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Hairy tales
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Some people trim theirs, some let theirs grow wild.
Mine has been curly for as long as I remember, and this year, I’m going to let some guy shave it off. In public.

I’m talking about hair. Atop my head. What else?

Come July, I’ll be going bald in honour of the annual Hair for Hope fund-raising activity.


The reactions I’ve gotten so far have been encouraging, with a handful of kinky (but no less supportive) friends expressing their eager anticipation to stroke my bald parts after the deed has been done.

(Once again, not a dirty post, though it has SO much potential I know.)

Back to the point, I’ve pledged to be a shavee for Hair for Hope 2013, and on top of asking for your donations to help the Children’s Cancer Foundation, I’m going to match 50% of the total donations made via my page, up to S$1000, from my own pocket.

Well-meaning folks have bombarded me with questions since I announced the above, so hey, why not an FAQ of sorts to satisfy the curious cats? Always glad to oblige, my friends, here goes:

1. You’re going bald.  光頭. Botak. Chauve. はげた. 대머리의. Don’t you worry about how you’ll look?

Despite the usual lack of attempt to doll up, I’d be lying if I say I don’t care about how I look.

(Unruly thick curls in a school that disallowed long hair = disaster. I’m sure the shaved head won’t be worse than this)

I wondered how the heck I was going to frame my face when I go bald, pondered if I should perhaps start learning how to use bronzers/highlighters or whatever it is some girls use to contour their faces so my lack of a chin is less apparent, and sweated a little when I questioned how I’m going to pull off the shaved head look.

Honestly, the sweating part may actually be caused by the sweltering heat, but then I digress.

The above thoughts went on in repeat mode for a painful couple of days. Then I got tired of thinking and got registered instead. The process was straightforward and could’ve been done in all of 5 minutes if not for the fact that I had trouble finding a good profile photo that looks “friendly” enough so people would want to donate. After polling a couple of friends for the ideal photo, the deed was done, I became a registered shavee after two days of over-thinking, hurrah!

I may not have Demi Moore’s chiselled features to rock it like GI Jane, but I’m doing it anyway.

2. Why do it now / Why not just donate?
I’ve harboured this thought for several years now, and this just felt like the “right” year. It’s somewhat of a gut feel, not unlike the way you “just know” that Bert and Ernie are more than roommates, the way you “just know” when it’s time to get your next tattoo, propose to your loved one, or have tonkatsu ramen instead of seafood marinara pasta for lunch. It just feels right.

Much as I hope that going bald helps take away some child’s cancer, life doesn’t work that way. I’ve worked with kids with cancer before, and while a lot of these brave children have learnt to come to terms with the fact that hair loss comes as a part of treatment, many are still self-conscious. The act of shaving doesn’t cure cancer, but hopefully it gives the children and their parents some form of support in knowing that they’re not alone in this arduous battle. Hair grows back eventually, so why not?

3. What do your parents / family have to say about this decision?
First up, let me say that my brother and sister-in-law pledged as shavees a few weeks before I did, and that prompted me to revisit the idea of shaving for HFH. I figured that since there’ll already be 2 shaved heads (bro + sis-in-law) & 1 baldie (dad) at home, what’s 1 more for my mum to handle, right?


Apparently my lovely mother has no idea that my brother and sister-in-law have pledged as shavees, and while she’s on our Facebook accounts, the posts about shaving our heads must’ve gotten lost on her newsfeed among all the Candy Crush requests.

What mum’s CC games must’ve looked like in the moments following my announcement.

Hence, when I casually mentioned one night that I “can’t wait for July to shave my head”, I saw a look of horror creep over her face, and a word not meant for young readers popped into my head.

Fortunately, after 5 minutes of explaining and mollycoddling, the horror gave way to a mix of resignation, pride, and something vaguely resembling amusement. I can only imagine that the last emotion was a result of visualising my grandma’s tirade of comments about me being left on the shelf when she sees my shiny egg head.

Let’s see if grandmama will still be smiling after I drop the botak bomb on her.

On the other hand, my dad was completely indifferent about the whole thing. In fact, he asked if he could participate and shave whatever little hair he has left, just to see how the crew would react at a baldie requesting to shave his head. I wasn’t kidding when I said a warped sense of humour runs in the family.

4. You’re matching donations by 50%… wait, what?
Every single person who has pledged to be a shavee or has donated to a shavee is doing plenty to help the Children’s Cancer Foundation. I’m merely adding my own spin as a personal effort to compensate for the years I’ve wanted to shave but didn’t because I was working / I forgot / I was afraid <fill in the blank> wouldn’t agree / I needed hair to frame my face / my hair was at a really great state and I couldn’t bear to shave it off.

All valid perhaps, but all excuses nonetheless.

In any case, while I could’ve just donated separately, I did hope that I would encourage more people to chip in by matching 50% of donations made through my pledge, up to S$1000.

Massive thanks to everyone who contributed so far, regardless of the amount. Every single cent you choose to donate has my deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Finally, a tribute to my fellow shavees.

I’m proud of friends and family who are pledging to be shavees this year, and also thankful to those who’ve done it before me. While we’re trying to support the CCF in our own ways, we need your support too. Here’s a list of friends/family who’ve pledged, do donate to the Children’s Cancer Foundation through any of our pages. After all, this is neither a contest to see who raises more funds, nor a “cool” stunt to pull. Whoever you choose to donate through, the CCF wins. =)

2013 Shavees:


And of course, you can donate via my pledge here.

For more information about Hair for Hope and how you can help, click here. The Children’s Cancer Foundation does have plenty of other fundraising / volunteering activities as well, do drop me a line if you’d like to find out more and I’ll be happy to put up the information when I get hold of it. =)

Thanks in advance, and keep doing good in your own ways people.


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  1. Botak says:

    OMG ! Jinx used to look like IQ 博士 !!

  2. Tono says:

    Let’s do it..! Go go Pawa Rangers..!

  3. Bee says:

    Good for you dear. Respect. Already, with long hair people think I am a lady boy. If I shave….Boy.

  4. lint says:

    lol nonsense, u’ll be true blue GI Jan with all your fierce workouts

  5. lint says:

    Botak rangers 😛

  6. lint says:

    Still does, but upgraded in size haha

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