Invisible ad or invisible (sexual) affair?

I always like creative ads such as Lynx (or known as Axe in other areas).

In late April 2012, Lynx has launched world’s first invisible ad in Sydney Australia by using special LED screens and the invisible ad can only be viewed by special polarised lenses. The theme? Most of the time it’s about sexual relationship.

In this internet speed society, as an individual, we are constantly looking for more exciting experiences in reality. May it be fast cars, 3D Movies, erotic relationships etc, as long as things that are able to elevate our high senses, we are tempted to dive into it.

I have friends who have been married for many years but both spouses live separate life.

They are not divorced but yet no loving. They are not happy with each other but are keeping the family intact with a sexual affair (of course with a mistress/boy friend) going on.

He tells wife that he is going for a spin in his flashy sports car with guy friends, but he is actually taking a cabaret girl for a “ride”.

She tells husband that she is meeting “sisters” for a all-girl-night-out drinking session, but she was found unconscious due to overdose of carbon monoxide with her male colleague in a car.

So many secrets and so much invisible love outside of the official relationship.

If you can’t handle a relationship then why marry? Aren’t we supposed to be very sure of our relationship before we get married?

Hey, invisible ads are much simple than invisible affairs, I think!

[youtube cDwyia2MM5o nolink]

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