, One Day Would Be Able to Hold The Stage..”

December 14th, 2010 reena


[News]‘Ambitious Idol’ Kim Hyung Jun “Jo Seung Woo” As Role Model, One Day Would Be Able to Hold The Stage..”

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News: Herald Media
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‘Ambitious Idol’ Kim Hyung Jun “Jo Seung Woo” As Role Model, One Day Would Be Able to Hold The Stage..”

“Next year Café-In is planning to hold performances in Japan, China. Japanese fans who watch the Korean performances would wish to have subtitles”

Kim Hyung Jun (23) has many ambitions. He also agreed with being called the ‘Ambitious Idol’. As a person starring in the creative musical production ‘Café-In’, his schedule is very tight. Even with double casting, he has to perform on the 2-persons stage 3 to 4 times every week. After the evening performances, at midnight 2 am he still has to work as a radio DJ. For the solo album that is scheduled to be released end of Feburary, songs recording are also currently taking place. “Sleeping for only about 4 hours a day, wish to hear comments about being an “Artiste” who can do anything well.”

For around two and half months, spent 8 to 9 hours a day focusing on memorizing stage lines, practicing accent and voice projection. “Body gestures and actions for the music industry and for stage performances are very different. Recently upon seeing that the auditorium being filled up with many audiences will feel very happy, and accomplished.”

The musical ‘Café In’ which involves Kang Ji Hwan in the production, talks about a sweet love story between the Barista Sae Jin and Sommelier Ji Min who work alternatively between day and night in the same café. Kim Hyung Jun alternates between being the dating coach Ji Min and the sincere gentleman Jeong Min using different facial expression skills and voice tones. Relying on the familiarity on stage, his acting skills improved and confidence has grown. “Musical stage experience is helpful during the album production. Before singing, one has to understand the meaning behind the lyrics, and once you can empathise with the song then would be able to put in feelings when singing”

His own role model is actor Ju Seung Wo. When he is between late 20s and 30s, he wishes to be able to stand on the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ stage, thereby showing his ‘ambitious’ side.

Musical ‘Café In’ would be having performances until next January 23 at SamSeong-dong Baekham Arts Hall.


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News: Herald Media
Trans: Only Jun (

[News] Kim HyunJoong “Feels good when being referred to as ‘Little Yon-sama’”

December 14th, 2010 reena


Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong revealed that “I don’t feel upset when being called ‘Little Yon-sama’”

On 14-Dec, Kim HyunJoong was at Tokyo Dome for charity event ‘Message! To Asia’, and had a short interview time with reporter from Korea at a late hour after ending the event. Ambitions in the future as a Hallyu Star, desire to be both singer and actor, Kim HyunJoong said frankly on his thoughts about being called as ‘the 2nd Bae YongJoon’.

In regards to being labelled as ‘Post Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’, Kim HyunJoong said “I don’t feel upset when being called as that. I think that it is a compliment this way because ‘Yon-sama’ has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ or ‘The 1st Kim HyunJoong’.”

- This is your first time performing in Tokyo Dome, what is your feeling?

Since advancing into Japan, my target is to (perform) in Bodokan Areana and then lastly in Tokyo Dome, 2 of my targets were accomplished this year, even my final target has been accomplished. Even though it is not a solo concert, being able to perform in Tokyo Dome, I understood about the dignity of this concert venue. I have the ambition to be able to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome when my solo album is released next year.

- For a moment, you mentioned before to focus on acting, but you will release a solo album next year and will be starting your activities as a singer.

Acting and singing will go on side by side. Even though it is tough, it is not too hard on me. I want to show myself as a singer and also showing myself acting.

- You are close to Bae YongJoon personally as to even call him ‘hyung’, what is your thought about seeing Bae YongJoon in Tokyo Dome this time?

He seems like a different person somehow. I felt that he is really remarkable when I saw him talking naturally with the audience on such a big stage. I watched YongJoon hyung on stage at Tokyo Dome for about 10 minutes, and I felt many times that he is ‘Yon-sama’ at that time rather than YongJoon hyung. I felt a little awkward with that feeling.

- Changing your management agency to KeyEast, you have been called as ‘Little Yon-sama’ ‘Post Bae YongJoon’.

I don’t feel upset about ‘Post Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’. I think that it is a compliment this way because ‘Yon-sama’ has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ or ‘The 1st Kim HyunJoong’.”

- It is not exaggerating to say that Kim HyunJoong’s posters are all over Myeongdong Seoul. You have received lots of love from fans all over Asia, what is the appealing part of it?

I went to Singapore and Malaysia and extremely many people came to support. I was really shocked because there were really a lot who came. I find it very amazing and was shocked, I think it is no doubt the growth of internet. Because they can easily learn about Hallyu and download videos almost simultaneously, so I also have fans from far away countries. Above all, I think it is because of the successful exports of ‘Boys over Flowers’.

- In this performance at Tokyo Dome, you showed yourself dancing which you haven’t shown for a long time. What is your feeling?

It is not that I will not dance when I am not coming out as a dance singer, I am practicing dancing everyday. So that I will not get unfamiliar with it. My solo album which will be released next year has been in preparation since a long time ago. In order to show my image as someone who can sing and dance in front of the public, I continued to dance. Overseas fans mainly know me as Yoon JiHoo from drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, so they will be surprised to see me dancing, but I want to show a better image as a singer next year.

- The 1st generation Hallyu star is Bae YongJoon, 2nd generation is So JiSub, it is not too much to say that Kim HyunJoong is the 3rd generation. What is the characteristic of the 3rd generation?

Even though I don’t know who set the 1st, 2nd generation, the generation now is to have ‘diversity’. Having diverse talents in singing, dancing, and even acting, individuals will stand out with diversity and that is the 3rd generation of Hallyu star.

Credits : + (photo) KeyEast + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[Fan Account] KyuSaeng Fanmeeting in Bangkok on 11 Dec 2010

December 13th, 2010 reena

Before I start my fan account for Bangkok Fanmeet, there’s a few people I would like to thank for making my trip a wonderful one.

1. Peace. Thank you for helping me to book the tickets for fanmeet and giving me information of them in Bangkok. Thanks for helping me to get such a nice seat.
2. The 2 unnies who went Bangkok with me. Thank you for being such a nice unnie to me and also giving me the chance to go for the handshake session.
3. HL2412 who borrowed me her nice camera. All the nice photos and videos were taken by her camera
4. Last but not least, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong. Thank you for being so cute, nice, sweet and wonderful. Thank you for bringing us such a nice and memorable fanmeeting.

I must say I was lucky as I was sitting at the 3rd row and right in the middle of the stage, and also I successfully brought in my camera to the hall, I was able to take really nice photos and videos of them and also able to enjoy the fanmeet at the same time.


They started off the fanmeet with singing to “Cuz I’m stupid”. After the song, I think they did ask about the song that they just sang, but because I have very very little understanding of Korean and none for Thai, so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, I could only catch that the song they sang was the ending theme for the show, “Boys Over Flower.”

Next is the segment where both of them answer questions that fans asked.

When Kyu Jong pick a question that’s related to girls group and dance(II think). KyuJong answered T-ara’s Bo Beep Bo Beep, and seconds later, Bo Beep Bo Beep started playing and KyuJong stood up and dance to the music. (It’s a pity that during the dance, they started to create some smoke effect and the smoke blocked the view when KyuJong turn around to shake his butt!! I want to see KyuJong’s butt!!)

After he was done, emcee asked Young Saeng something and SNSD “Gee” started playing. Young Saeng shyly stood up and started dancing to it. (Now whenever I hear Gee, I will think of Young Saeng)

After “Gee”, the emcee said something and Kyu Jong started begging him to stop. But that didn’t stop the emcee, he continued and they started to play Kara’s “Lupin”. The boys looks lost when they heard the song. Then there was this part in the song which Kara will sing “Shhh”. Kyu Jong put his fingers to his lips to shush the screaming fans. He kept doing the “Shhhh” sound to get the fans to quiet down, But he still dance to a little part of it sitting down.

One of the question Young Saeng pick was asking him what is his favourite SS501 song, he answered “Love Like This” and they sang a small part of it.

Of course there’s also question about what they think about Thailand fans, but as I said, I couldn’t understand, so I have no idea what they replied.

After the Q&A segment, they left Young Saeng on stage to perform “I Love You, I’m sorry”. As usual, he gave his best performance and I’m sure everyone there enjoyed his singing.

After Young Saeng song, it’s Kyu Jong’s turn. He rose up from the back of the stage and perform the remix version of “Never Let You Go” Completed with his slick slow motion Michael Jackson dancestep, I’ll blush even when I think about it. But I have to say, KyuJong’s dancing really improved a lot! Or maybe it’s, now he seems to have more confidence in himself when he was dancing. He seems to be able to enjoy himself more when he was dancing.

After both their solo performance, it’s competition time. They were requested to make Thai Papaya Salad, which KyuJong call, “Papa Salad”. Both KyuJong and Young Saeng is very curious about all the stuff they brought out for them to prepare the dish. Cute Young Saeng tried all the condiments before he started to make the salad.
When KyuJong starts, he took a bite of the chili and he immediately down a few mouthful of water, just when we were thinking how can he be so silly to bite the chili like this, we saw Young Saeng doing the same thing. He spit the chili out immediately after taking a bite. No good to be curious of everything.

I think the emcee for the fanmeet did a very great job, he keep trying to involve the fans during the competition by asking the fans to tell the boys how many teaspoon of condiments should they add and stuff like that.

There’s one thing that keep distracting me is KyuJong who can’t stop his sweat. He keeps turning around to wipe his sweat and I highly believe that a few drops of sweat already went into the food. Halfway through, he even went backstage to take off his jacket. The emcee helped KyuJong to wipe his sweat a few times and trying to lure the fans to bid for the tissues.


After they were done, they draw lots for fans to go on stage to try the food. There was a fan who wore the “Kim KyuJong, our man” t-shirt. KyuJong can’t help but to boast about it. He even asked the fans to turn around to show everyone what was written on the shirt. Young Saeng expression is priceless. Maybe Young Saeng fans are more of those quietly supporting him kind, it somehow feels to me that there were more KyuJong fans present at the fanmeet, which I feel a little sad for Young Saeng. It’s like he’s being bullied by the presence of KyuJong’s fans.


When the fans try their cooking, each of them feed the fans personally. Fans tried KyuJong’s dish first, followed by Young Saeng. When they are all focused on Young Saeng, he tried his own cooking. You can tell from his expression that the salad is definitely too spicy.

But he still won the competition, which I think it’s not judge by the taste of the food, but rather the fans bias. You can tell from Young Saeng’s expression that he’s not convinced about the result.


But result has been decided and Young Saeng have to be punished. They bring out a table with 3 glasses of colour drink for Young Saeng to pick the one he wants to drink.


The 3 colour is, very light orange, Pinkish red and green. To which Kyu Jong commented that it was, Mango juice, Strawberry juice and lastly Watermelon juice. KyuJong-ah, since when watermelon juice is green in colour? I don’t believe Korea watermelon juice is green as well. Who are you trying to convince?

Young Saeng starting picking by putting all 3 glasses closer to measure which have lesser amount.


By which it turns out to be the green one. When he hold up the glass of green liquid, the fans screamed for him to change his choice.


They got him to pick the one that is orange in colour. Young Saeng down the whole glass and his expression doesn’t look good. (I have no idea what drink is that, if anyone know can you let me know??)

After he finished, the translator told him it’s very good for complexion, KyuJong immediately hold up the glass and wanted to drink some. But Young Saeng finished everything already.

Next segment, they showed videos they took during their trip to Las Vegas. I didn’t take fancam of the videos shown because, hey! They might come to Singapore and all you who will be going will get to watch it, I don’t want to spoil it for everyone.

After their videos, Young Saeng performed “Find” rock version. He appeared from the platform on the stage. He surprised us by jumping down from the platform. But there was a little glitch in the performance, think there’s something wrong with the earpiece Young Saeng is wearing, he couldn’t hear the music properly and he missed a sentence or two. But still, he did a great job for performing the song. He also went down the stage and walk past the audience, I think some fans managed to shake his hands, even though I’m near the aisle, but was too slow to go over to try to grab him.

After Young Saeng’s performance, they showed his solo video, some short parts on him playing baseball, and there was also a part showing him practicing dance for Rain’s “Love Song” that he performed at Seoul Fanmeet. What’s cute about the video is KyuJong dancing along behind and he dances very well.

For KyuJong’s video, they show the video of him at Lotte World. They have a part of him playing with a group of small kids. So fatherly and sweet.

After the video, it’s KyuJong’s solo performance, he came out from the back of the hall, walking through the audience and sang “Wuss Up” I think his bracelet was being pulled off by fans during the process, but the fans returned it to him after he finish his performance. “Wuss Up” is my personal favourite song. I’m so happy to be able to hear it live again, and unlike the one in Seoul, this time he didn’t adjust his cap so many times. When I watch the Seoul fancam, I was so distracted by his actions when he adjust his cap. I’m glad he didn’t do it so often this time.

After the performance, they went to change into suits. Young Saeng wearing dark grey and KyuJong wearing white. They look so gorgeous in suit! It’s like, the perfect guy.


As Young Saeng did not perform Rain’s “Love Song” during the fanmeeting, he was requested to dance a small part of the song. When the music plays, he was very determine to only perform that certain part and insisted that they fast forward the song to his desire part before he is willing to dance. But, his dance was oh-so-sexy. It’s a pity we didn’t get to see him perform the whole song. But oh well, I like “Find” rock version too. I sincerely hope that if they were to come Singapore, Young Saeng can perform “Love Song” and maybe pull up his shirt an inch or two. *Cover eyes*

After showing their videos, it’s time to show them videos done by fan. The fan who did the video even received present from them. A signed photobook and t-shirt. Plus 2 big hug from each boy.

They each also prepared special present for 2 lucky fans. It’s handcream and the boys even personally help to apply it on the lucky fans hand.


Before the last segment of the night, is to get them to say some things to the fans. But I couldn’t understand, so no comment on it, but when Young Saeng was saying his thoughts, Kyu Jong look like he was about to cry. He keep looking up at the ceiling.

The last segment is both of them singing “Wings of The World”. Thailand fans have a special project for this segment. They prepared a green banner that says we support you forever (as below) for all the fans sitting at first and second segment of the hall and when they were singing, all fans hold up the banner and sing along during the chorus. During this part, KyuJong really cried. I saw him wiping his tears a little.


For all these, I really need to give thumbs up for Thailand fans. They really did a very great job. Although there’s a few individual fanclub there, but the coordinate very well, and working together to make the event a success. I always believe that for an event like this to succeed, audience reaction is very important, and the fans present there proof me right once again. The crowd is really very good at getting involved in the whole event. Be it trying to help with their cooking, or answering emcee question.


At the end of the whole event, there’s a handshake event for 100 lucky winners. I was lucky enough to be one of the 100 fans to go on stage to shake their hands. Although a small incident happen, but the staff was very kind and helpful to a foreigner, which is me, they really helped me a lot.

When I went on stage, the first person is Young Saeng. I don’t know if I’m hallucinating or if it’s real, but Young Saeng expression looks like he knows I’m not from Thailand. Maybe I act differently from how a normal Thailand fans does. I must say, Young Saeng looks really good when looking at him from such near distance. As soon as I was in front of him, I told him I’m their fan from Singapore and ask them to faster come to Singapore in Korean. Because I was speaking in Korean, which I’m not good at, I took longer to finish my sentence. I hold on to Young Saeng’s hand throughout till I completed the sentence. By then, I was actually already almost standing infront of KyuJong. But Young Saeng was being very nice, he look at me throughout the whole 5 seconds and even replied “Ok Ok” when I ask him to come Singapore. His hands really feel…. Very meaty… ooops…

When I was infront of Kyu Jong, I think he heard me talking to Young Saeng, so the first thing when I turn to look at him, he said “Singapore!” with his very mesmerizing smile. My heart really skipped a beat when he said that. He successfully captured my heart with his smile. His smile looks so much sweeter when looking at him at such near distance. I composed myself to shake his hand and repeated “Faster come to Singapore” and he nod his head still with that smile plastered on his face. Then, I went off the stage.

With that, I end my wonderful KyuSaeng Bangkok fanmeet.

Actually, everything still feels so surreal to me right now. It’s like I have never expect myself to see them in such near distance.

I really wish that more people will also be able to have this chance to attend one of their fanmeet. I think it’s really an event you must attend for once if you are SS501 fans. Not only to see how our 2 boys have grown but also to show them your support. We have to show them they are not alone. Even though they are now in different company, they still have many fans with them.

For now, I will look forward to my Hong Kong trip in Jan 2011. Till then….

Thank you very reading my looooong fan account. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I typed it.

With love,

[Video]Kyu Jong & Young Saeng at Thailand Fanmeet 11.12.10

December 12th, 2010 reena

Singing ‘Love Like This’

Kyu dancing BoBeepBoBeep (by T-ara)

Saeng dancing to Gee (by Girls’ Generation)

Dancing to Lupin (by Kara)

Young Saeng singing ‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’

Kyu Jong singing ‘Never Let You Go’

KyuSaeng’s Cooking competition

Young Saeng singing ‘Find’ (Rock Version)

Kyu Jong singing ‘Wuss Up’

Young Saeng dancing a little to ‘Love Song’ (by Rain)

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[Photos]Kyu Jong & Young Saeng at Thailand Fanmeet 11.12.10

December 12th, 2010 reena

I’m back from the Fanmeet! Some photos to share :)