Have A Break, Find a Bench (Creative Designed Bench!!!)

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What will you think of when you want to have a break?
The 1st thing that comes to my mind is this catchy phrase “Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT!”

Below is a KIT KAT’s commercial which was screened on TV many years ago. Not sure if you all still remember. But I think it was a great commercial which left a deep impression to everyone.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/IRM2ho2qHrU nolink]
Another thing that comes to my mind is the Bench.
A nice & comfortable bench which I can sit on or lay down to relax… So when I want to have a break, I will find a bench nearer to me and have a break.

In this post I gonna share with everyone some of the interesting benches that I have seen online.
Benches are typically made of wood, but may also be made of metal, stone, or synthetic materials. Many benches have arm and back rest, some like bus stop benches have no back rest and can be sat on from either side.
It is quite interesting to see many different kind of benches around the world.

Garden benches are similar to public park benches, but are longer and offer more sitting places.

Park benches are set as seating places within public parks. They typically seat two to four people.

One of the benches I love most is the Scenic Benches. They are situated to provide a comfortable means of enjoying the contemplation of a beautiful landscape, a busy street scene, or even for a event.

KIT KAT bench!!! This is nice!
I’m craving for KIT KAT chocolate again after looking at this… Arww…….

2 in 1 bench- Plant and bench together!!! So CUTE!!!

A chained book? This is interesting!

A man waiting for someone… This looked artistic!!! Don’t you think so?

Cool! A pretty gal lying on a specially designed bench. The design was so thoughtful having a leg rest…

Wow! With wheel, now you can move the bench anywhere you want easily.

This is rather interesting!!! It’s like some See Saw kind…
Who is heavier now? haha… =p

Musical Chair!!! This bench is so beautiful right!!!


Sit down here and enjoy the greenery and have some fresh air!!! Hmm…

It is a swing!!! So ROMANTIC to sit with your loved one.

HAHA! I looked at this and laugh! The idea of this is so cute!!!

This is a another bench with creative way to advertise.

Cable car indoor!!!

Giant bench in the city!!!

Giant book in the city!!!

Scenic bench! Love siting down and enjoy the beauty of nature!!!

Nice beautiful painted bench!

Another scenic bench! It’s relaxing having such view.

I like this photo! The view is beautiful with the cloudy sky and the green bench is so cute too!

LOOK AT THIS!!!! An edible bench made of KIT KAT!!!!

I found this photo online too. So creative right!!!
I wanted to make something like this but failed a lot of time due to Singapore hot weather and the chocolate melted.

Now my turn to really find a bench and relax now…
Perhaps not just relax but CAMWHORE too… haha…

I found a nice comfortable bench at the park near my place where I can sit down and enjoy some fresh air and feel relax surrounded by the greenery around.

and with that… I have to BID GOODBYE to everyone here as this is going to be my final blogpost. I enjoyed sharing my blog here and hope you also enjoyed reading them.

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Singapore Social Media Day 2011- Have A Break at *Scape

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Were you at the Singapore Social Media Day Event held at *Scape yesterday?

Lot of bloggers gathered there to celebrate Social Media Day in Singapore for the 1st time.

SGSMD 2011 is an adaptation of World Social Media Day, which was initiated by internet news blog Mashable in 2010 and celebrated on 30 June during its first year.

This Event was initiated by a group of volunteer bloggers and supported by a group of social media enthusiasts. The event is presented by HTC and supported by omy.sg, Singapore’s leading news and entertainment web portal by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH).

To express the spirit of Social Media, the organising committee has come up with a simple yet highly apt tag word “SoMe!” , which apart from being an abbreviation of Social Media, also speaks volumes about how people of today engage various social media channels to express themselves on a daily basis.

Beside having games and fun there, we also giving back to the society via donations to a charitable cause! And I really felt this was really meaningful that bloggers can also do their part! (Read more here)

The Event was held at *Scape.

Poster at the entrance of *Scape.

Darren & blogger friend helping at the donation booth and lucky draw booth.

I dropped my donation and was given a lucky draw form and also a game card.

“SoMe” Facebook Wall so cute!!! It is a real wall for you to leave comment!!!

I left my comment there too! Haha…

A photo with Mint who was the committee member of the event.

Blogshop Owners setting up booths there in A Good Cost For A Good Cause!

At one of the booths I saw many soft toys. Angry Bird so CUTE right!!!

Talent Performance to entertain the crowd.

Tissue Blowing Game with the audience.

The Audience get to pair up with Bloggers for Creative Sandwich Making Contest.

Blogger Calvin was one of the game in-charge.

Bloggers were given limited ingredient for making their Sandwich.

Hemm.. the above picture you can tell how limited of ingredients they have for the contest.

But the blogger were very nice, they shared the ingredient. PEACE!

Contestants discussing how they want to make their Sandwich.
It’s always good to discuss and plan 1st.
Contestants were given 10 mins to do their Sandwiches.

Okies 10 mins up! The judges stepped in and give scoring to their work.

Can u tell what is this? Yes it is an Angry Bird. Cute right!!!
The Angry bird was made with white bread spread with Chilli Sauce and topped with Cheese and Luncheon Meat.
Very Creative! And that is done by our blogger, AndyStorm.

Hearty Sandwiches. Looked so cute too!

SpongeBob SquarePants!!! Very Creative use of ingredients

Twitter Bird? That’s so cute!
This was done by Blogger Yingzi and her partner.

The Winner for the Sanchwich Making Contest is Yingzi!!!
(Photo: Singapore Social Media Day’s Facebook)

5th Floor for Games and redeem goodies bag after playing 4 games!

The Public had fun playing the games.

Look at this boy! He is really fast!

Ahh…. isn’t that my face at the bottom left? Yes it was me. Haha…

After playing the 4 games, you will receive an exclusive goodies bag!

In this Goodies Bag:
– A box of “Happy Chardes” home-baked cookies
– 2 bar of Kit Kat (My favourite snack)
– A bar of Milo Energy Snack Bar
– A Kit Kat Notebook
– A Stomp Notepad
– A Pass holder

It was sure a FUN-FILLED day for everyone!!!

Thanks to all the organising committee and sponsors for making this event possible!
(Photo: Singapore Social Media Day 2011’s facebook)

View more photo of the event at my facebook’s album here.

Had fun & took many photo at *Scape yesterday too?
Yes, that’s a good way of “Have A Break”!!!
Wanna win $200 Kit Kat Hamper now?

Send in photo of you at *Scape yesterday and stand to win, see detail here

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