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Some epic Singaporean GIFs to brighten your day

Friday, May 25th, 2012

This post is a reprint of a post by Kirsten Han that originally appeared at funny little world.

My friend Shibani shared these gifs on Twitter and I suddenly found myself understanding how my cat feels when he sees a bug: absolutely mesmerised. I seriously have trouble tearing my eyes away.

Sometimes Chan Chun Sing (Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports) just cracks me u (Read more...)


Friday, December 16th, 2011

This post is a reprint of a post by Only William... that originally appeared at Only William.

Recent incident (14 Dec 2011)- The Circle Line MRT had reportedly broken down from Marymount to one-north station between 6am to 6.40am.

Last night incident (15 Dec 2011)- Trains came to a sudden halt and there was NO AIRCON & NO LIGHT.

Last night(15 Dec), some passengers resorted to breaking a train's window to get ventilation; at least one woman was said to have fainted. This could be really serious and I am sure there is alot of children or elderly people in the train!!! Read more of the news here.


Just when such sad incident happened, there was someone who didn't seem to show sympathy to this. This is a photo found online!!! It is a actually a message sent by SMRT TAXIS to their Taxi driver to tell them there is "INCOME OPPORTUNITY" because of the BREAKDOWN!!!


From Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom
With regard to the photo posted below of the message in the SMRT taxi, we have confirmation of its legitimacy and a statement from an SMRT spokesperson:"We are sorry for the oversight. Our staff used a template and we have since corrected it."The spokesperson also said that their taxi staff sent out a wrongly-worded message, and that they have since spoken to them to change it.

A photo found online. This is so FUNNY!!!

I believe this is sure an unforgetable moment walking through the dark train tunnel since how often will you get the chance to walk in the tunnel...

Read here to see what Mr Lui Tuck Yew (Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs) have to say about this incident .

Netizen Jovien Chia: We pay more = getting more crappier service, lesser seats and more breakdown

Netizen Tan Kok Tim: Tonight’s MRT train service shutdown is the first major test of our system ever since it started operations in 1987. Many commuters sat in pitched darkness in the trains stalled in the tunnels; some commuters walked on the tracks in the tunnels in darkness to find their way out; and a window of a train was seen to be smashed with a fire extinguisher to allow air into the stuffy train carriage. In times of tranquillity and orderliness, are we really prepared for emergency situations in the tunnels? Is the system up to mark to prepare ourselves for a major emergency when thousands of commuters are trapped in trains in the tunnels? No electricity, total darkness and no fresh air are situations that no one would like to be trapped in stalled trains in the tunnels, more so if there is a fire. Deadly smoke due to fire is the greatest hazard and danger to anyone trapped underground. Are we really ready when we are hit by a major emergency, or a disaster in the tunnels or for that matter in a deep underground MRT station? LTA/SMRT cannot be found wanting in their preparations to ensure there is adequate backups in the systems to ensure that not a single life will be put in danger when disaster strikes. I hope we will not be caught with: Failing to plan is planning to fail. This is an old saying that is relevant to those responsible for mass transit systems not just here but worldwide. They must not be caught flat footed.

SMRT News: MRT Failure and lead to Massive BreakDown on North South Line

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This post is a reprint of a post by Hpility that originally appeared at Hpility Story.

After reading couple of news online, now I know why there is a MRT massive breakdown on the North-South line today. Recently there many problems on SMRT, circle line train delays, train accident and etc… I was at Cityhall today but glad that the train breakdown wasn’t affecting me from going home.

W (Read more...)