Best Chilled Beancurd Pudding Recipe

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Beancurd Pudding

Thanks to the kind souls from edmw who shared the recipe, I tried to recreate the taste of the popular beancurd pudding.

For the benefit of those who don’t know, chilled beancurd pudding tastes nothing like the traditional version and has a smoother and creamier texture. Lao Ban were the first to sell the new type of chilled beancurd at the Old Airport Road hawker centre a year and a half ago. If you are looking for a traditional bowl of beancurd with a strong beancurd, this is not your type. The chilled beancurd does not have that beany taste, and is more like a cream tofu crème brulee.

It was definitely easy to do it, and all can be done within 30 minutes. If you think it is too troublesome to make your own soy milk, you can buy the ready made soya milk packet drinks such as Drinho or Vitasoy.

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  1. Katheryn

    Hi – I tried it the 1st time with Vitasoy and it came out great. I tried substituting soya milk with chocolate milk and it failed miserably. I went back to your soya recipe, doubling the quantity but it didn’t solidify into pudding like texture (remain liquid). Why and where did I go wrong? Understand that the liquid should not be boiled but gently heated up and as long as the creamer, sugar and jelly powder are dissolved, it’s okay. Am I right? I did that but it didn’t gell? Any pointers?

  2. Hi Katheryn, the reason why they didn’t solidify is due the amount of jelly powder. Perhaps you can try adding more jelly powder.

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