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Here’s my 4 Entries: Glossi Spectacles (Reflect Your Lifestyle) | Glossi Sunglasses (Reflect Your Confidence) | Glossi Eyewear (Lightweight Advert) | Couple Glossi Eyewear (Look at your Love)

Couple Glossi Eyewear: Happiness is Simple and Fun

Often, girls love wearing couple outfits, but some guys feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in them. I discovered that Glossi Eyewear has some many unique and fun designs yet in many forms of shapes. This gave me the idea of using Glossi Eyewear as a form of couple theme. Couple Glossi Eyewear can be in the form of similar frame colour but different in shape, or even different colour but different patterns.

My fellow blogger friend, Andy Kwan aka AndyStorm has kindly helped me to model for the photoshoot, and the whole series (surprisingly) came out to look like Taiwanese/Korean style! Inspired by Solvil Titus ads, I tried to do something similar, and thanks to my friend Priscilla aka Pingerrain who is brillant with coming up with all the sweet quotes. The photos look a little odd in English, thus, we decided to make it Chinese and the translation in captions 🙂

This can be looked at individually or as a series of photo-story.
Photographer: Koh Zhiyong
Model: Andy Kwan aka AndyStorm
Location: BFF Zakka Store

My Glossi Love Story Starts Here:

Glossi Eyewear
Because of you, my dream is clearer than ever.

Couple Glossi Eyewear
Looking at you, happiness seems so near suddenly.

Looking at you, I’m even more certain of my decision

Couple Glossi Eyewear
Be it day or night, you are with me 24/7, 365 days.

Only with you, I can travel without worries

I know, my world is colourful because of you

Couple Glossi Eyewear
All my FUN starts with you

Couple Glossi Eyewear
Thank you, My Love, My Summer Miracle

Take a Second Look

Before you treat this as a typical, cliché kind of photo story, take a second look at the quotes. Who do you think I’m referring to? *winks*

Glossi Eyewear is definitely a great and lasting gift. Not for your girlfriend or boyfriend, but for BOTH of you!

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For more designs, check out or Glossi Eyewear Facebook Page
Special Thanks to Zhiyong from Kozy Studio and Andy Kwan for making this photoshoot possible!
Also, Jesseca Liu for lending me her beautiful BFF Zakka store for the photoshoot, and Priscilla aka Pingerrain for helping me with the sweet quotes!

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