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A Hazardlicious Meal!

By , March 18, 2010 10:37 am

Dan came up with that word and when I’m done with this post, you’ll know why.

We went to City Square Mall a few days ago and were walking around aimlessly, undecided where to dine. Then I saw Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant. They have another branch at Bugis which I remembered was a pretty good eat. So we sat ourselves down and ordered the more familiar dishes.

In the order our food was served :


Shanghai Fried Rice with Chicken Chop. This is very good fried rice! Every grain can be tasted individually (I hear that’s the mark of a good fried rice), and there’s the taste and fragrance of egg with every bite – my kind of comfort food. I think I’ll order this without the chicken chop in future cos altho it was tender and nicely crispy, I thought the batter had a rather floury taste…. Dan had no complaints judging by how quickly we finished this before the next dish arrived.


Anything that is supersized is a favourite with the man. This Da Long Bao was Part 1 of the hazardliciousness. The server warned us that it was very hot and to be careful. To be fair, Dan was for the most part. He even waited patiently for other foods to arrive. Then he got thirsty and reached for the wrong straw. OUCH. That inconvenience aside, the seafood based broth would be a hit with any seafood loving person.


I really enjoyed this Xiao Long Bao : The skin is thin yet does not break when I pick it up. I love the nice plump look of the dumpling, its juices just visible under the skin promising a mouthful of rich broth. And rich it was! The server gave the same “It’s hot, be careful” warning with this dish but greedy impatient me still burnt the tip of my tongue. Hazardlicious Part II.

I think everybody has their own way of eating their dumplings. I pick mine up by the thick fold on top, dip it in vinegar, and then put it on my spoon. Following that, I decorate it with bits of ginger, bite the top off to allow the heat inside to escape, and carefully slurp up the juices inside. THEN, I pop the whole thing in my mouth. *sigh of bliss*

They have dumplings in many flavours( – Dan ordered the sharks fin dumpling but since I’m not a advocate of eating shark’s fin, I didn’t take pictures. What I did appreciate, was the wooden tags in the basket – nice to know which dumplings are where.


This Shanghai Pork Bun is Hazardlicious Part III. It’s a quarter size the regular Da Bao you buy at a coffeeshop, but Times Ten the flavor! I breathed in the aroma of the fried bao (it’s almost like fried Man Tou), and then took a careful bite. There was even some broth inside of this! How do they do it? I nodded happily to the man as a sign of how pleased I was with this bun, and then took another bite. That was when it happened.

I was hit very unexpectedly by a mini scalding geyser from some unseen hole on the bun. The stream scalded the area on top of my lip up to my nose. I dropped the bun in pain as tears started welling up in my eyes. Dan looked at me in shock and said the obvious “Your lip burnt leh.”

The first thing I did after a shocked pause, was scramble to pick up my dropped bun for another bite. Yes, it was that good. We both started laughing at how ridiculous my reaction to the situation was. What can I say – revenge is….. yummy? hurhur


This Glutinous Rice Shao Mai was great in texture and taste. The glutinous rice inside had a very distinct mushroom flavour. Small in size and big in flavor – like most of the dishes here.


We ended our meal with this sweet bean pastry. Looked like red bean to me – creamy and oozing out of a flaky pastry. Even this was hazardlicious, the paste hot enough to scald. This is a hit with me for the reason that it’s closest in texture and taste to the red bean paste I enjoy in Taiwan.

Prices aren’t too steep here I think – our meal cost under 60 (this entry is missing pictures of drinks and the sharks fin dumplings).Visit if you like quality vs quantity cos most dishes here are small and come in pairs. 

Be ‘careful’ if you visit 🙂

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