New Year Resolutions for 2012

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The thing that’s worse than a crippled body, is a broken spirit. The thing that’s worse than moving slowly, is staying still. The thing that’s worse than being poor, is being a miser. The thing that’s worse than not being given something, is being ungrateful. The worse than suffering emotional pain, is delighting in self-pity. […]

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Chiang Mai – Changpuak Hotel

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Period of stay : 16 – 20 Dec 2011 Secluded. That’s the word that immediately sprang to mind if I’m only allowed 1 adjective to sum up my stay at Changpuak Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Seclusion can be a nice word that positively attributes any hotel sitting at the edge of the earth, far from any signs of life. Instead of saying that the hotel is inconveniently located in […]

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有时候,事物在结束的刹那比开始时还要美。 望着这清迈的黄昏,我不经觉得情天已阳落,是时候让沉夜来遮伤了。 Shot with Casio Exilim ZR100 Premium Auto mode (-2EV) at Central Airport Plaza Shopping Mall, Chiang Mai.

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