Sep 10 2007

About JY6 Joey Yung International Fan Club

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JY6 Joey Yung International Fan Club was launched on June 8th 2008. Known in short as JY6, the club was restructured and rebuilt from scratch under the guidance and supervision of Joey herself. Over the years, Joey has seen numerous Joey fan clubs from different countires sprouting out. She is immensely touched by the support she gets both locally and from her overseas fans. It became her wish to see all her fan clubs united as one, joined in harmony as one big family.

Gathering people that she trusts, friends and family, Joey embarked on restructuring her club and the end result was an entirely new club with a new management system, one which focused on catering not only for her local fans but placing empahasis on overseas fans as well. A lot of effort has gone into the building of JY6. It is Joey’s wish to see all her fans under one name.

As a show of support and fulfilling her wish, JAS has merged into JY6 and is now the Singapore branch of JY6. The club’s name was officially retired on June 30th 2359hrs and relaunched as JY6 Joey Yung International Fan Club (Singapore) on July 1st 2008

On 29th September 2008, Joey launched her new Official Website and JY6 Forum

Below are Joey’s official website and forums:

Official Website:
Official Forum:

To join JY6 please visit Official Forum

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