Mikuni at Fairmont Singapore – Winter Robata Promotion

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Previously Inagiku, the space and the menu was given a major overhaul last August and what you see now, is a modern Japanese restaurant called “Mikuni”, serving exciting Japanese fare.

The Executive Chef of Mikuni is a korean chef (and very jovial) named Moon Kyung Soo, whose creations “pay homage to the rich history of Japanese cuisine with flair and artisanship.”.

Chef Moon harnessed the finest products directly from the sub-prefectures of Sapporo, Tokachi, Rishiri and Hakodate during the winter season, creating an opulent and innovative 11-Course Kaiseki menu.

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My love for food continue to grow everyday. First, it was the opening of this blog. Then, I picked up food photography. Next, I went to learn Food Clay Art. Then, I had food styling classes. And now, I am obsessed with Bento making.

It started last year when I knew many blogger friends who made bento. I was so intrigued by the bento designs and I wanted to give it a try. But I held back. Because I don’t cook often and I don’t have the crafts.

But this year, my work has close relationship with bento making and since fate brought “us” together again, I asked myself, why not I give it a try? Within the last 2 days, I bought bento crafts online, bought bento books and dropped by Daiso to buy more. I started making bento!

And I am addicted to it.

If you like to learn how to make this simple chick, click on this link.

Best Chilled Beancurd Pudding Recipe

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Beancurd Pudding

Thanks to the kind souls from edmw who shared the recipe, I tried to recreate the taste of the popular beancurd pudding.

For the benefit of those who don’t know, chilled beancurd pudding tastes nothing like the traditional version and has a smoother and creamier texture. Lao Ban were the first to sell the new type of chilled beancurd at the Old Airport Road hawker centre a year and a half ago. If you are looking for a traditional bowl of beancurd with a strong beancurd, this is not your type. The chilled beancurd does not have that beany taste, and is more like a cream tofu crème brulee.

It was definitely easy to do it, and all can be done within 30 minutes. If you think it is too troublesome to make your own soy milk, you can buy the ready made soya milk packet drinks such as Drinho or Vitasoy.

CLICK HERE for the recipe

Graze at Martin No.38

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Good news Graze lovers, the Rochester Park establishment has just opened closer to the city. Located at the new Martin No. 38 building, Graze joins the fine dining Thai restaurant Kha, and a new deli concept called Provisions in this new former warehouse location.

The restaurant offers the best of Australian cuisine with strong emphasis on fresh, quality produce enhanced with uniquely balanced flavours.

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We are the Cheerleading Champion!

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For the past two weeks, it has been a real busy period for me. I was practising real hard with my 7 other team members for a Cheerleading Competition which took place last Saturday. Most of us had almost zero background in Cheerleading and the thought of tossing someone up in the air or being tossed by my skinny team members is a scary one.

But I am really glad that we persevered. With the span of merely 2 weeks, we got ready three dances, three stunts, clothes, music, pom pom and all for a 2 mins 30 sec performance.

And we won.

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The End of Thye Moh Chan

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Thye Moh Chan
11 September 2011. The end of Thye Moh Chan.

By the time you read this, this shop is already in history forever. I made a trip down this afternoon specially to take a last peep at this traditional cake house before it is closed for good after almost seven decades of selling traditional Teochew confections. Dwindling customers, rising costs and a lack of young people willing to take over are some of the major challenges facing traditional confectionaries in Singapore.

For more photos, please click here.

The Wok & Barrel

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Wok and Barrel
If “Madam Tan” sounds familiar to you, you must have tried Madam Tan’s Nasi Lemak at Maxwell Food Centre before. “But the stall is closed now!” you may think, actually it has been relocated to Duxton Hill and is called The Wok & Barrel.

“Wok represents Asian influences in the food, while “Barrel” represents a selection of imported artisanal beers available. Shen decided to move from the hawker centre to a shophouse because she wanted to present a more complete offering and so that she could cook everything to order.

When we were there in the beginning of August, it is warming up by running on a limited menu – namely nasi lemak with all the trimmings – before offering a more extensive bistro menu (featuring East-West elements) from September onwards.

You know, when you have decided to indulge in a plate of Nasi Lemak, you want the BEST out of it. Forget those low fat coconut coconut because trust me, it will never taste as great. Shen’s nasi lemak is steamed with fresh coconut every day, instead of being thrown in a rice cooker with coconut milk.

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Recipe: Sweet Corn Cake

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Sweet Corn Cake
I was recuperating from my sprained ankle for the whole of last week and I dropped by a bookstore to buy some magazines to kill my boredom. Then, I saw a cook book on steamed cake, I thought, I can steam cakes!

Compared to the familiar baked cake, the popularity and exposure of steamed cake is far lower than the former. Steamed cakes uses only eggs, sugar, flour and a small amount of oil. The end product is closer to the colour of its real ingredients and the making process is much simpler. It is definitely low in calories and hence beneficial to health.

For the recipe of Sweet Corn Cake, please CLICK HERE.

Hong Kong : Tim Ho Wan

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tim ho wan
If there is one thing you must try in Hong Kong, it will definitely be Tim Ho Wan. But if you want to eat here, be prepared to take a number and stand in line for a very long time.

We were actually planning to wake up at 6am to queue at Tim Ho Wan main. Thankfully, we were smart enough to call the restaurant the day before and realized they were only opened at 10am. By the time we reached there, it was already very crowded. The receptionist told us to wait for 2 hours. Alternatively, we can take a taxi to their new branch at Sham Shui Po. We took the second option.

Crispy Char Siew Bun(酥皮焗叉燒包,HKD 14 for 3) is Tim Ho Wan’s specialty. It can sell up to 750pcs per day. The sweet crust, pillowy soft bun with a savoury char sew filling is definitely “worth dying for”!

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