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Parenting: Feeling Bored IS Okay

2016 May 11


‘Mommy, what can I do now? I’m bored!’

‘What else can I do now? Give me something to do.’

(In the car) ‘What can I do now? I have nothing to do.’

Sounds familiar?

Here’s one undeniable fact we see today:

Kids these days get bored easily. They crave programmed activities and continual entertainment.

And I think, one of the major causes is, the presence of technology / gadgets that readily go everywhere with them.

(Perhaps I should rephrase it to: the presence of technology / gadgets that are given to the children so that they are kept occupied / stimulated, wherever they are)

The way I see things:

– Our world is full of ‘trends’ and they’ll keep on changing over time.

– Whether or not we ‘follow the latest trend’ is a decision we need to make for ourselves.

– It is up to the parents who’ll create their own ‘family culture and habits’ from the start (and explain to the children the values attached to the decisions as they grow up)
[February 2015]

One of the latest trend we see today is: ‘Everyone has a gadget, regardless of their age.’

Children naturally compare themselves with their friends and they will ask (continuously) for a gadget to land on their hands.

It’s a fact all parents face today.

But I guess, the more important questions are:

If you’re a parent, what is YOUR belief and why do you have that belief? What culture / habits that you’ll introduce to your own little family from day one?

Food for thought.

To be ‘under-stimulated’ is uncomfortable. But really, this ‘discomfort’ is exactly what they need today

As for our family, we choose to not saturate our kids with ‘electronic media entertainment’ as there are soooo many other activities to explore and do, so many other ways to spend their time and day.

Which includes ‘doing nothing much at all’.

If asked about ‘children and their longing to be continually entertained’, I’d say:

It is OKAY to feel bored.

It is OKAY to not have any ‘media entertainment’ for a period of time.

It is OKAY to have ‘nothing to do’ in the car.
[No games on gadgets for Brie so far means she craves none and enjoys interactions with family and friends]

Because, when our children are ‘allowed to be bored’ (read: having no media entertainment nor structured/programmed activities), they are faced with opportunities to :

– Think – on their own – of ways to keep themselves busy
– Exercise their creativity and imagination
– Be calm and self-reflect
– Problem-solve their situations
– Interact with siblings and real people

Children today are heavily stimulated little people.

To be ‘under-stimulated’ is mildly unpleasant and uncomfortable. They’ll most likely complain about it.

But really, this ‘discomfort’ is exactly what they really need today.

What say you?


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