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Let’s disconnect to connect
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This is an 2011 TVC by a Thai telco company DTAC, carrying a simple but deep message – Disconnect to Connect.

Decided to dig it up and share it again as a reminder to myself and everyone reading this  to cherish the moments with those around you, instead of getting overly-engrossed with the other world that data connectivity links you to.

[youtube vI8pIUmRn_E]

According to YouTuber srw8868, the ending message spoken in Thai translates to mean “Use the phone….just enough”. See what DTAC did there? “I’m a telco providing you with paid service, but I want you to remember to connect directly to your friends and families as well”.

Smart PR move by the telco provider, but also a very apt message in this day and age.

How many moments have you missed, tapping away on your phone while your child eagerly awaits your attention?

How many seconds have you wasted, harvesting crops on Farmville while your friends sit beside you waiting patiently to share their updates?

How much disappointment have you caused, checking your Facebook while your significant other waits quietly for you to notice her new dress?

How much delight have you lost, taking photos of your meals when you could’ve savoured the flavours while the dishes were still warm?

Gadgets can get fancier, data connectivity can get faster; but without conscientious effort to connect, we’re all just degenerating to become antisocial beings.

Here’s a challenge – Dare your friends to play the phone stacking game the next time you have a gathering, and let me know how that goes for you.

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