Rainie Yang 「Love Voyage」World Tour – Malaysia

Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands
Date: 29th June 2013
Time: 8:30pm



PS1 RM433
PS2 RM363
PS3 RM283
PS4 RM223
PS5 RM133

Galaxy: +60322822020, www.galaxy.com.my
Genting: +603 2718 1118,  www.rwgenting.com

More information: http://galaxy.com.my/en/event/160

And right now, let’s get straight to the point. As most of you are aware we’ve organised a tour to Taiwan previously for her Taiwan concert. It was a success and most of us are really good friends now :]

We’re going to organise another tour heading to Malaysia. However, there will be some slight changes this time.

1. You are required to register with RainieDay.
2. You are required to purchase the fanclub tee.

We do not force anyone to register or purchase.
If you do not intend to register with RainieDay, you are not allowed to purchase the club tee.
If you do not intend to purchase the club tee, you would still be allowed to purchase concert ticket however, your seating would be behind members with club tee.

This is all just to protect the interests of RainieDay’s club members.
Do note that RainieDay is a non-profit organisation, hence even if we received more money we would return to the members. If there is any extra, there would be choices of whether do donate money to the club or refund. All these is entirely up to members for them to decide.

With regards to members/fans whom have registered with us will need register again, we will address to these issues later.


RainieDay club tee, sizes is not out yet.
Price of shirts is still currently in negotiations, however it would be within SGD$15.

Okay, sorry for the long post. And sorry if I’m not making any sense…

We are currently looking at 28th to 30th June, of course all of you are free to choose your own dates.
Mode of transport by coach or flight, hotels and everything else…
We are still currently in the midst of arranging, however as everything is too sudden…
I just need a rough headcount now as most of you are aware that sales would officially start soon in Malaysia.

For those who are confirmed, and sure that they would like to attend the concert at Genting, please email us. For those who emailed us would automatically be members of the club.
*Kindly note that 1 club tee is only entitled to 1 concert ticket. If you purchase 3 concert tickets, you are required to purchase 3 club tees as well.

We would most likely be getting PS1@RM433.
There is indeed news of VIP ticket at RM563, however most likely we are not getting that as it is far too expensive.

NOTE: You are FREE to ARRANGE your own transport and hotel, it is not a must to travel and stay together with us.

Email to: rainieday.events@gmail.com

Subject: Love Voyage – Malaysia

Contact Number:
Purchase of club tee: Yes/No
Price of ticket:
No of ticket:
Mode of transport: Self-Arrangement/With RainieDay
Preferred transport: Coach/Flight
Accommodations: Self-Arrangement/With Rainieday
Preferred dates: (Example 28-30th June/29-30th June)

Dateline: 24th April 2013, Wednesday
*Depending on negotiations, we might be able to delay the dateline.

Estimation budget of whole trip… We have not done the calculations.
We’ll appreciate help from those whom visits Genting often :]

For further questions please email us or PM us on Facebook

This purchase is only available for fans in Singapore. For Malaysian fans in Malaysia please proceed to Malaysia Fanclub


Hi guys!

We’re aware that many of you are going alone… GOOD NEWS! Yes! We are flying Taipei for Rainie’s concert!

Please hurry and email us if you really want to join us for a voyage to Taiwan to see Rainie! We need to report the number of tickets we need to the Taiwan side by 17th Jan so that they can reserve the tickets for us before it gets sold out. Email us email us email us!!!

You will be added into our awesome whatsapp group as we’ll discuss about our air tickets and accommodations. That is of course if you would like to join us as a crazy group! No worries because we’re poor too. We’ll be looking for cheaper airfares and hotels 😉

Lastly, by joining us we can bond together while on the boring 4hrs flight! Anyways… Sight seeing… hmmmmm… We do have plans to go uhm.. One of Rainie’s relative massaging shop… Sounds good? Full body massage hehehe.

Deadline 16th Jan, 2359 hrs.

Please email to rainieday.events@gmail.com

Subject: Rainie’s concert in Taipei – Ticketing

Contact No:
No. of tickets:
Price of ticket:


Prices of tickets are as followed in Taiwan Dollar

  • 3600
  • 3200
  • 2800
  • 2400
  • 2000
  • 1600
  • 1200
  • 800
  • 400

By the way, because we’re currently handling BOTH concert tickets and album preorders… and we’re busy with our work & school so we might reply a little later. Please please please bear with us if we reply slow 🙁



p.s: we are still sorting out the photos… pardon us for the delay! ^^

Dear fans,

Thank you for preordering with us at Max Pavillion yesterday!

For those who were unable to make it, fear not! Here’s the information that you have been waiting for regarding the DVD preorder.

The album will contain the following:

1. 2 additional new songs, one of which is “為愛啟程”while the other is a cover of王菲”暗湧”in Chinese version.

2. DVD consists of her Taipei music showcase she had earlier on last year. Includes 19 songs which she sang during the showcase.

3. A pictorial book with 52 pages of photos from her Hong Kong concert held last December.

4. Free 2 LED light sticks (Concert merchandise)

Please kindly submit the form only after you have made the payment by transferring the amount to POSB SAVINGS 109-53868-0.

Each album is $28.

For more information, please refer to http://blog.omy.sg/rainie



We will close this order form on 16 January 2013, 2359 punctually

FORM LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFpQU0xLN0tFNmszZTl6S3NCV0JGZ3c6MQ#gid=0


  • When do we collect the album?


  • We estimate that album collection will probably be in March.


  • How much does it cost?


  • Each album will cost $28. It includes poster which will be autographed.


  • Will the album be autographed?


  • We are unsure of this for now. However, we will keep everyone updated through our spaces.


  • Do you do postage?


  • Sorry, we only do mass meetup.


  • Where do we collect?


  • We will confirm the venue, time and date when the albums arrive.


  • I have already ordered at Max Pavillion. Do I have to fill in the information again?


  • Nope. Your data has been successfully captured by us.


  • How do I know when will the albums be ready for collection?


  • We will update our blog/twitter/tengxun/facebook whereby you will be able to find out more and will drop SMS to everyone who ordered with us.


  • What if I have more questions?


  • You can drop us a comment or email us at rainieday.preorder@gmail.com.

p.s: We apologise if our responses are slow however.. please give us sometime to respond as most of  us are studying/working…

p.p.s: we’ll be updating our blog about the concert within these few days! Do give us sometime while we sort out the photos… 🙂

Thank you!



Dear fans,

We apologise for the lack of updates. on our blog. However, you can still find us on our twitter & fb!


For those who bought tickets with Rainieday sg for the upcoming concert on this coming Saturday, 12 Jan 2012, below are the collection details:


DATE: 12 JAN 2012

TIME: 1730 – 1830


LIGHTSTICK: NO specific colour. Colourful is good!

What to wear: For all fans who have 异想天开 Concert Tee which the fanclub has printed for her 异想天开 concert, please wear it.

Otherwise, you can buy concert merchandise Tee inside and change to it.


We will be doing GROUP photo taking from 1845 – 1900. Do join us!

How to find us?

We will be in 异想天开 white tee. Our contact numbers would have been sent to you guys privately already 🙂


Sonybmg has announced that concert merchandise will be sold. Kindly refer below to  for the items.


CONCERT VENUE: The MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo Hall 10


DURATION: Approx 2hrs

TICKET PRICE (EXCLUDE BOOKING FEE)Standard – S$158, S$128, S$108, S$78

Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable.

P.s: tickets are running fast! grab them HERE!

See you!



Hello ALL!

The collection was a success yesterday! Thank you for all your thank yous!  We are deeply honoured to do the preorder as well and your gratitude is greatly appreciated!

We understand that the club has been rather quiet for this year with almost no open club activities (we do meet each other one or another time to time but not regularly as a big group too T.T)! This is because we’re all really very busy with our own commitment and this is definitely healthy for all of us to have our personal lives which we hope that applies to everyone else who keeps a balance between fandom and our inidividual lifestyles.

Back to Rainie! Yup, she’ll be coming for 12th Global Chinese Music Awards (第12届全球华语歌曲排行榜颁奖典礼), details as follows.

Date: 2 November 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Please click to join the event created on our Facebook!


We also understand that many of you are interested to join us! Yup, we will be going as a club and we will be booking the $98 seats. For those who are interested to join us and support your support for Rainie collectively as a club,  do the following!

1) Transfer $100 to POSB Savings 209-18305-6 by 10 October 2012, 12pm. (Coming Wednesday!)
2) After you have transferred, submit the form here.
3) Receive a confirmation text/email from us

We will confirm details on where and when to meet when the event is closer and of course, her flight details and stuff! Any queries, please email rainieday.preorder@gmail.com regarding ordering of tickets and rainieday_sg@hotmail.com regarding fan club matters.

AND!!! As you can see from sistic’s website “www.sistic.com.sg” under unusual entertainment’s coming soon, there’s Rainie concert! Yup too! Her concert tour will be coming to Singapore! Details as follows, in accordance to Unusual Entertainment’s website at http://www.unusual.com.sg/.

Title: Rainie Yang Love Voyage Singapore
Date: 12 January 2013! Don’t you miss her performance in 异想天开?!

We understand many of you wants to have the club tee, we will “MOST PROBABLY” be doing something for the concert, so keep a look out as well:)

<3 Rainieday

Dear fans,

Yeap! The posters and albums  have all finally arrived!
Here are the details for collection:

DATE: 6 OCT 2012
VENUE: Area between Citylink (Cityhall) & Esplanade. (nearest station CityHall MRT station)*

*we’ll be beside the roller shutter


See you!:)


Dear fans,


We heard it! 忘了 is 1st on 933醉心龙虎榜 this week!!!!

We really appreciate everyone’s help in voting!!!

For the upcoming week, we are still going to vote for Wang Le (忘了) & also Xiang Xing Fu De Ren 想幸福的人 on 933醉心龙虎榜!


投票详情: 听众可发简讯 “LHB (空格)歌手(空格)歌曲(空格)名字(空格)身份证号码” 到1460 72346。 每则投票简讯收费$0.32。

SMS voting method: SMS “LHB singer name song title your name your IC”send to 1460 72346. Every SMS will cost $0.32.

例子 : (请输入) “LHB 杨丞琳 忘了 rainieday S1234567A” 发送到 1460 72346

Example of voting: (please type) “LHB yangchenglin wangle rainieday S1234567A” send to 1460 72346 Picture sample:

每人每周可为多首歌曲投票,但只可为单一歌曲投下一票,多余票数将作废。歌手姓名与歌曲名称可以简体中文或汉语拼音输入。每周投票截止时间为星期四晚上11点59分。 简讯投票占每周成绩的100%。只限新加坡手机用户,预付费卡用户除外。

You can vote for different songs per week but please refrain from having repeated particulars entries for 1 song as they will be voided. (that’s why we can vote for two songs together!!!:))

Singer name and song title can be sent in as simplified chinese or han yu ping yin. Every week’s voting will close every Thursday, 2359 (GMT +8). SMS voting will determine 100% of the songs on chart weekly. Valid for Singapore postpaid users only.

Get your fingers movin’ !

Rainie has been nominated in two categories in the 12th Global Chinese Music Award (GCMA) which will be in Singapore on 2 Nov 2012!

Here are the steps on how you can vote for her in “Most Popular Female Artiste Award” & “Top 20 Hits Of The Year”

To vote:

(please note that you’ll be required to log into as a member to cast your votes. Steps available below if you’re unsure of how to become a member)

Step 1- go to http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/zh/radio/gcma-2012/default.aspx & click on the link (red circle as shown below)


Step 2 – From here, you’ll see the two categories that Rainie has been nominated. (click on the red circle as shown below in the site)


Step 3 – We’ll start off with “Most Popular Female Artiste Award”. Look for F10 杨丞琳 & cast your votes!



Step 4 – At this point, if you are not logged in, you’ll be prompted to and will be brought to another page to do so. If you’re not registered with an account, you can do it here.


Click on register to create an account.


Then.. you’ll be lead to this page.


After registering, you’ll be directed to this page and will shortly receive the mail. Upon verifying, you’ll be redirected to the voting page as seen at Step 3. You’ll be able to cast your votes now! 🙂



You’ll see this after once you’ve selected. Click “yes’ and you’re done! 🙂


Step 5 – “Top 20 Hits Of The Year” Once you’re login, you can head to http://voting.xinmsnent.mediacorp.sg/Award_Top_Hits.aspx


Step 6 – You’ll see this after once you’ve selected. Click “yes’ and you’re done! 🙂


P.s: Do note that you can only vote up to 5 votes daily.
Remember to vote for her! Everyone can do it (you need not to be situated to be in Singapore ;))