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Hi Lovelies~ <3

Yesterday I updated the blog with a teaser video of the Panasonic Beauty Workshop that the Best Beauty Blog Finalists were invited to. Go watch it if you haven’t~

So as promised; here’s the update for the full video, enjoy! 😀

Watch the video on youtube page here.

In case you’re not the video watching kind; here’s photos from the event! But only the first half, cause the esecond half after the tea break will be posted on my own blog, check out the post here. 😉

The Panasonic Beauty Workshop was a lot of fun and helpful to attend with the tutorials and tutelage by HongLing. The Panasonic Beauty tools, especially the Panasonic Nanocare Hair  Straightener EH-HS95K was also very easy to use and my friends Belle, Fion and I thought the effect of soft and shiny straight or curled hair was remarkable. 🙂

I’m definitely looking forward to using and reviewing the other face and hair care with Panasonic Beauty Tools; so look out for my updates! 😀

Thanks to SPH, Panasonic Singapore for the event and hosting us!

Thanks for reading & vote for me here~ 😉

Find out the nearest Panasonic stores near you here.

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