Leehom, aka Music-Man, will arrive in Singapore from Beijing on 31 Oct 2008 at 6.35am via SQ801.

Here’s an interview with Leehom on omy.sg: http://www.omy.sg/Showbiz/E-News/Story/OMYStory200810281735-47766.html, including audio clips from the interview.

Edit: Please note change in the time of Leehom’s arrival.

4 Responses to “Here comes the Music-Man…”

  1. ztan Says:

    AM??? crazy!!!

  2. Jean Hoong - SG Says:

    Hahaha… Lee-hom is rushing down for an final rehearsal before the show..
    but then…it’s am…so early…

  3. ztan Says:

    what time is he leaving SG on sunday?

  4. Jean Hoong - SG Says:

    Is it confirm that he’ll be leaving on Sunday?
    So early? I thought he’ll stay till Monday

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