If You’re Reading This, This is What You Should Totally Do Right Now!

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Try making a guess before pulling out your QR code scanner!

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Definition of Break

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I’ve done this many times but I’m gonna do this again!


 Last week was a pretty busy period at work with all the deadlines to meet, work to accomplish, task to be fulfiled. Before F1 to be take place at my workplace next month, I think it’s very important to be able to identify and take heed of the wise advice that I know, you know and everyone else knows: take a break, move down in stakes, evaluate the game and come back to the tables with a clean mind, all ready to charge again! 

Working like a machine? Have a break. The chinese saying goes ‘休息是为了走更长的路’.







The next things I wanna plan is…

  1. Buy an air ticket and book a hotel for a 3D2N Bangkok trip as to attend my good friend’s wedding in Bangkok. It has been 18 years since I last went to Bangkok. I know it’s a shopping paradise for all ladies but somehow it did’nt fancy me alot. This time, I shall make use of this trip to attend my friend’s wedding and perhaps do some shopping in Bangkok. Will appreciate if you can provide me with information of any nice recommendations of places to visit, affordable hotel to stay, cheap air tickets and nice restaurants.
  2. Go to Hongkong or Taiwan for a vacation. Believe it or not, I’ve been to many places but Hongkong. It seems like everytime I wanna plan to go Hongkong, I cannot help but to change my flight to Taipei instead. Hongkong for new travelling experience and Taipei for friends visit. I cannot make up my mind but Hollandboy seems to want to go Taiwan instead. Poor boy has been feeling rather down lately. I hope I can make the trip come true and let him have a break away from Europe.

TRY copy

The Kit Kat Yer Big Break challenge will be ending on 12 August. You can always follow me at Sheronism. Thanks to all other Kit Kat bloggers especially William, HP, Angie and Kaiyi who were such fabulous companion in SHINE Youth Festival and Singapore Bloggers Award.


 IMG_5097 copy3

(Cutesy KitKat-owned-Background by none other than Joanne – Beru Beru)

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Showin’ Singapore Some Lovin’

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Hope you all had a good break during National Day and showed some love to our nation! While you all relax and enjoy the National Day Parade, I was soaked in sweat until my underwear was very wet having fun at the parade venue. Instead of hunting for trigger-worthy moments, some of us NDP appointed photographers turned the cameras on ourselves and created our intepretation of The Singapore Spirit! 

Siow Har Har

喜事成双!All good things must come in doubles! Siow Har is getting happily stars-struck.

Cowboy Darren

Bang bang yee-ha! My birthday wish for Singapore, "Gallop ahead of competitions and may adversities be far behind!

Jumpin Jasmine

Jumpin' Jasmine spreads her luuurrrrrvvve for Singapore!

Ken Kong

Zookeeper trying to reign in an escaped gorilla?!


Oh it's just King Kong Ken wishing Singapore to 一飞冲天!Once fly hit the sky!

S for Staci

An 'S' jump because 'S' is for Staci and Singapore! Stay Super, Singapore!

Wholesome Winson

Here's Winson's wholesome take on living in Singapore. Yeah, it can be a pain in the ( ! ) sometimes, but we are lovin' it!

Kit Kat Poster Pek

May all Singaporeans enjoy more quality breaks and have a sweet life! Can be new poster boy for Kit Kat or not huh?... Ooi! Don't puke!

NDP 2011 Fireworks

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Aren’t the shots fun? Finally we get to have a break from shooting the audience and show to get our own NDP 2011 memories recorded. Thanks for all the great times during the series of NDP shoots that are a test of endurance and photographic dexterity.

But with passion, we made it. Just as Singapore made it through all the odds! That’s The Singapore Spirit!

For more behind-the-sccene photos and thoughts of NDP 2011, please click here.

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Have a Break at Singapore Flyer & Watch NDP Fireworks!!!

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How did you celebrate Singapore National Day this year?

Did you manage to get ticket to watch the NDP 2011?

Or you watch it at home with your family?

I got a different experience with friends at the Singapore Flyer!!!


On my way to the Singapore Flyer, I saw parachuters in the sky. It was very spectacular watching them.

Each capsule has a 28-person capacity and each revolution takes approximately 30 minutes.

At a height of 165m, Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and is set to be one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions.


On my way to take the ride.

You may even book the whole capsule for private party with your friends.

Have a great view from the flyer!

How can I miss taking a photo like this…

And of cause a photo with my friends- Daren (Left) and Eric(Right).

We were really lucky! We got the right timing!!! NDP fireworks displaying!!!


It is really beautiful right!!!
Happy National Day!!! Looking forward for next year’s NDP!!!

I bet it will be even more spectacular!!!

Wishing all of you all a Happy 46th National Day for Singapore!

Hope Singapore will proper! God bless Singapore Photobucket

Wanna take a Singapore Flyer ride too?
Visit http://www.singaporeflyer.com today!!!

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Have a break & Go holiday at Kuala Lumpur!!!

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Hi everyone! I’m back from Kuala Lumpur!
It was a great trip and I made some new friend during the trip!
During my visit there, I stayed at Berjaya Times Square Hotel.
This is one of the best hotel stay ever. The hotel staffs were friendly and the rooms are clean.
Best reason to stay there is because of the shopping below the hotel. You can easily shop for clothes, shoes and eat at Times Square. And it is also walking distance to SG Wang and Pavilion and other shopping centre.

This is my room and it is really spacious I must say.

The view from my hotel room.

Very convinent! There is a Monorail Train Service just below the hotel.

For those who want some excitement can try the Times Square indoor Theme Park!

Saw their phone booth along the street and decided to take some picture. Phone booth like this are hard to find in Singapore already.. I find them very cute.

Visited the Kiehl’s Store at Bangsar Shopping Centre. That’s Malaysia Kiehl’s Boy Koren!!!

I love their beautiful posters all over the shopping centre.

Traffic jam is becoming normal to the Malaysian I heard… That’s Pavilion Shopping centre behind!!!

Hungry? Can eat at Jalan Alor near to SG Wang…
The whole street here is full of delicious food.

I had Fried Oyster, Bat Kut Teh, Fried Hokkien Mee and Ice Mango Sago.
The food here tasted so delicious I must admit.
The Fried Oyster here have less flour and more egg and bigger oyster.
The Fried Hokkien Mee is also unlike Singapore one, the noodle is a bit like Udon noddle, more thicker and friend with dark sauce. Very Tasty!!! Coming to the dessert, the ice mango comes with real fresh mango and sago- very yummy!!!

DURIAN LOVER ALERT!!! At Jalan Alor, you will see quite a few Durian Stall like this.
A lot of people actually buy the durian and them along the road.

My friend, Jefferd brought me to this place and tried several food.
According to him a lot of people like to come here with friends and eat here in the evening.

We had Fried Oyster, Popiah and Satay!!!
The Chicken Satay tasted very nice- tender inside and crispy outside.

Me & Alex Yap

Me & Elvin

That’s the famous KL Twin Tower!!!
Did not manage to get the night view…
But if you are there, do go and see the night view. It is very beautiful at night too.
It looked like a diamond tower at night! Very nice!
I heard from the Malaysian that at 12 midnight, the tower’s light will slowly turn off from the top to bottom.

How can I miss out taking a photo with the beautiful tower!!!

See many tourists also taking photo with the tower. I’m glad to capture this photo!
They really enjoying the JUMP I can see!!!

SEE! It’s my favourite chocolate- KIT KAT!
And they can be easily found at the Cold Storage in Times Square too!
Times Square Hotel is sure an ideal choice of hotel to stay in! I love hotel which have Supermarket nearby.

Bought my favourite KIT KAT and some other snack to eat in my hotel!

Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT!!! Heaven!!!

Yup just for your info, Neway KTV is one of the best KTV in Malaysia and it is located in Times Square too!

Check out the rates!!! Very CHEAP right!!!

I had a great time with friends on the last day of my trip before heading back to Singapore!!!

We had K-lunch (11am-2pm). Guess how much each person paid?
It is only RM$17 (About S$ 7) for 3 hours singing!!! You get to eat and sing for that price!!! Where to find in Singapore right. The songs were updated and also sound system was very good.
We even get to sing extra 30minutes untill 2.30pm and not chased out lor. I heard my friend said sometime they can sing even up to 7 hours and paying only 3 hour price.

Sweet couple… Very friendly Malaysian friend…
They even sent me up the bus. I told them to visit Singapore one day and I will show them around SG and bring them eat nice local food too.

Along the way back to SG… Nice Sunset!

Hope to visit KL again soon…
Till then take care my friends in KL.
Call me when you come SG.

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Have a break & dip into the blue

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HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d spent the National Day with my best friends in Resort World Sentosa.


It’s been some time since I last went outdoor. My friend, Celia booked a hotel room in Hotel Michael in Resort World Sentosa and invited us to Sentosa for a short getaway.


Our deluxe room. We got 2 connecting rooms for 5 of us.


The view out of our window. We can actually see the giantic Merlion. In this picture, it was blocked by the huge trees.


Went to Baits (By Ding Tai Fung) for a sumptuous array of Singapore classics and seafood specialities.


Then off to the Luge and Sky ride. Guess what? As to accodomate the little kid, I actually accompanied him to take 3 x sky rides and 3 x luge ride. Thank god, it rained in the morning hence the weather was quite cooling. I would have become 2 shade tanner if it was a sunny day.



In the evening, we walked to the pool in Hard Rock Hotel for a swim. It was said that the same sand is used at the Hard Rock Hotel pools in Bali, Orlando, Las Vegas and Pattaya. The sand created a ‘beach-effect’ which is something unusual in a hotel.


Me and ‘wifey’ at the Pool.



White BEBE VS Black Armani.


As the sky turned dark, the pool was already quite vacant by 7pm. Is it because of the Hungry Ghost Festival? I’m not sure if there were such myth that we should avoid swimming in the 7th month or not but well.. we still continued to swim anyway.


Dinner at Chillis.


Gaming on Ipad was our only entertainment before the food is here.


What a feast. 4 of us did’nt manage to finish it anyway. Hahahaha…


Shopping in Victoria Secret and I spotted a Passport Holder which I mad love. I ended up leaving the store without buying it as I’m pretty sure I could get it at a much cheaper price in States.


Back to our hotel room and guess what I was doing late at 12am+? Watching Looney Toons cartoon on Ipad with the my friend’s kid.


Last but not least…

Click LIKE to http://www.facebook.com/kitkat and have lots of fun!


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Have a Break & Watch NDP Fireworks at this BEST SPOTS today!!!

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Today is 9th August 2011 and it is also Singapore’s 46th Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Are you guys staying home to watch the NDP 2011 on TV or heading out to NDP 2011 with your NDP tickets?

Well if you didn’t get the tickets and still want to watch the firework live, scroll down here and see the few places you can go to watch the firework.

What time is the firework displaying?
It is usually at the end of the show around 8pm-8.30pm.
I suggest you reach around 7.30pm and get a good spot.

Things you may want to bring:
Drinks, umbrella, picnic mat, some snacks, mini fan and CAMERA!!!

*Take note: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (Girl try not to wear heel !!!)

Enjoy the firework display!!!!

1. Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Boardwalk/Boulevard

This is a great spot. It was only opened last year, you get to see the firework up-close. The Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Boardwalk brings you next to the Marina water’s edge for the perfect view of the whole event. This newly completed timber boardwalk is situated just in front of Marina Bay Sands.

2. Esplanade Waterfront Promenade & Theater

Another recently opened is the Waterfront Promenade. It is also an ideal spot to watch the firework free and close!

The 3.5km waterfront promenade is very convenient to access and provides a continuous route linking the Marina Centre, Collyer Quay and Bayfront areas.

3. Merlion Park

You might need to be there early due to the limited standing area. You can see the firework directly above your head here.

4. The Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge was opened this year and will be providing photographers a good spot to catch the firework at an interesting angle. The spiraling structure of the bridge with its beautiful lights adds to the atmosphere of watching firework. It add on a new place to see the NDP fireworks this year.

See more about the Helix Bridge

5. The Esplanade Bridge

An alternative place to the Merlion Park where you could get the fireworks real close too.

Youget to capture a nice photo with the Merlion as background for your fireworks photos from the bridge.

It can be quite crowded as well. Therefore, i suggest you reach early to get a good spot.

6. The Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage- a good relaxing place to catch firework. The harbor views along the river is beautiful. You can bring a picnic mat here for a picnic with your family/friends.

7. The Marina Boulevard Open Field

Another good spot for picnic and watch firework!! The open space with green lush at the Marina Boulevard is the all-time favorite among serious photographers.

Watch the firework light up the dark sky here!

8. Clifford Pier

Clifford Pier is another good location for catching the fireworks except it is a bit small area compared to the rest of the locations.

But you may book a table at “One on the Bund” restaurant to dine there and enjoying the firework.

9. Marina Square

Another good old-time favourite for catching the fireworks. The grand stand facing the bay gave an slightly elevated view of the bay and the firework.

At the same time, you have the convenient of the shopping mall and the toilets nearby too.

10. Esplanade Mall Outdoor Foodcourt

The Esplanade Outdoor Foodcourt – Makansutra Gluttons Bay is very small consider its limited tables and chairs. However, you will get a great view of the firework over there.

Try to be early and grab a good seats.

11. Singapore Flyer Foodcourt

Have your local favorites while taking in the glamorous view of the firework if you sit near to a table facing the bay at the foodcourt at level 1 of the Singapore Flyer.

12. One Fullerton Boardwalk

The stretch of boardwalk with the restaurants facing the Marina Bay Sands is a hot favorite for professional photographers.

However, it is often crowded, so be there early or alternatively book a table at one of the restaurants there to avoid disappointment.

Watching NDP Firework at places which is Not Free

Want to have a more comfortable way of watching the NDP firework? Pampering yourself?

During the National Day, there are some hotels providing some NDP packages which make it more value for money. Although this is not cheap, the room or restaurant is often fully booked and you will need to make early reservation to avoid disappointment.

13. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

There is no better place to watch the Fireworks other than the newly opened Marina Sands Roof Garden. Recently opened to public and have attracted around 1000 Singaporeans and tourists during last weekend’s NDP rehearsal.

The unobstructed elevated view from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark which is 200 meters above ground provides a 360 degree panorama of Marina Bay at night and has become the newest chic place to visit during this NDP. It has also quickly become the preferred ideal place for professional photographers to capture their magnificent shoots and for anyone who want to celebrate NDP with a new experience. Not only you get the breathtaking view of the firework, the laser show, the city and Marina Bay but you get to see the F15 roaring so close above your head.

Admission: Tickets to the SkyPark can only be bought from 10am on the day of your visit. $20 for adults, $14 for children and $17 for senior citizens.

14. Pinnacle at Duxton

Pinnacle@Duxton is the tallest and recently completed public residents in Singapore. The roof top garden (Skybridge) which is on the 50th floor, provide a new way of watching NDP this year.

Although it is further away from the Padang, it is cheaper and you will still be able to view the firework almost unblocked.

Admission Only 100 members of the public will be allowed to entered and join the residents on August 9. Tickets priced at $10.

15. The Singapore Flyer

Take a fun and leisure ride on the Singapore Flyer at over 160 metres tall to enjoy the full view of the firework.

A ride will take roughly about 30 minutes and try to take the ride during the firework timing.

Admission $29.50 for adults, $20.65 for children, and $23.60 for seniors.
See the Singapore Flyer NDP Promotion.

16. The Marina Sands Hotel

Experience the excitement of NDP and firework at the luxury of a 5-star hotel. The Marina Sands Hotel is newly opened and is the most talk about hotel in Singapore along with its Integrated Resort concept. Check out the promotion packages that come with complementary red wines and SkyPark passes and SkyPark Photo experience. This definitely will be a night you want to be with the rich and famous.

See Marina Sands Hotel NDP Promotions!

17. The Fullerton Hotel

You can get a close view of the firework at this heritage hotel. During the National Day promotion, you get access to One Fullerton rooftop to view the fireworks display.

Make sure you ask for rooms that facing the fireworks area.

See the NDP promotions at the Fullerton Hotel.

18. Ritz Carlton Millenia

As you know, Ritz Carlton has a very special bathroom and bathtub.

This will be so rememorable!!! Imagine the firework outside your window! Smile

See Ritz Carlton NDP firework promotion package.

19. Mandarin Oriental

Rooms at the Mandarin Oriental facing the Bay will enjoy an unobstructed view of the firework display at the comfort of the room.

Enjoy some private time with you love one here will be very romantic right.

20. Equinox

For a top-of-the-world dining experience, Equinox which is located at Level 70 of Swissotel the Stamford hotel is probably one of the best. It has been one of the popular restaurants to be at during the NDP because no matter if it is at Padang or at Marina Bay, with this height, you could enjoy the firework display without comparison.

There is no better place to view the fireworks than from the top of raffles place, however, be prepared to fork out an extra $100 per head for a window seat.

21. Axis Bar and Lounge

Although not as high as the Equinox or the Axis, at level 4 of Mandarin Oriental hotel, it provides a breathtaking views over Singapore’s Marina Bay and the firework display.

22. The Lighthouse Restaurant

Sitting at the apex of The Fullerton Hotel, it features delightful Italian cuisine amidst a lovely ambience, complete with panoramic views of Marina Bay and the city skyline and the firework display.

However, ask for seat close to the windows to have a good view.

23. Restaurants at One Fullerton

You should be able to catch a nice view of the firework looking out of the windows of these restaurant such as Palm Beach Seafood, Forlino Italian, Pierside Kitchen & Bar, The Butter Factory, Flo Bar & Lounge, San-Sui Sumiyaki & Tsuki Bar, The Society Bistro, Starbucks Coffee, OverEasy or Jing.

Be there early and ask for window seating for a good view.


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Having a break – Genting Highlands(prologue)

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A few weeks ago, I went on a vacation, my goal was simple, to enjoy a really good sleep up a mountain and to enjoy the cold climate on top.

This is my hotel’s view out facing Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Up approximately 2000metres from sea level.

And I tell you, I really had a good sleep, I can even smile in my sleep, photo of me sleeping by Angele

Do read up on my adventures in Kuala Lumpur with a new friend I’ve made here!

Will be blogging on my Genting Highlands trip soon! And don’t forget to Have a Break!

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(picture for illustration)

I know I’m pretty much having a break, and haven’t been blogging about Kit Kat, come on, I’m having a break =P

Anyways, if you want a free $200 Kit Kat hamper, simply comment on why you want, I’ll choose a winner randomly.


  • You must be in Singapore
  • You may give me comments like “I want because I want, cannot ah?”


(Originally posted here)

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Money may not buy all happiness

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It’s MONDAY today. There’s a ‘Mon’ in Monday and that’s ‘MINE’ in french, if you were’nt aware. Think of it as ‘Myday’  and that will sound more promising start to this week. What’s more its National Day tomorrow. You get a off right? If not, then an Off In Lieu? Hee~


Let’s listen to nice song! I am wery addicted to this song recently. Not exactly a new song but nonetheless worth listening to it again one more time.  It is Price tag by Jessie J featuring B.O.B. Love the lyrics of this song.

Jessie J - Price Tag (feat_ B_O_B)


Original MV at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMxX-QOV9tI&NR=1

Lyrics Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-TSaH7T7_k

PS: Live your life and risk it all. Take some chances, take the fall. Take your time, no need to hurry. Have some fun, and never worry. 😉


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