Invisible ad or invisible (sexual) affair?

May 15th, 2012

I always like creative ads such as Lynx (or known as Axe in other areas).

In late April 2012, Lynx has launched world’s first invisible ad in Sydney Australia by using special LED screens and the invisible ad can only be viewed by special polarised lenses. The theme? Most of the time it’s about sexual relationship.

In this internet speed society, as an individual, we are constantly looking for more exciting experiences in reality. May it be fast cars, 3D Movies, erotic relationships etc, as long as things that are able to elevate our high senses, we are tempted to dive into it.

I have friends who have been married for many years but both spouses live separate life.

They are not divorced but yet no loving. They are not happy with each other but are keeping the family intact with a sexual affair (of course with a mistress/boy friend) going on.

He tells wife that he is going for a spin in his flashy sports car with guy friends, but he is actually taking a cabaret girl for a “ride”.

She tells husband that she is meeting “sisters” for a all-girl-night-out drinking session, but she was found unconscious due to overdose of carbon monoxide with her male colleague in a car.

So many secrets and so much invisible love outside of the official relationship.

If you can’t handle a relationship then why marry? Aren’t we supposed to be very sure of our relationship before we get married?

Hey, invisible ads are much simple than invisible affairs, I think!

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爆了,就是爽!! what the F……

May 15th, 2012


只要不在公共场合爆粗口让其他人不舒服,而只是两人的personal joke的方式对话有粗口,的确是富有创意并增进感情!


近来认识的Gen Y美眉们,更爱爆!


哈哈,爆粗口也有深奥的学问……..for those who understand cantonese…..

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又是男人的错?why men?

December 12th, 2007



在现实生活中,一般地观念一定是,男生就是侵犯者,女生就是受害者。Obviously, there isn’t any equality between men & women!!

So ladies, please stop complaining and accept the fact that there is no such thing as 男女平等.

Because when comes to shit like this, men still get it!!

[youtube A2OC5omKXdg nolink]


December 10th, 2007


说个真实故事给你听,but true identity withheld,以保护受害人,所以人物名字非真名实姓。

CK的老婆有一天问道:“ We have been married for more than 15 years, darling, 15年的婚姻里,你有没有对我不忠过?”

CK : “ 不忠?Unfaithful? No way, dear。绝对没有!!”

CK的老婆 :“ Girl friend? 红颜知己?Mistress?二奶?”

CK : “Never!!”

CK的老婆 :“ 你每次出国谈生意,难道没有应酬、逢场作戏?Don’t tell me that you have never brought any cabaret girls back to your hotel during your business trip?”

CK : “Darling,你每次放在我行李箱的避孕套都原封不动,I have never ever brought the girls back?Don’t you trust me?”

CK的老婆 :“ I trust you,my dear,我相信你不会叫女人的。就算,你真的叫过女人,我也不会怪你的。逢场作戏嘛,I can understand that eventhough you really bring the cabaret girls back,it is just for fun and I won’t blame you for that。”

CK : “老婆,你果然是个通情达理的女人!I am so lucky that I marry you!!Since you are so understanding, 老实说,两年前有一次出国,就这么一次,是小郭搞的鬼,偷偷安排了个 cabaret 女郎到我房间来。。。”

从此以后,CK 每次无论到哪里出国谈生意,老婆都会跟着去。连小郭这位生意伙伴,也和郭夫人,从此形影不离。

The moral of the story is that, it doesn’t pay to be honest owning up for such things to your wife/girl friend and,secondly,绝对不要把任何兄弟的名字给招出来!!

重点是,请用你的 EQ 来决定是否要坦白从宽,不然,连天使也帮不了你!!

温柔乡解放了?gender revolution?

December 5th, 2007


上次谈到了越南新娘,有几位网友留言说到“what you see, is not what you get..”。

I would like to clarify that,在我的三言两语里,我只是描述越南女生如何的温柔,并没有定论哪个国籍的女生是做老婆的“好料”。至于女生个别的人品、人格如何,whether individually they are having a sound character, it has nothing to do with their gentleness。


But the world is changing so rapidly that,曾经被公认为最温柔、顺从的日本女人,也已经开始革命了!!

日本新法令规定,允许妇女离婚时,要求得到丈夫一半的退休金。This new law was implemented in April, divorce cases increased by 6.1% and 95% of which were put up by the wives.


Imagine this, as a Japanese man, when you are young and you get married. Please get ready to get divorced and give up half of your retirement funds, so that you are alone and be poorer by 50%



男生,why are you getting married???

越南温柔,温柔越难?do you have it?

December 3rd, 2007



I now fully understand why local match making companies are so willing to introduce vietnam ladies to Singaporean men. Vietnam ladies in general are gentle and understanding. 

越南女生也非常勤奋,所以她们在嫁入了异国后,也会学习当地的语言、文化、习俗。我有个朋友就是到越南工作,然后认识了受高等教育的越南籍女生结婚。They have been married for 14 years.

My friend told me that Vietnam ladies can be possessive and jealousy. 我说那和新加坡女生没有不同啊?我的朋友却说了一句话,“It is the delivery and communication style that Vietnamese ladies that make a difference.”


越南妻子如何表达心中的“忧虑”才是重点,她们从不 state a point by shooting the husband down. Instead, they will raise the respect and dignity of their husbands first and then highlight their “worrying” concerns. 这种交流是难能可贵的!!

我国是个女权至上的国家,你能想象Singaporean wives 会用什么发式和老公交流吗?柔情万种的方式?别做梦了!!


I wonder……

牛顿的爱情定律 Newton’s romance

November 22nd, 2007



竟然把 Issac Newton’s Universal Gravitation (万用引力)和 3 laws of motion (三大动力定律),改编成爱情定律,牛顿在九泉之下,是否会翻身过来??

If you have studied physics before, this is really spoofing Newton’s laws!!英文是原汁原味,中文由我大略翻译,未必精准。

Universal law of Love:

Love can neither be created nor be destroyed; only it can transfer from One girlfriend to another girlfriend with some loss of money.


First law of Love:

A boy in love with a girl, continue to be in love with her and a girl in love with a boy, continue to be in love with him, until or unless any external agent(brother or father of the girl) comes into play and break the legs of the boy.



Second law of Love:

The rate of change of intensity of love of a girl towards a boy is directly proportional to the instantaneous bank balance of the boy and the direction of this love is same to as increment or decrement of the bank balance.


Third law of Love:

The force applied while proposing a girl by a boy is equal and opposite to the force applied by the girl while slapping.





男女数学题 logic?

November 18th, 2007



古早时代,男人当家说了算。现今时代,男人又要赚钱养家,又要做 new age sensitive gentleman ,换言之,又要拿钱回家,又要听老婆话,真是活该!!

What has happend to our men? Where is the spirit of manhood? Men are expected to be obedient in front of their beloved wife/girl friend, but when their relationship turns bad, they are so weak that some chose to commit suicide. Is this how men should behave without the gutsy traits?


Ladies & gentlemen, let’s go back to basic by revisiting the mathematics logic and ask yourself what is your preference …..

smart man + smart woman = romance

smart man + dumb woman = affair

dumb man + smart woman = marriage

dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy



钱比情坚?what is strong?

November 13th, 2007


I was reading The New Paper yesterday, headlines was about how huge money can be made by a male legal assistant working as a gigolo at night. He makes RM$10,000 a month.

其实男欢女爱的钱,就是可以赚这么多,只要你肯放下身段、面子、尊严,大把大把的物质享受,源源不断。Don’t complain those are easy money,  I assure you,都是血汗钱!!

在本地,21岁的女生,白天念书、晚间上班,月入S$10,000,this does not include “extra service” requested by patrons。 如包括“出街”,月入可达S$20,000,简直是 high income group。Moreover, the income is clearly non-taxable.

With globalisation and free trade, almost all countries including socialist countries 都进入了笑贫不笑娼的时代了。可悲还是可喜?我不下定论,因为,life still has to go on。

社会越进步,感情越薄弱。不是吗?夫妻间,容易离异、越轨。现代父母问苍天:“养儿,防老还是烦恼?”  到头来,不管是夫妻、父母、还是子女,感情一破裂,官司四起,家庭闹剧开锣上演。

谁说现今感情不脆弱?歌都有得唱咯:“Money makes the world go round”,还 go round 到很乱呢!


迷路了?right track?

November 11th, 2007



All of them have a common thought of getting married, that is, 为了交代而结婚。有的是为了与自己父母交代、或是为了与他的“她”交代、或为了与他的“她”的父母交代。

However, none of them feels that they need to get married, marriage is for every other parties (except for themselves) that they can think of.

总之,不是为了与自己交代而结婚就是了。Then why get married?



Don’t get me wrong, I am addressing this to those men who do not like children and yet are “forced” into a marriage. 所以,想要孩子的男人,赶快讨个老婆成家,履行男人的任务。

至于不喜欢孩子的男人,如要结婚,请三思、别冲动!!Bro,choose your path carefully!!