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Only Jun Only Jun Only Jun Only Jun Only Jun Latest [News] Kim Hyung Jun Sang and Danced at TW FM

July 25th, 2011 reena

▲Kim Hyung Jun performed with a handsome prince image while singing and dancing to (oH!aH!), showing off his singing and dancing talents.

Two vastly different generations Hallyu Stars, Cha Seung Won and Kim Hyung Jun had their Fan Meetings at Taipei on 24th July evening. SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun was very friendly, he fulfilled all fans’ requests of singing English songs and even changed his stage costumes twice, singing a total of 9 songs. However mature uncle, Cha Seung Won had only to sit and chat throughout, and didn’t even change his stage costumes, but his ticket sales had already exceed Kim Hyung Jun by 2 million TW dollars.

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Source: China Times
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[News]JYJ’s Jaejoong chats about the possibility of a collaboration album with Kim Hyun Joong

July 24th, 2011 reena


In a recent interview with Seoul NTN, JYJ’s Jaejoong showed off his friendship with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong by discussing the possibility of a future album together.

Jaejoong was asked, “If you were to direct the concert of another artist, who would you choose?” Since he and Kim Hyun Joong are famous for being friends of the same age, the reporter suggested Kim Hyun Joong. Jaejoong replied, “That friend will probably try to do everything on his own. I’m not sure whether he’ll take up directing, but I think he will sooner or later.”

He continued, “I went out to drink with Kim Hyun Joong a few days ago and we talked about putting out an album together. We’ve actually been talking about that for some time now, which is why there were rumors of him joining our agency when he wasn’t under a label (laughter). I think it’d be fun working with him, though. Putting aside the profit aspect of it, I want to throw a concert with him for our fans. I can direct it.”

At the mention of the long list of his celebrity friends, he replied, “Korean celebrities do get in contact with Japanese celebrities, but it’s probably not a frequent occurrence. I, too, don’t have a lot, and it’s just that all my friends are famous people. My friends have a lot of interest in fashion, dance, and acting. People of the same profession have similar mindsets, so I naturally become friends with them.”

Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Nate

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[News] Kim Hyung Jun and Cha Seung Won both in Taiwan, H as Announced his Fighting Strategy

July 24th, 2011 reena


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun who would be holding his Taiwan Fan Meeting tonight at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, revealed his sad relationship history. He stated, he had three relationships, and was being betrayed twice, so he hopes that he can have a relationship in which he would not be betrayed. Kim Hyung Jun said that he is still single, his ideal girl is “feminine, caring, and likes to smile”, and he hopes to have 3 kids after he gets married!

Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meeting clashes with that of Cha Seung Won, he expressed that he has a lot of respect for this senior, but he has already fully prepared himself. He will have many segments in which he would interact with fans, and also dance moves that could dance until his legs ache. Previously in Hong Kong, he sat on fan’s thighs and even kneeled while singing, this time he would also try to fulfill Taiwanese fans’ requests.

Once he touched down in Taiwan, Kim Hyung Jun received fans’ flower bouquet and flowers to pre-celebrate his birthday for him, he happily stated that Taiwanese are very warm and friendly, food is also nice. Recently he is on a diet so he only ate chicken breast meat, but these two days he would definitely eat to his hearts’ content at the night market. Currently, 60% of his Fan Meeting tickets have been sold, hopefully he will give his last best shot. Kim Hyung Jun who admittedly said that he has gradually overcame his low confidence, and would be bringing yet another album to Taiwan at the end of the year.

Source: Liberty Times
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[News]Park Jung Min leaves for Taiwan to begin drama filming

July 22nd, 2011 reena


SS501’s Park Jung Min has been cast as a lead in the Japanese mobile drama LISMO ‘August’s Love Song‘. In addition, it’s been reported that he has also landed a lead role in a Taiwanese drama as well.

Park Jung Min, who has been busy with his Japanese drama’s press conference and UN Concert appearance, didn’t fail to smile brightly for his fans as he left the Incheon Airport for Taiwan.

Park Jung Min said,

“In order to star in the Taiwanese drama not only did I study acting but I studied Chinese as well. Please continue to watch me as I try my best to perfectly deliver my lines.”

Not only is he starring in the drama but he is also participating in the OST as well. This proves his role as an international actor and musician as he has sung on various OST’s in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Park Jung Min will be in Taiwan for an extended stay in order to film his drama.

Source: BNT News via Nate + allkpop

[News]Park Jung Min “The filming for the first drama started with a kissing scene, very nervous”

July 21st, 2011 reena


Young! From the start of Park Jung Min’s eyes expression, the youngster who turned matured returned with his unique sense of cheerfulness, although he cannot hide his innocence.

We can still find Park Jung Min’s bright smile in the studio despite his busy overseas schedule. Cheerful and charismatic young man, He looks like an eight colour sparrow (T/N: It means beautiful) from his fashionable appearance to all aspects, everyone said that they have been mesmerized by his colourful appearance.

Jung Min recently completed filming a mobile drama ‘Love Song in August’ in Japan. He started a conversation with Sakai Miki whom acted in ‘Love letter’ from the start of filming when they began to worry about the topic of kissing scene.

‘Kissing scene started in the first filming. I felt uneasy because I have to play a one-night stand role when I do not have much communicate with the actress yet. But, because the filming started off with a love scene, so all the unnatural feeling disappeared after that and it was much easier to perform.”

In the drama, Hallyu idol will also require to act. He admitted frankly “Although I felt that the personality of the Hallyu idol should fit (the drama), however because of the national (Korean culture) relationship, I would not do that. And while acting the overreach romantic behaviour, it was a little too awkward.”

“I originally had hand sweats, but after consuming some hyperhidrosis medicine, it (hands) wouldn’t be sticky on that day. And because of the sweats, I had to apologize to the actress every time when there is a scene of skin-to-skin contact, there were many embarrassing scene!”

This is the first time he challenge a drama, he expressed his uneasiness and excitement from the beginning till the end. Especially when there is a topic on acting, he will show up his sincerity look suddenly, it feels like he is the real genius actor.

“Genius actor? This is because of a long learning process. There were much confusion during (acting) lesson. One must adjust their emotion when they are acting. Genius cannot deal with these emotions properly. Previously when I was acting in a musical, I learned how to coordinate the importance of breathing with each other and also the way of concentrating in different venue. One must naturally expressed the acting skills when they are seizing one’s heart and mind. This is the biggest training in acting”


Park Jung Min did not show off his skills. Although he doesn’t need to act much of ‘from the heart’ scene, but he revealed his belief and uses “Only when you show off your sincerity (in acting), this can be called real acting” as his motto. This is when he was acting in Musical Grease, not because of he himself was being look upon highly by others, but it was due to the coordination of the entire work, and Park Jung Min earned a successful ending (from the musical).

“It has already started. But in my opinion, apart from the professional stage, singers require the skills of acting. Thus, I started just like that. Songs are like expressing the joys and sorrows in life, so as a singer, we have to put in feeling, and then we naturally need the skill of acting. The reason why I personally wrote the lyrics (for my songs) is because I hope to sing out my feelings.”

Park Jung Min’s childhood dream is to become an actor, he already understood the fact that he needs to unleash the need of acting skills on the stage when he became an idol, so from then onwards, he officially accept the challenge of acting and declared that he aspired to become an actor daringly. And now, he also reached his ultimate goal of wanting to become an actor.

“Other people wish to become like their role models as a target. I particularly do not have a special role model. I will bring my own self-esteem to attempt; I hope I can be the dream (role model) of anyone.” He boldly hints his owns determination.

During the honey-like time with him alone, and discussed in depth about his investment in acting and as a lyricist. The reason why he can become the attention of the Asia’s new generation leader is because he is improving and updating himself consistently.

Source: bntnews
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[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min Attracts 4,000 Fans for Mobile Drama Press Conference

July 21st, 2011 reena


SS501’s Park Jung Min has been receiving much attention in Japan recently. At the press conference of his mobile drama “August Romance,” held July 18th, his massive popularity attracted 4,000 fans!

Park Jung Min attended the press conference with the director and co-actress Miki Sakai and also invited 4,000 fans to join them. His agency revealed, “The production team for mobile drama ‘August Romance’ included individuals affiliated with the movie and TV drama industry. They are all brilliant and talented, and people can expect Park Jung Min’s excellent performance on both his Japanese language skills and his acting in the drama.”

Later on the same day, Park Jung Min performed at the charity concert event “UN Concert – Friend’s Whistle! Act for Tomorrow! Vol.2”.

After the promotional activities for the mobile drama in Japan, he is planning to return to Korea for TV promotions.

Source: Korean Star Daily
Courtesy of jaychieh0208 / Soompi

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s cartoon avator ‘U:ZOOSIN’ draws in over a million in sales

July 19th, 2011 reena

u zoo sin

Kim Hyun Joong’s official animated character ‘(U:ZOOSIN)’ has reportedly sold 50,000 set units in Korea alone, boasting approximately $1,900,000 USD in sales.

The character was developed by his agency Key East. For the character, Kim Hyun Joong personally made notes and drew sketches and then uploaded them to places like his official website.

The (U:ZOOSIN) character was first introduced to the public back on June 7th at Kim Hyun Joong’s official showcase, and the merchandise are now being sold in 10 different countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Kim Hyun Joong’s agency reported, “The exact sales numbers have not yet been reported. We’re continuously receiving orders for the merchandise from within Korea and overseas.”

(U:ZOOSIN)’s merchandise includes photobooks, T-shirts, small accessories, posters, and key holders. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is busy promoting his follow-up track, “Kiss Kiss“.

Source & Image : Star Today via Nate
Courtesy of leesa86 / AllKPop

[News] Kim HyunJoong, Revealed His 6 Pack That Surpassed Rain!

July 8th, 2011 reena


Kim HyunJoong revealed his hidden abs!

Today in Mnet 20’s Choice in the evening at Wakerhill Waterpark, Seoul, Kim HyunJoong showed his strong stage performance filled with male power. Kim HyunJoong performed his title track Break Down under the rain, and it have received many warm applauses.

In that day, Kim HyunJoong took off his shirt daringly during the last part of the song, giving a big surprise to the audiences. The audiences went wild seeing his perfect 6 packs, arousing many enthusiastic responses.

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[News] Kim HyunJoong, ‘Defeated Lady Gaga & Beyonce’ 1st Place in Japan Oricon ‘Overseas Album Sales’

July 8th, 2011 reena

The album began its release last month on the 8th, it took the 1st place in the weekly Oricon Chart under the ‘Overseas Album Sales’.

Before the official release of the album in Japan, the album’s popularity had broken the record in Japan. What’s more is that the world-class pop stars Lady Gaga’s [Born This Way] & Beyonce’s [4] are placed behind Kim HyunJoong, taking the 2nd & 3rd place respectively, this had truly given a surprise to people.

The representative of J-pop stated ‘Once the news about Kim HyunJoong who have the similar popularity level as Tohoshinki in Japan to release his first mini album in Korea, it have gained many well-received response in Japan. Many Japanese fans are also awaiting for the album to be released in Japan too.’ He also added, ‘Because he have acted in the drama [Boys Over Flower] & [Naughty Kiss] and had become the Hallyu Star, if he could release a full album, he’ll gain much higher level of popularity’. Oricon Chart is the well-known music chart in Japan, similar to the US Billboard, a music chart based on the number of album sales.

His title track [Break Down] have achieved the 1st place in various music show, in the process of spreading the ‘Kim HyunJoong Syndrome’, he will begin his Asia Tour activities in August after his domestic activities ended by the end of July, starting in Japan.

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[News] Park Jung Min, and Japan top actress Sakai Miki to co-star in ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’

July 7th, 2011 reena


SS501 member Park Jung Min will be acting in a Japan mobile drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’.

Park Jung Min will be acting as an overseas actor in the drama, this will be his first time acting as a main character. In this drama, he will be working with top actress Sakai Miki who acts as Miho Nakayama childhood in ‘Love Letter’, and also drama ‘Hakusen Nagashi’ who turned famous because of her character Heroin.

This drama is about a Korean pop star and a Japanese housewife, who have a dangerous one-night romance. Park Jung Min’s fluent Japanese skill and acting skills is expecting lots of anticipation from everyone.

Park Jung Min’s agency expressed that ‘Although he is busy with his schedule recently, Jung Min carried lots of enthusiasm in acting this drama.’ ‘He will be acting as a lead in a Taiwan drama after this Japan drama ends. He is also anticipating in going for schedules as an actor.’

In addition, LISMO TV drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’ is scheduled to air on 5th August, every Friday with a total of 4 episodes.

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