My manicure and pedicure experience at Absolutely Nails

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Hi Readers! Yes I went for Nails manicure at Absolutely Nails shop yesterday! Who say men cannot do nails manicure? Time has changed… Well, today I am going to introduce you guys the ‘Absolutely Nails’ shop located at Blk 82, Marine Parade Central.

Absolutely Nails is a nail spa whereby you will absolutely enjoy and pamper your nails with the comfortable space enhance with the smell of aroma scent in their interior environment. Absolutely Nails provide good service, good quality in their product and taking care toward their customers.

Lots of colour variety for female to have their manicure and pedicure

Here is my nails manicure and pedicure treatment process…

Maybe is time for me to share this topic – Why men should do nails manicure and pedicure? Many of men have the common thinking that nails spa is mostly for female entertainment but as time changes, nails spa has now suit for both male and female gender.

5 Reason Why Men Should Do Nails Manicure and Pedicure:

  • Good Hygiene purpose.
  • When hand in sales profession, it is good for presentation and performing arts with your clean and neat hand appearance.
  • Maintain your hand with a shiny look and a healthy nails care.
  • Help to keep free from micro-organisms like bacteria and fungus.
  • It’s relaxing and fashionable
Nail Art at Absolutely Nails

Discount promotion at Absolutely Nails

Absolutely Nails Standard Service

Absolutely Nails Deluxe Service

Hope you guys will absolutely enjoying pampering yourself at Absolutely Nails!

Absolutely Nails Located Address:
Blk 82, Marine Parade Central,
#01-620, Singapore 440082

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am – 8.30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Price Range: $10 – $30 SGD
TEL: 6345 3303

[破碎大理石] Broken Marbles Short Film by Hp楊鴻鵬

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Hi Readers! Welcome to April! Today I am going to share with you guys my latest short film which I did in early March this year. The short film title called ‘Broken Marbles’.

A couple of week back, I received the storyline from my friend’s Darren Sim who studied in Singapore Management University (SMU), and hence this is a short film in Bahasa Indonesia language. My first impression of the storyboard was meaningful, therefore I agreed to direct and produce this Bahasa Indonesia film for the SMU students.

Likewise, I had a great moment filming with the SMU students under the blazing weather and glad that I managed to film everything in a day. Check out some of our behind-the-scene photos here! ^^

This is a kind of detective and investigation film regarding an incident happened at Bedok Reservoir. Without further do, let’s sit back and enjoy the ‘Broken Marbles’ Short Film below here. I don’t dare to say it is the perfect short film but still hope you will like it. *Smiles*

[youtube mK8FlwTyvXo]

Director/Producer/Editor:  Hp 楊鴻鵬  |  Story Written: Darren Sim
Publisher: Hpility Production

God Cloud Captured at Melaka Christ Church

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Few days back, my friend and I went to Malacca for a short trip. The day was filled up with dark clouds, we visited and did some photography shot outside the Melaka Christ Church.

When I flash back my camera pictures, I realize that this photo above is strange. The clouds above appeared two kind of “creature” known as “God”. If you look carefully at the shape of the cloud, you will see a face, a hand holding an item and beside there is a huge bird.

Gangnam Style in SIM University Singapore

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[youtube Drt0B8wy4-Q nolink]

Check out this!! Gangnam Style Flashmob hit SIM University Singapore!

Gangnam Style in Bollywood version

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Hey readers! How is your weekend? Haha… To get on some entertainment this weekend, I have decided to share this interesting music video of Gangnam style parody music video in Bollywood version! Hahaha without further do, just click and play this music video below here! Have fun yeah!

[youtube gTqU7tAu2U8 nolink]

Food Review: Canto Kitchen at People’s Park Complex

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Hi Readers! Are you looking for delicious foods in Chinatown Singapore? If yes, here it is! Today I am going to introduce you guys the food and service at Canto Kitchen located People’s park Complex. This was my first step in to Canto Kitchen restaurant with a group of blogger friends to try out their Cantonese dishes there.

The interior of Canto Kitchen restaurant was settler in its Cantonese style to compliment with their signature Cantonese dishes. Mr Sherbert Lim, the administer of Canto Kitchen gave us a warm welcome and brief intro about the history of Canto Kitchen, followed by assigning us to the private dining room.

Likewise, I was amaze by its private dining room with full exquisite cutlery been placed on the round table and drink were served before food were ready. Hence, I am glad with their excellent services toward dining customer.

Next, let’s talk about yummy food dishes at Canto Kitchen! But before that… This is what blogger have to do before eating the foods! YES!! TAKE PICTURES OF THE FOOD! I think nowadays not only blogger did that too; I think normal person does too. Hahaha

The moment when blogger take picture of foods before eating it

It’s time to eat!

The food tasting session we had included their canto kitchen signature dishes which came with a total of 8 mouthwatering dishes Alacarte and a bowl of delightful dessert. Below here are the meal dishes we had of the day.

Braised Shark’s Fins with Fish Maw

Fried Prawns with Orange Sauce

Chinese Herbal Roasted Duck

Braised Beancurd with Conpoy

Poached Spinach with Whole Garlic & 3 Eggs

Spare Ribs With Yam in “Zhen Jiang” Style

Steamed Cod Fish Head With Garlic & Chilli

Garlic Steamed Crab With Glutinous Rice

Chilled Mango with Pomelo

The usual set meal for 10 pax cost at $368 SGD and come with the dishes:

  • 4 Combinations Platter
  • Braised Shark’s Fins with Fish Maw
  • Braised Sliced Abalone with Mushroom and Vegetable
  • Steamed Rock Garoupa
  • Chinese Herbal Roasted Duck
  • Fried Prawns with Orange Sauce
  • Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable with Mushroom
  • Braised Ee-Fu Noodle with Mushroom
  • Chilled Mango with Pomelo

Hence, I would say that the Canto Kitchen dishes I had tried during the food tasting were well prepared and tasteful. Especially the ‘Steamed Cod Fish Head with Garlic & Chilli’, the chilli sauce of spicy and sweet combination had enhanced my appetite and it just tastes awesomeness!

The price range of family dining at Canto Kitchen cost about $150 – $380 SGD and casual dining at about $20 – $40 SGD. Last but not least, Canto Kitchen is a highly recommended restaurant place for family dining as well as casual friends dining. I appreciated all the nice dishes and enjoyed my great moment with a group of beloved friends at Canto Kitchen! *Smiles*

For your more info, Canto Kitchen is having a promotion with Standard Chartered Bank whereby it comes out a “15 dollars deal” campaign starting from 1st September to 30th November 2012. Check out their facebook page for more detail now: CantoKitchen

Canto Kitchen Address:
Canto Kitchen 廣東飲食
1 Park Road,
#05-01 People’s Park Complex Singapore 059108

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday (including public holiday):
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 9.30pm

For enquiries and reservations call: 6536 0501

Ah BOYS to MEN:梁智强新电影 《新兵正传》 探班

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电影 Ah BOYS to MEN (新兵正传) 探班

Hi Readers! Sharing some interesting today! Yes! Last Sunday weekend, a group of friend and I went to visit Jack Neo latest movie production – Ah BOYS to MEN filming scene held at Robinson Road. Thanks Mindef Singapore for the invitation, it was a great experience for me to see how behind the scene of this filming production being work out.

The highlight of this filming scene has involved the two Terrex infantry carrier vehicles, overturned cars, special effect, building debris and explosion of vehicle. Well, although this whole thing only happen in the movie for about 2 minute but it’s was really cool to see the professional setup been done for a battle scene.

Saving Singapore! Defeat the enemy!

Photo with Director Jack Neo at Ah BOYS to MEN Filming place

Hence, I am very excited and looking forward for this Ah BOYS to MEN movie. This two-part movie will be hitting on local screen on 8th November 2012 which will be focusing on Boy’s transformations during National Service and Part 2 of this movie will be released during Chinese New Year in 2013.

Below here is the video of the explosion scene
happened at the middle of Robinson Road. *Must see!!!*

Steady Steady SteadyAH! Remember to catch Ah BOYS to MEN [新兵正传] movie Part 1 in November 2012 and part 2 in year 2013. Do visit my official facebook page to see more of Ah BOYS to MEN behind the scene photo: Hpility Facebook Page

Hpility #CookForFamily a bowl of Seaweed Century Egg Porridge

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Woohoo! It’s 6th August 2012! As a Singapore most happening blog, I have participated in Danielfooddairy #CookForFamily campaign. Today is a special date to show your love and care with your family by cooking a meal for them. Yes! Yes! Yes! Hpility #CookForFamily too!

Well, many people are wondering what I will cook for my family… Here I am going to unveil… Is my special creation dish – The home-cooked ‘Seaweed Century Egg Porridge’! In Mandarin call it as “紫菜皮蛋粥”. Usually you guys see Century Egg Porridge with YouTiao (油条) but today I have modify it into seaweed version! *Yay*

So here is the cooking process of my very own version of Seaweed Century Egg Porridge! From preparing the ingredients, wash and slides the ingredients, cook the porridge and to the final represent my final dish.

Although this wasn’t a complicate dish but overall I did enjoyed the whole cooking process. I believe that taking up a little time from the busy schedule and cook for your family is a way to show your love and care toward your family too.

Lastly, Thanks Danielfooddairy for organizing this such as family bonding online campaign. I hope the rest of the blogger have fun sharing their #CookForFamily moment on their blog too. *Smiles*

Happy 22nd Birthday to Myself!

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今天的我又老一岁了!昨晚很高兴能和一群好友一起过生日。感谢他们为我举办今年的庆祝,已经好久没和大家聚在一起了,昨天刚好是个机会!哈哈哈 再度感谢大家。感恩。

” Thank You everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Whatsapp! Thanks for the awesome birthday dinner celebration by my great cheerful friends last evening! I will do a full blog post next week! Meanwhile keep check back about my event coverage for this week! Thank you once again *Smiles* “


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“Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow
feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.”