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Thanks to Standard Chartered and Tigerair, I went for my maiden trip to Hat Yai, Thailand!



coffee fix before my flight.



with the Tigerair Platinium Credit Card by Standard Chartered, you can skip the queue and boardmefirst! 😀 read more about the benefits here.


rainy afternoon



you get to enjoy complimentary meals on board when you book your flight with Standard Chartered Tigerair Platinium Credit Card.


After about an hour plus, we arrived! Got a cab from the counter to bring us to our hotel.



As most of the nicer hotel are fully booked, we managed to find this apartment style hotel, De Poem Loft, located quite a distance away from the busy area. Though it’s not that near, but still you can walk your way to the main area where the malls are located. Alternatively, hop onto a tuk tuk or cab.


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If you’ve been to Penang, i’m sure you would have visited the street art in Georgetown right? If not you can read my post the the Georgetown Street Art here. Just when i was asking myself if one day, these street art will appear in Singapore, since there’s so much restriction here and some see it as a form of vandalism instead of art, was surprised to know that Ernest Zacharevic had started working on the street art here in Singapore!




They have the famous bicycle in Penang, while we have trolley here in Singapore hahahaha~



Work in progress for this, (but by the time i publish this, it’s already completed. This shows how BACKDATED i am hahaha~)



Oh WOW! $100 leh~ i want i want!!!


All these street art is widely spread around a few areas in singapore. Those you saw are along shophouses in Jalan Pisang and Jalan Klapa, facing Victoria Street. There are a few more location that you can find, probably through google as i’ve yet to visit the rest. ;)

So… have fun exploring these interesting street art in Singapore!

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Company chinese new year lunch was settled at the newly renovated shopping mall, Chinatown Point which is now SO MUCH better than the best, with new restaurants and new shops! We decided to try out this teahouse which is supposed to be well known in hong kong and heard that the review of their food was pretty good.


We ordered quite a few dishes to try out and most of them did very well~ Here’s what we’ve ordered..

The char siew su was very nicely done. the buttery layer of the skin is sooo smooth and it’s so soft that it somehow just managed to melt in your mouth. Strongly recommend you guys to order this..

 photo 20130206_134837copy_zps677c5d2d.jpg

One of my favourite dim sum dishes… steamed pork ribs.. :) yums!!

 photo 20130206_140248copy_zps504a864c.jpg

 photo 20130206_141339copy_zps964f088e.jpg

Wasabi mango prawns. Not bad. just that you can’t really taste much of the mango/prawn taste… but still worth trying ;)

 photo 20130206_141535copy_zps8a580f8e.jpg

 photo 20130206_141804copy_zpsbf996959.jpg

The fried noodle was abit tooo salty for us. :X

 photo 20130206_142407copy_zps2f322875.jpg

Oh this is gooood~~~ one of my favourite too! Bamboo clam topped with tung hoon and chopped garlic!

 photo 20130206_142453copy_zpsb4b26cd8.jpg

This dish have a very nice name but i can’t rmb what it is. Basically it’s an egg dish with steamed egg white and egg yolk lor..

 photo 20130206_143659copy_zps6011d744.jpg

lastly, we ended our meal with desserts which we are all very disappointed with as they tasted below average i would say for their cold dessert. I ordered the steam ginger milk and it taste ok to me but not too fantastic either. So probably if you were to visit them, you can try out their main dishes and head for some really nice dessert over at the pearl centre after ur meal :)

Surprisingly the prices was quite average and affordable, not as expensive i thought it would be ;)

Luk Yu Teahouse 陆羽
Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #01-41/42, 059413
Tel : 6262 1717

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When it comes to eating steamboat or BBQ, i will always go for those that buffet style as i find it more hua suan as you pay a price and you can eat all you want and all you can! So far, i’ve only been to those chinese style steamboat buffet and when i was invited to try out the First Japanese Hot Pot Buffet in Singapore at Danro Japanese Hot Pot, i was extremely excited and looking forward to it!

There’s a wide variety of selections for you to choose from, ranging from cooked to non cooked food. Definitely great for those whom wanna fill their stomach while waiting for their food to be cooked.



and this gotta be my favourite sushi out of all! :D



Soba and my favourite potato salad ;)


Not forgetting the all time favourite finger food…


There’s also ready to drink soup like the Japnese “Yong Tau Foo”


and “Bah Kut Teh” which taste really different from our SG style, a little spicy yet without the peppery taste. You guys should try this out!


Fresh meat and seafood for you to choose from…



To go with your steamboat, there’s this section whereby you can mixed your own sauces!



and not to worry if you are unsure of what to mix as there’s a step by step guide to guide you along. ;) very nice and thoughtful of them right?


Now back to the MAIN highlight which is the steamboat broth. There’s a total of 9 different broths for you to choose from!


I chose both of the Genki broths which is the Chicken & Milk Broth and the Wafu Broth. The Chicken and Milk Broth originated from Nara 奈良. It’s a light and popular tasting soup full of calcium and vitamin with balanced savour of chicken, tofu and mushrooms. It’s really nice and THICK too!! so if you are one whom loves 重口味 , you will definitely love this.

For the Wafu Broth, it’s originated from Akita 秋田. Perfect for fans of miso, and miso is also suggested to lower cancer incidence. Definitely a healthier choice for the much health conscious pple ;)


Next, we have Chef Kazunori Sonoda demonstrating to us on how to make the Kiritanpo き り た ん ぽ (Kiri means “cut” and tanpo means “rice stick”.) , which is a grilled rice skewer dish traditional in the Akita Prefecture. Chef Kazunori Sonoda would first pound and mash freshly cooked Japanese rice, form cylinder sticks by hand, brush special sweet sauce and miso for flavour, and toast them on an open fire till the outer layer is slightly crisp.  before dipping them into the hot pot soup!





looks and taste really yummy!!! and i got to say, i quite like it leh!


Now you must be thinking, wah~ got so many food, japanese restaurant somemore and Buffet style, must be DAMN expensive lor~~~


At a very affordable price of $16.90++ for weekday lunch and $24.90++ for weekend dinner (for adults), you will be amazed at the quality and variety of food available. Drinks such as hot ocha, iced tea and soft drink are also included within the price! AWESOME LAH~~~

Weekday Lunch
Adults : $16.90++   |   Children (12 years & below) : $9.90++
Seniors (60 years &above) : $13.90++   |   Students : $14.90++   |   Members : $14.90++

Weekday Dinner
Adults : $22.90++   |   Children (12 years & below) : $9.90++
Seniors (60 years &above) : $18.90++   |   Students : $18.90++   |   Members : $20.90++

Weekend Lunch
Adults : $20.90++   |   Children (12 years & below) : $9.90++
Seniors (60 years &above) : $18.90++   |   Students : $18.90++   |   Members : $18.90++

Weekend Dinner
Adults : $24.90++   |   Children (12 years & below) : $9.90++
Seniors (60 years &above) : $20.90++   |   Students : $22.90++   |   Members : $22.90++


DANRO Japanese Hot Pot Buffet by MOF
Serangoon NEX #02-04/06 (Serangoon MRT) Tel: +65 6634 4608
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/DanroSingapore
Operating hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun & PH 11:30am-3:30pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm; Fri-Sat & Eve PH 11:30am – 3:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm

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Food Review

Chinese New Year is coming soon and have you decided on where to have your reunion dinner? Not sure about you, usually for me, we will go out for a simple reunion dinner nearby as we wanted to avoid the crowd and the long waiting time at the restaurant. Sometimes if we have enough time to spare, we will cook for reunion dinner and have it at home, but it can be quite tiring and causing alot of hassle, especially the cleaning up part -.-”

So what would be the best solution to this? If only i can enjoy awesome yummy food at the comfort of my home, without having to cook myself and make a mess in the kitchen? TAKEAWAY LOR!

YES! the best solution is to takeaway from the restaurant and eat it at home! and i guess the best item to takeaway will be the Treasure Pot, also known as Pen Cai (盆菜) !


Thanks to Crystal Jade for the invitation, i finally got to try my FIRST ever pen cai and i loved it soooo much!!! :D Here’s a simple summary of how this dish came about. Pen Cai (盆菜) is designed to be communal and easily shared where it symbolizes the sharing of good fortune and abundance of wealth among family and friends. This helps making reunion dinners and gathering much more simple and fuss-free! At the same time, enjoy good food!

So what are the must have ingredients in a Pen Cai (盆菜)?


There’s actually alot of meanings with the ingredients used in a Pen Cai (盆菜). Example like the Black Moss, (“Fatt Choy” in Cantonese) sounds like “striking it rich”. Dried Oyster, (“Ho Xi” in Cantonese) which sounds like “fortunate incidents”, represents good luck. Abalone, (“Bao Yu” in Cantonese) means “assurance of surplus”. Pork Knuckle, (“Zhu Shou” in Mandarin), represents wealth or good opportunity. Fish, (“Yu” in Mandarin and Cantonese), symbolises “accumulation of wealth”. As a festive dish, the name “Pen Cai” is symbolic of good fortune. :D seriously eat le sure huat huat one! :P

Here’s my first serving, which is usually placed on the top like mushrooms, scallops, abalone and chicken meat


WOOO~~ yummy abalone which i couldn’t resist but to put it into my mouth as a whole. :P


Moving on the the second layer, which usually consist of ingredients that absorb the essence of the soup which makes it taste sooo good! One good example gotta be the radish! SO IRRESISTIBLE!



and do you know that you can actually keep it overnight if you can’t finish it and re heat it up the next day by adding in more ingredients? I can’t imagine how tasty the soup is gonna be!!! :P

To spread prosperity and good luck all around this Lunar New Year, Crystal Jade offers several flavours of Pen Cai to cater to different tastes for either dining-in or takeaway at a selection of Crystal Jade restaurants:


Fine Dining

• Golden Abalone Treasure Pot •

($448.80 for 10 pax; $268.80 for 6 pax. For collection on Chinese New Year’s Eve: $468.80 for 10 pax; $288.80 for 6 pax) is a delectable serving of fine ingredients for the sophisticated diner. Apart from roasted duck, premium dried oyster and Japanese mushroom, this dish also includes traditional ingredients such as abalone, black moss, conpoy, Superior Sea Cucumber and Pork Knuckle. Available at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Crystal Jade Dining IN, Crystal Jade Premium and Crystal Jade Pristine.



All Crystal Jade Kitchen outlets

• Golden Abalone Chicken Treasure Pot •

($368.80 for 10 pax; $228.80 for 6 pax. For collection on Chinese New Year’s Eve: $378.80 for 10 pax; $238.80 for 6 pax) is meant for casual gatherings among friends or family. This Pen Cai is served with pig’s tongue and whole or half chicken. Included in the pot are traditional ingredients such as abalone, black moss, Superior Sea Cucumber, conpoy, pork knuckle and preserved meat.



• Vegetarian Treasure Pot •

($198.80 for 10 pax; $148.80 for 6 pax) includes vegetarian versions of abalone, goose, chicken and fish ball as well as traditional vegetable ingredients such as radish, yam, lotus root and black moss.



Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan and Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao outlets

• Treasure Pot in Shanghai Style •

($378.80 for 10 pax; $218.80 for 6 pax. For collection on Chinese New Year’s Eve: $398.80 for 10 pax; $228.80 for 6 pax) offers the unique flavours of Shanghainese Pen Cai. Made with steamed chicken, salted duck, fresh prawn and pig’s trotters, the unique ingredients found in this Pen Cai include egg dumpling, grass carp belly and rice flour cake.

Crystal Jade’s Pen Cai sets are available from January 21, 2013 to February 24, 2013. Download the full Leaflet PDF file here for more details.

Other than trying out their main highlight of the Chinese New Year 2013 meun, which is the Pen Cai, we got to try a few other dishes as well.

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When i received the invitation for this burger making session at Fat Boys Burger, i was quite looking forward to it and i quickly rsvp for it. Still remember the first time i visited them was in 2010 and i was already in love with their burgers! Got evidence one okay! so how can i miss this chance to make my own burger over there right?


I was kinda late due to the heavy rain but luckily i didn’t miss out too much :P still in time to make my own burger patty which look like this.

The one on the left is beef while the one on the right is pork. YES pork~!! which is why i like hahaha :P


Notice the red meat in the pork patty? That’s actually the char siew meat and bacon to create a more chewy bite ;) Nice!



3 different breads to choose from…


So… let’s get started! :D


Calvin rolling his beef patty into a ball, like a pro ~ lolx


Everyone having fun creating their own burger :D !


Add any of these into your patty but am not gonna tell you what are they.. other pple recipe ma~ shhh….


and here’s my pork patty, ready to cook! :D


Read more and Check out how my burger turns out at darrenbloggie.com! 😀

Darren Bloggie X Lomography Singapore Lookbook Collaboration

Not long ago, i was approached by the friendly staff at lomography singapore to create a lookbook with the La Sardina camera assigned to me and i accepted it without much hesitation as i know it’s gonna be fun! So after 2 weeks of shooting around and post production, im proud to present to you darren bloggie first photobook!

The reason of creating a photobook is because i would like to present something different to you readers! and at the same time i was inspired by Yutaki with all the wonderful and impressive photobook that he’ve created. Mine still far far away from his standard though. :X

Hope you guys will enjoy this mini photobook of mine!


Oh wait~ before i continue, let me do a small introduction to you  about the La Sardina Camera that i’ve used in this photobook. Shaped like a humble sardine can, the La Sardina is packed with terrifically fun features. It shoots regular 35mm film, has a wide-angle lens and features a rewind dial so you can turn back frames at any time you want. Available in all kinds of plastic and metal designs, discover an ocean of analogue possibilities with the La Sardina today!



























How isit? still okay ma? hahaha~ Hope you guys will like this mini photobook :D Was quite surprised with the images taken with the La Sardina! It’s pretty cool actually as you have no idea on how the image will turn out to be and once you are done with your film, you just can’t wait to get it develop asap! :D Now i should seriously consider getting one lomo camera! hahaha~

If you are looking for a lomography camera, visit  shop.lomography.com today as they have a WIDE varieties of cameras for you to choose from. I’m sure there’s one that you will love~ :)

At the same time, do like the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lomographysingapore to receive lastest updates on promotions and share your photographs with the lomography community there! :D it’s gonna be fun!

Lastly~ thank you lomography singapore once again and i hope you guys enjoy this mini photobook. Hope there’ll be more such photobook in future! :D

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Food Review

Remembering my first time trying the food at mouth restaurant was during my company cny lunch this year and it did gave me quite a memorable experience lolx. Read the entry and you will know.

Recently, they added a new range of delicacies into their menu and im glad i was invited for a food tasting session!

Instead of having those usual har gao (Prawn dumplings), i was served with a variety of dumplings in 6 different flavours! Each color representing an unique flavour of its own : Squid Ink, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrot and Original flavors.


Oh! before i proceed, most of the new addition are made of Squid INK! which explains why they look black in color. So what’s so special about squid ink? Squid ink is a safe ingredient that can add flavor to the food without using the unhealthy substances found in chemical additives. New studies also reveal that foods containing black squid ink helps to fight cancer and tumor cells by preventing the growth of new blood vessels which causes tumor and cancer cells to grow!

Now that’s one good ingredient to have! ;D



These Char Siew Pau are soooo fluffy and im loving it soo much! :D it taste really good! and i think it’s even better than those normal white one lo!


Check out these soup specialties which i think most of us will like it! the white portion below is actually steamed egg white and top with different soup base like lobster bisque, spinach and squid ink seafood! :D



Squid ink chee cheong fan anyone! Another of my favourite dish! Squid ink helps to enhance the texture of the chee cheong fan, making it taste smoother and with the special sauces like peanut paste, sweet sauce and sesame, topped with meat floss… mixed it up and i tell you, the taste is soooo damn good!


Sashimi style? These prawns are not any normal prawns you see or buy from the market. They come from the Red Sea and dipped them into the soya sauce with wasabi, it taste really good! Even me, whom isn’t a very sashimi person, quite enjoy this dish too!


The presentation of the food in Mouth restaurant are all very nicely done. They never fail to surprise me with what i’m gonna eat next. Example like this dish, It’s actually a carrot cake. Can’t tell? hahaha~


After you sliced it up, topped with ROJAK sauce and put it into your mouth. Enjoy the unique taste of the carrot cake and the rojak sauce with bits of la cheong and minced meat.. Its GOOD~!!!

There’s also another version whereby the rojak sauce was mixed evenly with the carrot cake and personally i love this as i the carrot cake are evenly coated with the sauces. :)


The Red Sea Desert Prawns, deep fried and coasted with Japanese Mayo and Salted egg yolk. LOVE!!!



And look at this! it’s actually a fish! or should i call it a piece of art leh? It’s really fresh and if you are intending to order this dish, do be prepared to wait for at least 10 mins or more as they need more time to prepare this :)


Aww~ feeling SOO full after all these dishes, BUT i reserved some space for dessert! :D a variety of 2 for you to choose from, Japanese Sweet Potato Paste with sago seed or avocado topped with vanilla ice cream~ both taste really good!!!!



Head on down to Mouth Restaurant today and try these out yourself! :D

Mouth Restaurant
Address: China Square Central #01-61, 18 Cross St.
Tel: +65 6438 5798

This is supposed to be up like long ago and was thinking if i should post about it since it’s like 2 months ago? Had lunch with Juliana, since our workplace are pretty near each other, we went for salad at the SPR.MRKT located just opposite Amoy Street Food Centre.

Totally love the concept of this small little restuarant, or i would say cafe where they sell food, and cute little items whereby you can shop ard while waiting for your food to be served.


Drawings on the wall like a art gallery…



We ordered honey lemon tea and salad for our healthy lunch ;)



Overall food was pretty good and i just loved the ambiance there la~ great for a chillax afternoon with coffee or tea, or meeting a client there for project discussion. :)

*updates : been kinda busy recently with work and i’ve rejected quite a number of events lately. But i still have quite a few entries to blog about, including some giveaways for you guys too! so do continue to check back on this blog yea~ and if you’ve notice it, darren bloggie got a new URL and a brand new look! darrenbloggie.com!!! :D *throw confetti*

Sponsored Trip By Korea Tourism Organisation & Wah! Korea Club

After bidding goodbye to Gyeongju, i’m back in Seoul after a 5 hours ride. Upon reaching back to the Korea Tourism Organisation HQ, bid goodbye to the friendly staff and i’m now officially ALL ALONE in KOREA! this is my very first time traveling ALONE and what i can say is that it’s really a unique experience for me! ahahaha~

So with the aid of the street view from google map, i managed to find my hotel without any help from the local. 🙂 Booked a night stay at the KPOP RESIDENCE II, located right in the heart of Myeongdong.


Rooms are not very spacious but it’s more than enough for a single traveler like me as i still have space to move ard after placing my luggage in the room. But overall it’s clean and i enjoyed my stay there. Staff are friendly and they can speak in chinese and english 😉




Thanks to the FREE WIFI provided, i managed got to know that one of my fren is actually in SEOUL as well! 😀 so we decided to meet up with each other for some shopping and dinner! ;D

Myeongdong is one BIG shopping district whereby you can find lots and lots of shops selling lots of stuff, ranging from beauty products to clothes, bags, shoes and many more! Brands like H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Uniqlo etc can all be found here! 😀


There are also lots of “push cart” stalls set up along and in the middle of the street whereby you can try bargaining with them when you intend to make purchases from them.

After meeting up with my fren Cherie, at the train station, (yes it’s just within walking distance from my hotel) we went for some local food at this stall with no exaggerating decor, no big neon signboard, but just simple menu with images on it.


It’s filled with lots of local and we are sure it’s gonna be good since the stall are patronize by the locals instead of tourist. Which also means that price should be quite reasonable too! 😛


a pic with Cherie while waiting for our food.


complimentary side dishes is a must when you dine in korea.. 🙂


Cherie ordered this noodle with rice cakes in it..


while i ordered the signature noodle with clear soup and fishcakes. It might not look very fantastic but it taste really good, with a tinge of spiciness in it 😀


Each bowl of noodle cost us ard $5 SGD…

After dinner, it’s shopping time!!! 😀


Nature republic flagship store!


totally went crazy from the offer and sales ongoing in there and i spent $100 plus on masks~!!! lots and lots of MASKS!!! facial masks, foot masks and hand masks~ lolx!!!


OOTD taken from the full length mirror in Uniqlo…


We totally lost track of time shopping till we noticed that the whole store are left with only the 2 of us! roflol~ despite the announcement being made several times. Cos it was in korean and we don’t understand what are they saying..

It was really a great time spent shopping with my fren and it was so hard to meet up with her in singapore as she flies tooo often, we only managed to meet in korea ! ahaha~~~ After sending my friend to the train station, bought my fav banana milk and chips to chillax in my room for the night 😉


Rise and Shine!!! 😀 Camwhoring while still in bed 😛


as my flight was in the evening and i’ll only need to be at the airport in the afternoon, i have some time to spare in the morning, so i went out for more shopping!!! 😀

Spent quite some time in H&M as they have really nice clothings!!! mostly for the autumn and winter wear. So tempted to buy but come to think of it, will i get to chance to wear it in singapore?

Tried on this outfit and i super loved it. BUT i only managed to purchase one item from this outfit. Guess what i bought?


After strolling along the streets, visiting store to store, i bought instant noodle back to the hotel for my brunch before doing my final packing.

So~ here’s my loots from this trip! I would say it’s the least i bought hahaha~ but im satisfied with it 😉


last camwhore pic in the room before checking out.


As usual, i went back to the lotte hotel for the Korean Air Limousine to the airport…


With my outfit of the day, i was mistaken as a korean when i approached the staff at the check in counter. she spoke one whole chunk of korean to me and i go huh? ermz english? and she go.. OH! sorry. i though u are from korea! lolx~~ *got an shuang dao ler~ *


as im still early, i visited the duty free shop and bought kimichi back for mum as requested by her. Grab a cup of iced latte and enjoy the free wifi, chilling by the viewing gallery, waiting to board the plane.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Korea Tourism Organisation & WAH! Korea Club for this trip! whereby i get to experience the heritage culture in Gyeongju, and experience my first ever outdoor concert, featuring so many Kpop artistes!! 😀 THANKS!!! and i hope you guys enjoy reading my travelogue 😉

Ending with a camwhore pics taken onboard Korean Air! (ops~!)


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