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The third new single from Ella’s EP “Dong Wo Zai Ai Wo” [“Love Me Only After You Understand Me”] is part of the movie Bad Girls‘ soundtrack, performed by Ella and Tank. The MV features clips from the movie, where Mike He’s character in the movie leaves for France without bidding Ella’s character farewell. Upon his return, he presents her with a bouquet of roses. In the story, Ella is an optimistic girl who loves to eat. When she sees the bouquet of roses, not only does it fail to brighten her day but leads her to believe that he doesn’t understand her at all; she indifferently rejects his roses. It is only later when he learns to understand her train of thought that he devises a different method [of expressing his love]. His baked creation, the Rose-infused Lovers’ Loaf finally moves her. The MV’s broadcast premiere will happen on April 27, 2012 (Friday) at 12nn on KKBOX and HIM International Music’s YouTube page []. Look out for it, everyone!

Ella首張個人EP《 我就是…Ella陳嘉樺》,第三波抒情歌<懂我再愛我>即將曝光,這首歌同時也是電影《女孩壞壞》的插曲,由Ella和TANK合唱。MV將電影片段剪進其中,故事講述男主角賀軍翔不告而別到法國學做麵包,回國後送上一束玫瑰花給Ella。 Ella在故事中,是一位樂觀、愛吃的女孩,看到男主角捧著玫瑰花送她,非但不開心,更認為對方一點都不瞭解她,不領情的把玫瑰推掉,後來賀軍翔徹底去瞭解Ella的想法後,才使出另一招,研發出『玫瑰情人麵包』,總算成功征服Ella的心。<懂我再愛我>音樂錄影帶將在4/27(五)中午12點,KKBOX 與華研 YouTube大首播。

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Though he’s been in the industry for almost a decade, followed subsequently by actors like Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao, Mike He’s presence in Wuhan yesterday readily dispelled any suspicion of decline in his popularity: faced with wild demands from two major retail establishments, Wuhan Plaza and Wuhan International Plaza, Mike graced both locations with his presence, bringing an unexpected double dose of benefit for his fans. From morning till afternoon, his adoring fans fully occupied multiple storeys of the shopping complexes.

When asked how one can stand firm in the rapid flux of the ever-evolving Taiwanese entertainment circle, Mike forthrightly expressed that if an actor refuses to perform unless s/he meets with a good role, it would impossible to maintain one’s popularity with audiences, “To me, even if the opportunity may not be the very best, my attitude would be to accept the role, since work is my priority — ensuring that I retain a degree of exposure to the audience is the first important step.”

He readily expressed that the emergence of subsequent generations of actors has not given him too much pressure and even perceptively and sentimentally articulated that actually, every actor is just waiting for that chance, “A great opportunity may only come around after ten, twenty scripts/roles. Of course you know now that Ethan Ruan is popular, yet how many people are aware of the number of shows he had to shoot, how much sweat and toil went into all of that before he managed to make a name for himself?” As for himself, Mike said that he gains in experience with each show: “Who knows when one of these will be of great use or help to me in the future.”

“Balancing one’s work-life and love-life: this is the difficulty many in the show business face.”

During the interview, Mike shared his perspective about his ideal partner, remarking that one has to be pragmatic when it comes to relationships and not to simply give everything up for love.

One of the few male artistes that Dee Hsu looks upon with favor, Mike He indeed lives up to the moniker of “a handsome, flower-like guy” [used to describe extremely attractive young men who are typically tall, with great complexion], with a complexion that would make any woman envious. When discussing his beauty regime, Mike said that although he’s conscientious about his skincare, it hardly rivals his close friend, Joe Cheng’s “endless facial masks.” Mike said, “I use facial masks and apply foundation because of work, but once I get home, I toss all of these to the back of my mind.”

“A man’s true attractiveness has little to do with exterior appearances. What counts is the kind of person you are on the inside–that’s what others acknowledge/recognize/endorse.”

Mike’s love-life has also been a constant point of interest. Although there have been rumors about him and Cyndi Wang, as well as him and Ariel Lin, amongst other actresses, these eventually turned out to be fleeting rumors. When asked to share his perspective on love, Mike openly remarked: “I think we have to be pragmatic. Issues such as how will we marry, how will we sustain a livelihood, these are all questions that allow a healthy relationship of love to be founded on a sound economic basis.”


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Image source: (This is Mike’s management company, HIM International’s new facebook page for him. Please support him by liking the page.)

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Taiwanese idol-dramas have always enjoyed a high degree of popularity in Mainland China. When popular Taiwanese actor Mike Ha graced a Swarovski event with his presence yesterday at Wuhan International Plaza, his dashing appearance in a maroon leather jacket and rivet studded boots drew a huge crowd of fans who turned up at the event in support of Mike.

His performances in Love Keeps Going [2011; with Cyndi Wang], Hooping Dulcinea [2007; with SHE’s Hebe] and Calling For Love [2009; with Charlene Choi] have made Mike a familiar face to Mainland Chinese audiences; even his nickname, Xiao Mei (小美) has gained wide currency. The publication of his personal photographic memoir last year [La Retour sud de la France], in which he exhibited his good body, drew much attention. Yesterday, Mike generously shared his beauty tips: “Guys only need one or two accessories to complete a stylish look. Avoid over-accessorizing, which may give the impression that you’re a drag queen.” Mike revealed that his favorite male celebrity is Brad Pitt: “No matter the occasion, he [Pitt] is always able to flaunt his own style.”

Conscientious as he may be about his physical appearance off-stage, however, Mike is not preoccupied with his good looks when in character: “The question of which angle will allow an actor to look best on-screen is a concern best answered by the director and the camera crew; as an actor, my task is to put these issues aside in order to deliver a favorable performance.” Having played the roles of affluent, attractive men repeatedly in idol-dramas, he expressed that he himself is keen to surmount such roles in order to achieve a breakthrough in his own performance: “Though providence, circumstance and timely opportunity play a big part in the type of scripts and roles one tends to take on, for my own part, I’d still like to take on roles that are somewhat dissimilar–those that offer some challenge and room for development–for instance, the role of an undercover agent in an action film.” He expressed that looking good on-screen is not part of his criteria for considering whether or not to accept a role, neither does the issue of “limits” [i.e. the degree to which actors are willing to bare for the screen] come into play: “As long as the script and the role are suitable, all else is open to discussion/consideration.”

It is precisely in light of these considerations that Mike joined the Mainland Chinese television series production, Jia You Ma Ma: “My sense is that the type of scripts one encounters in Taiwan and Mainland China are somewhat different. I’ve always wanted to play the role of an unremarkable personage. In this series, I play an upstanding and simple swim team athlete–it’s been a meaningful experience.” Mike expressed his admiration for actresses such as Zhou Xun and Fan Bingbing, and hopes that he’ll have the opportunity to work with Chinese actresses in the future. Mike: “When it comes to acting, so long as you remain passionate about it, it will be full of vitality and life.”

Following news that his previous co-stars Rainie Yang and Ella Chen have found their true loves, Mike’s love-life has once again come under the media’s scrutiny and discussion. When asked about his love-life, Mike guffawed and exclaimed: “Good question!” He expressed that though the male leads of idol-dramas frequently gave all for love, one has to be more pragmatic in reality: “Love and marriage–these all take time and interaction [with your better half], I’m not the reckless type.”


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(This is Mike’s management company, HIM International’s new facebook page for him. Please support him by liking the page.)

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Mike He plays a much-adored superstar in the film Bad Girls and since many scenes were filmed in a campus setting, it reminded him of his own schooldays—during which he was a prominent personality as well. Mike revealed that he was fanatical about Jackie Chan when he was in senior high and loved to imitate action film sequences, such as jumping from buildings. Though it was only one-storey building, “as I landed, I executed a graceful floor roll, winning applause from my schoolmates; the next student imitated the act and ended up with a graze on his butt.”

Discussing his schooldays, Mike revealed that he would like to once more enjoy the sort of innocent love one tends to experience during those years in school: “I yearn for that sort of simple happiness.” His mature, steadfast exterior is complemented by a boyish innocence. Mike laughed as he revealed that he and Ella often horsed around on set, like primary school children who exchange pinches and prods. He refused to admit to Ella’s taunts of his being childish, but checkmated her at her own game by remarking: “I treat people as I do when one plays tennis; the sort of person I meet determines the way I respond to them.”

Mike also voiced his honor at being invited to model for Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer collection, which is also their new designer Kim Jones’s inaugural collection. LV’s collection this season possesses an exotic charm, inspired by the photographer, New Yorker Peter Beard’s life story. Mike donned a shirt with a red-and-blue checkered print, which is also this season’s most eye-catching outfit. The designer combined elements of East African totems with the label’s classic Damier pattern and brings an unexpected spark to the fashion.


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The ever victorious idol-drama champions Ella Chen and Mike He team up in the movie Bad Girls. Faced with the impending moment of truth about their box office success or failure, Mike He’s conciliatory remarks may well speak for all of his fellow-actors: “No one person can say that he or she alone has brought in a certain percentage of the viewership; just as Jeremy Lin’s success does not depend on him alone, likewise, here, the team effort is necessary.” On her part, Ella playfully hooted: “If we break the NT$100,000,000 [one hundred million dollar] barrier, Mike will bake in the buff.”


Ella revealed that because the director did not call “Cut” during their kissing scenes, “I very nearly developed a physical reaction [toward Mike]!” She remarked that there was also a kissing scene that was not part of the original script, “but Mike, who was unable to restrain himself, added that scene on.”
[* Trans. note: It’s unclear from the original report if Ella meant this seriously or as a joke.]


Mike gracefully shed his clothes for his personal photographic memoir last year, he also generously remarked that if he comes across a script or screenplay that he truly likes very much, he would not mind considering the challenge that Tony Leung undertook in Lust, Caution. When asked to name a role amongst recent film releases that they would be willing to challenge, Mike and Ella incidentally picked the same character: Eddie Peng’s portrayal of a gymnast in Jump Ashin! Mike exclaimed: “I would love to be drilled! I usually achieve only 50-60% of what I am probably capable of during my usual workout; if I had the chance to direct my workout for the effects of a film, I can probably achieve a 100% optimum.”

The fantastic rapport that Mike and Ella developed over the course of filming Bad Girls: the two even coincidentally turned up, unanimously, in outfits with polka-dotted prints for the interview.

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Image sources: Mike Ha’s and Xiaoruo’s microblogs

The movie Bad Girls, which stars Ella Chen and Mike He, has garnered plenty of online attention. The star-studded lineup of the romantic comedy has met with much positive review and acclaim from netizens. Yesterday afternoon (April 4th, 2012), one of Mike He’s fans [whose microblog screen name plainly proclaims: “Xiao Ruo who supports Mike He”] used a picture that Mike He had earlier posted on his microblog, to create a “never-before-seen version” of the official movie poster: a parodic shot that Mike and Ella had earlier playfully posed for in which their roles are apparently reversed, with the official version of the movie posters serving as their background. It was so noteworthy that even Mike He shared it on his microblog later that night, expressing: “This one’s funny! Ha”


The creative “never-before-seen” version of the movie poster created by Mike’s fan, Xiao Ruo


The picture Mike originally shared on his microblog to promote the movie; the official movie poster is in the background

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Love begins to leaven at the perfect moment | 對的一瞬間 愛情開始發酵

“In order for the bread to be delicious, the (use of) yeast and lactic acid are of crucial importance: they’re like a pair of lovers that can only develop their relationship at a specific temperature and time.” In the romantic comedy, Bad Girls, the superstar Justin [played by Mike He] has interacted with countless beautiful women and there are masses of girls who adore him, yet none of them catches his eye, until he meets Ah-Dan [played by Ella]—and at that perfect moment, he falls in love with her.
「麵包要好吃,酵母菌和乳酸菌很重要,他們就像情人一樣,要在特定的溫度和時間下才能培養感情。」 愛情喜劇片《女孩壞壞》裡的大明星賈斯汀,接觸過多少美女、有多少女孩喜歡他,可是偏偏沒有一個他看得上眼的,直到認識阿丹,就在那個對的條件的一瞬間,他喜歡上她。

His affection for her begins when he is moved by the blissful expression she reveals as she munches on the bread he bakes. He finds the same passion that he holds for baking revealed in her expression. Even though they hold very different notions of what constitutes “gourmet”: he is of the perspective that to mix the different dishes together in a takeaway box is a form of disservice to the food, where the jumbled taste is really difficult to stomach; Ah-Dan, with her enormous appetite, on the other hand, feels that once you consume the food, it’ll be jumbled together in your stomach anyhow, so it makes very little difference! Yet the adorable Ah-Dan’s effusive love of the bread that he bakes moves him profoundly.

When the perceptive boy falls for the unaffected girl: Tuning in to her interests to bridge the distance between them | 感性男愛上鈍感女 投其所好拉近距離

When the sensuous and perceptive Justin meets the love ignoramus Ah-Dan, she is oblivious to his dashing good looks. Perhaps it is precisely this unique quality he values in her: so what even if she doesn’t love good looks?  She loves the bread he bakes! Because of his attentive concern for her, Justin observes Ah-Dan’s weakness when it comes to food. He also sees her distress over her inability to smoothly assume her role in the film. In his own understated manner, he begins to use food to guide and teach her, thus saving her from embarrassment yet finding a way to resolve her crisis. Yet she remains indifferent to his attentions, placing her entire focus on the bread, without an inkling that it was he who baked it [for her]. At least, however, he manages to use her love for food to bridge the distance between them.

How does one rouse a girl to the attentions of love? By confessing one’s love? Given Ah-Dan’s character, a confession is likely to land the male confessor a flying kick to the Pacific Ocean. The method of confessing one’s love: Ineffective! How about using body language and gestures of intimacy? Actually, given her character of rejecting love and her phobia of men, if she doesn’t physically abuse a man who appears by her side, is not repulsed by the occasional bout of physical contact such as a light pat on the shoulder, and even takes his hand quite naturally, it definitely means that she’s in love. Not to mention the fact that when Justin kisses Ah-Dan, what he receives is not a slap across the face but meets only with her unsettled confusion—a definite sign that she’s in love.

Love in all its flavors; turning setback to strength in the pursuit of love | 戀愛酸甜苦辣嗆 化挫折為力量追愛

Yet love is always changing on us, perhaps in ways farther than we ever realize. Ah-Dan’s unintentional rousing of Justin’s dream of becoming a baker is realized in the line: “Bake for me. Every day.” As though he were trying to meet this promise, her words give him the courage to abandon and turn from the seemingly-perfect path of stardom in order to chase his dreams. Setting out for France to learn to bake for the sake of love, yet unable to bear the pain of having to leave Ah-Dan, Justin chooses to leave without biding her farewell. Yet, how could he have imagined her long, arduous agony of waiting for love to return, not to mention the fact that this idiot, Justin chose to ignore what we call the convention of “keeping in touch”: couldn’t his sojourn abroad at least include a phone call, some text messages, emails or something of the kind? He probably deserved it when, upon his return, he rushed back to Ah-Dan’s side with a giant bouquet of roses, only to be met by a face full of petals and the single retort: “Is this even edible?”

Men always have to undergo a little hardship before they understand how to pursue love. At least Justin is not easily defeated: he takes the setbacks on the road of love and turns it to strength, bringing [the flavor of] the rose into his unique baked creation, “Bread-of-Love”; this one-of-a-kind love declaration is what eventually allows him to earn the return of his beloved. Oh, the pursuit of love! It’s actually a simple affair, no? Bring your sincerity to the table and attentively observe the way to the heart of the person you love. Never be easily  defeated when you meet with setbacks on the path to love; otherwise, you’ll never be able to move the person you love!

劇照 25a

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In the series, “Jia You Ma Ma,” Xia Ping-An (played by Mike He) was originally an outstanding swimmer who was forced to retire from the swim scene after he was injured in an accident while saving his girlfriend. Though she ultimately jilts him, he does not regret his act of saving her. This role of a kind-hearted, aspiring, unremarkable character is very different from the roles in which Mike He has been accustomed to playing (such as the son of a rich man).

YCWB: The image you’ve tended to give audiences (in the roles you’ve played) in the past is characterized by “tall,” “rich” and “handsome”—it’s very different this time, isn’t it?

Mike He: Indeed. The role I play this time, Xia Ping-An, is a destitute chap, who is two-timed and eventually jilted by his girlfriend. He also has a mentally-handicapped mother who only has the mental capacity of a nine-year-old. He has to struggle a lot: to take care of his mother on the one hand, while searching for his birth father on the other; there’s a fair amount of hardship involved.


YCWB: In terms of style, what’s different about this character?

Mike He: My character’s overall style in this series tends to that of an average Joe, unlike the more elegant outfits from before. The character undergoes a series of changes, from a swimmer, to a waiter, to a chef, and after he inherits the family business when he later finds his father, he becomes the deputy managing director, so the character undergoes many different changes in style/image.


YCWB: Have you had the experience of interacting with people who are mentally-handicapped?

Mike He: Yes. My cousin was struck with a high fever soon after birth, which resulted in brain damage. He frequently needs someone to help wipe his saliva for him, and seeing this was heartbreaking for me as a kid. However, I feel that it’s inappropriate to regard or to call such individuals mentally deficient, because my cousin has a clear sense of what’s going on in the world around him; what he lacks is only the ability to express himself. He is a meticulous and thoughtful individual, who’s even more sensitive than the average person.


YCWB: Were there many crying scenes in the series?

Mike He: At the beginning, there was one virtually once every other day. It felt terrible; very repressed. It’s a little better now. Once the series airs, I predict the audience is likely to see me weep in every episode; even if I’m not weeping, my “mother” is sobbing.


YCWB: We hear there were many dangerous scenes in the series, the car-accident, for instance?

Mike He: Yes, the accident-scene was really dangerous. When my character sees his ex-girlfriend crossing the road one day, she is about to be hit by a car, so I dash out to save her. She eventually escapes unscathed, but I’m knocked-down instead and unable to continue to be a sportsman after that. At the time, we had to film a close-up shot of me rolling over the car and the windscreen was already broken. So I had to roll over shards of broken glass…


YCWB: Xia Ping-An undergoes a series of “identity” changes in the film, which is your favorite?

Mike He: The sportsman. Being an athlete has been my dream since young. I’ve always been a sportsperson in school. This time, I play a swimmer and the scenes were shot in the sports stadium where the Universiade (2011) was held, so, in a sense, I got to fulfill my dream. However, I was still rather anxious; I was so afraid that an accident would occur if I developed a cramp, since there was only one lifeguard at the location.


YCWB: How’s your general culinary standard?

Mike He: My culinary standard extends only to frying an egg and making salad. (Laughs) It’s not easy being a chef: you have to be extremely meticulous. Most of the (close-up) shots of my character cooking in the series had to be accomplished by a body double.


Over the course of the series, Ping-An has two different girlfriends: one is the fashionable, alluring Zhou Yu-Chen (played by Mao Lin Lin) and the other is the pure and kind-hearted Li Ruo-Yu (played by Natalie Zhang Xuan). According to reports from the crew, Mike He is the undisputed heartthrob: from Zhang Yu-Yan, who plays his mother in the film, to the two fresh-faced actresses, Natalie Zhang and Mao Lin Lin, he is high-regarded by them all and in all of their good graces.

YCWB: In the series, you have two girlfriends, there must be a fair amount of intimate scenes?

Mike He: (laughs) There are some – more with Mao Lin Lin, who plays my ex-girlfriend. We had just met for a few days on the set when the director decided to shoot a kissing scene; that was pretty awkward.


YCWB: In Love Keeps Going, you broke lots of new ground (in terms of intimate scenes), will we see that this time as well?

Mike He: This series is a little more chaste, so that won’t come into play. However, there are several lines that don’t really flow that smoothly, such as: “You are my piece of cloud.” I turned many such [sappy] lines into more realistic discourse.


YCWB: When filming wraps for this series, where do you intend to place your focus next?

Mike He: I still have some work commitments to meet in Taiwan. And then there’s class to attend. Since I’m delaying graduation [because of work commitments], I have to strive to accumulate sufficient college credits for the academic year or there may be the possibility of expulsion.


2011-12-05 海边拍摄现场 06