Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break! Blog Challenge- Result will be announced today (6 Oct) at 7pm!!!

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Which of the above bloggers above will win a 4D3N dream holiday trip?

Winner get to choose one of the following trips:

Beach getaway (Phuket + Snorkelling)
City tour (Hong Kong + Disneyland)
Nature trip (Taiwan + Hot Springs)

Winner will be informed at 7pm today (6 Oct 2011).

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Kit Kat’s Yer Big Break Contest- Winner revealed!

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Congrats to the winners!!!
Thanks to all who had voted!!! ^_^

See all the other entries here.

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Have a Break from 1 to 10

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Since my first post of this blog challenge is having a A to Z break dictionary, I shall end off my part by coming out with another break dictionary from 1 to 10.

This time, the 1 to 10 refers to the number of people you can have a break with.

When you take a break yourself, it’s the best time for self-discovery and doing things that you enjoy or always wanted to try. I’m the adventurous sort, so I’d go for something like swinging 20m(?) off ground on the trapeze! Adrenaline rush fulfilling much.

Grab a close girlfriend and do silliest stuffs ever, and you know you won’t be judged.

Drink, and hit the dance floor after that!

When I think of four people, I think of my family. We usually see our family at home everyday, and most of us take it for granted. So the best way for some good bonding time is to spend a day out (of the house) with them.

No specific characters, just random!

Er, trying to, er, do, er, the Wonder Girls pose in the popular ‘Nobody’ song back then.

Poker cards, chips, liquor, mixers. Need I say more?

I’ve got no dogs, but I can leech off the joy from my dog owner friends!

Work mates gone bonkers from all that OT hahahaha. Can you spot the 9th person?

BBQ wings, stingray and MARSHMALLOWS! Have anyone tried barbequeing Kit Kats®? Molten chocolate fingers! :O

Having a BREAK with BIGGER than a group of 10?

Of course it has to be ‘Yer BIG BREAK’ with the Kit Kat® people! Bloggers, organisers, designers, readers and all who made this blogging challenge a real happening one! It’s been a ride, thank you!

Signing off with lotsa Kit Kats® in my mouth,

P.S. Don’t forget to keep having breaks.

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Signing off with tonnes of XOXOs… Yours Truly… Sheronism

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Met up with Hazey after work at Starbucks.


Everyone might think that a break up is a situation that will never turn good… but that’s not true, give it time and the storm will always pass. I believe we make our own luck. It is not down to fate. It is down to our individual actions and choices. Just remember to look for the sun behind the clouds. Make sure you’re with someone who doesn’t take you for granted and knows just what they have. Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you. 😉 And most importantly, don’t blame yourself because honestly, you are truly good enough.


I hope Hazey like the card I made for her and not forgetting the Kit Kat (Not to remind her of the break up ;P) but to remind her to take a break and live for the moment, laugh often!!!



As I bid goodbye to this Kit Kat Blog Challenge. I would again like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers for following this blog, all tha Kit Kat bloggers as much friendships were established, Kit Kat for this contest and for all the hardwork. Here is a recap of my journey in Kit Kat Yer Big Break Blog Challenge.

TGIF!  Hope everyone have a great weekend ahead!
Remember to smile (always).


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Have a break and have a feast!

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Eating is a good way to de-stress! I love eating and always finding for new places to eat .

Recently I dine at a few places.. ( all these are first time trying )


SIAM KITCHEN BUFFET ( $18.80 + / adult ) – ( $10.90+ / child )

Normally those buffet I went is self service with wide choice of dishes / order from menu and they will serve you whatever you want. This one is a little different , since their menu is average of variety , they will served everything from the MENU at one go. ( you can opt away food you don’t want )

Overall rating ( out of five star )
Service : .5
Environment : .5
Food : .5
Efficiency ( food serving time , refilling of drink and taking orders ) : .5
Valued for money : YES
Haha! Nobody is perfect so i don’t give full star yet XD
Will I visit again? Definately!! Already tempted xiurong and kailin heehee!! 😀


Buffet at Park Royal! ( Just opposite City Square Mall )
Price is $30+ or $40+
My sister was raving that there’s wide selection of food etc etc end up we went there food is very limited ( they have different theme for different day ) So basically we’re paying for what we can find at marketplace. The food taste quite good though , and best thing I like is , this is the first time I dine buffet so enjoyable! I was using laptop , enjoying the nice setting of the place and peaceful as there wasn’t much customer .
Will I visit again? Maybe ^-^ the staff service is very good though (:


BUFFET AT ( NEAR ) SENTOSA . This was recommended by many people , price was $40++ too .

Famous for their crab and durian . However I was very shock when I went there !! The place was so

packed , there were long queue for durians , we seated VERY far from the durian stall where the uncle were opening durian yet people can queue until standing beside our table . You know , having people watching you eat plus having to push your chair all the way in is so uncomforable !! The durian taste good thus worth the waiting , however the crab were not fresh . =(

We paid this price , ended up wasting so many time queuing and eating not fresh crab .

+ the hot and packed place , I seriously won’t visit again . 🙁

Any food lover out there? (: What Are some of the place you love to dine at ? (:

** Entry By The girl always on a hunt for good food **

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THANKS Everyone for reading my KIT KAT’s Blogposts!!!

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Hi everyone,

I know this may sound a bit sad as you read on but if you look at the bright side, it is not the end of friendship for the KIT KAT’s bloggers and their readers!!!

I really like to take this opportunity to thanks KIT KAT for having this Yer Big Break Blog Challenge!!!

It had been a wonderful journey from the very 1st day I joined this blog challenge.
Through this challenge, I got to know some new friends like Nabil, Carol, Lishan, Sheron & Kaiyi too and I am really happy to know them all.

Here is a summary of all my KIT KAT’s blogposts (Feel free to read them again):
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Have A Break & Play Boardgames with friends
Have A Break & Have Fun at *Scape Today (25 Jun 2011)!!!!
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Have A Break And See Ya At Shine Youth Festival 2011 TODAY!!! (2 July 2011)
SHINE Youth Festival Opening on 2 July 2011 (Did you MISSED the fun???)
Have a Break, VOTE & WIN Now!
-Have a Break from WORK, Go BOXERCISE with ME!!!

Have a Break, Enjoy some SHANGHAI CUISINE with Friends/Family!!!
Have a Break, Enjoy 10 Finalists Artwork with me!!!
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The Closing Ceremony of SHINE Youth Festival 2011
Have a BREAK… Marry ME!!!
KIT KAT- Our “Have a Break” Favourite Snack
Thank You for Participating in the “Have a Break Moment” photo contest!
Karaoke Lovers ALERT!!! (1 Aug- 9 Oct 2011)
Have a break & Go holiday at Kuala Lumpur!!!
Have a Break at Singapore Flyer & Watch NDP Fireworks!!!
Have A Break, Find a Bench (Creative Designed Bench!!!)

Thanks KIT KAT for giving me this chance to share my story here.

It was really an enjoyable journey for myself writing here and thanks to all my friends/readers who had always been very supportive to me all this while.

I hope I’ve brighten up the life of  all the readers here. Remember to “Have a Break” when you need ok!

Take care all my friends & readers!!!

You may continue to read my blog at if you enjoyed reading my blog.

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Give your tensed brain a lil’ break!

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You can now take a break in Singapore and getaway to ‘Japan’ for a short 2-3 hours!!! Sound good enough?

The Annual Natsumatsuri carnival (meaning “Summer Festival”) is here!!! This would be your chance to get away from all the exam hype and give your tensed brain a wee break!

This year, it will be held at Saturday, 20 August 2011, from 6pm to 10pm in Japanese Primary School Changi Campus with only $2 admission fee!!! Payment for food, drinks, games and yukata rental is not included and it will be in cash only!

The pre-ordering of tickets is over but the tickets will also be available for sale at the venue itself.

If this is your 1st time to Natsumatsuri or you’ve never even heard of this before, this is what you may be expecting….

Last year Natsumatsuri 2010 in Singapore. (Dont worry. It is not compulsory to wear japanese yukata to the event.)



Don’t worry about the heat. The carnival usually starts in the evening when the sun has gone down and due to the huge open area, it will be quite cooling (maybe not when you are wearing the yukata. haha)


Invite your friends along, the more the merrier!


This are what you will expect at the carnival…


It is gonna be fun!!! Come down to the Natsumatsuri 2011 this year and have lots of fun with us!!!


The place is as below…


Please note that the school’s carpark is strictly for parking by officials only. You can park your car elsewhere and walk to the school. Alternatively you can take MRT to Tanah Merah MRT Station then walk towards Bus Stop @ New Upper Changi Road, tanah Merah Station. (B85091) and take Bus 002 (B85091), 11 sops later alight at Upper Changi Road North, the Japanese School.

SEE YOU on 20TH AUGUST 2011!!! ;D

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Have A Break, Find a Bench (Creative Designed Bench!!!)

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What will you think of when you want to have a break?
The 1st thing that comes to my mind is this catchy phrase “Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT!”

Below is a KIT KAT’s commercial which was screened on TV many years ago. Not sure if you all still remember. But I think it was a great commercial which left a deep impression to everyone.
[youtube nolink]
Another thing that comes to my mind is the Bench.
A nice & comfortable bench which I can sit on or lay down to relax… So when I want to have a break, I will find a bench nearer to me and have a break.

In this post I gonna share with everyone some of the interesting benches that I have seen online.
Benches are typically made of wood, but may also be made of metal, stone, or synthetic materials. Many benches have arm and back rest, some like bus stop benches have no back rest and can be sat on from either side.
It is quite interesting to see many different kind of benches around the world.

Garden benches are similar to public park benches, but are longer and offer more sitting places.

Park benches are set as seating places within public parks. They typically seat two to four people.

One of the benches I love most is the Scenic Benches. They are situated to provide a comfortable means of enjoying the contemplation of a beautiful landscape, a busy street scene, or even for a event.

KIT KAT bench!!! This is nice!
I’m craving for KIT KAT chocolate again after looking at this… Arww…….

2 in 1 bench- Plant and bench together!!! So CUTE!!!

A chained book? This is interesting!

A man waiting for someone… This looked artistic!!! Don’t you think so?

Cool! A pretty gal lying on a specially designed bench. The design was so thoughtful having a leg rest…

Wow! With wheel, now you can move the bench anywhere you want easily.

This is rather interesting!!! It’s like some See Saw kind…
Who is heavier now? haha… =p

Musical Chair!!! This bench is so beautiful right!!!


Sit down here and enjoy the greenery and have some fresh air!!! Hmm…

It is a swing!!! So ROMANTIC to sit with your loved one.

HAHA! I looked at this and laugh! The idea of this is so cute!!!

This is a another bench with creative way to advertise.

Cable car indoor!!!

Giant bench in the city!!!

Giant book in the city!!!

Scenic bench! Love siting down and enjoy the beauty of nature!!!

Nice beautiful painted bench!

Another scenic bench! It’s relaxing having such view.

I like this photo! The view is beautiful with the cloudy sky and the green bench is so cute too!

LOOK AT THIS!!!! An edible bench made of KIT KAT!!!!

I found this photo online too. So creative right!!!
I wanted to make something like this but failed a lot of time due to Singapore hot weather and the chocolate melted.

Now my turn to really find a bench and relax now…
Perhaps not just relax but CAMWHORE too… haha…

I found a nice comfortable bench at the park near my place where I can sit down and enjoy some fresh air and feel relax surrounded by the greenery around.

and with that… I have to BID GOODBYE to everyone here as this is going to be my final blogpost. I enjoyed sharing my blog here and hope you also enjoyed reading them.

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There’s Always Time for Small Breaks

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Just like how there’s always room for desserts.

I haven’t been avidly active in this space for the longest time. I know, I know. And it’s funny how I am supposed to preach about having breaks when I’m the one who needs a real break myself.

Work has been overwhelming. But in the midst of all the busyness, having a Kit Kat® never fails to bring a huge grin to my face =) Man, how I really appreciate small little breaks AND desserts like these! Best of both worlds.


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A japanese friend emailed this to me last night. She had Mc Flurry in Japan’s macdonalds. She said Mc Flurry is one of the japanese’s favourite for summer. Did you notice the word ‘ENJOY MIXING’ ???


 Tadah~ I honestly cannot make out what she had.


 This is the answer… It’s KIT KAT & Strawberry sauce. It’s a customised Mc Flurry in Japan. Now you can choose Oreo, Kelloggs and Kit Kat then you can pick either Strawberry sauce, Caramel sauce or Chocolate sauce. Obviously, my friend chose Kit Kat and Strawberry sauce!!!


Then she did this too!!!


Watch out and Beware!







Here is a BIGGER KIT KAT FAN!!! 



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