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Officially the Best Sliced Roast Pork.

By , May 10, 2011 8:34 am

Does this look appetizing?


It’s even better in real life because they serve it still sizzling from the grill and it smells heavenly. I’m not one to take fatty bits of a roast pork (Dan always tells me I’m missing out), but I couldn’t resist taking a big bite of this, fat and all. The burst of flavour and the contrast between the tender meat, the melt-in-my-mouth fat and the crisy sides made this taste like a bite of heaven =p


Dan ordered this braised pork – It was very well seasoned with a distinctive taste of spices…. Good but I’d have preferred a second order of the roast pork =)


The chicken broth ramen also gets a thumbs up – thin ramen (almost like the wanton mee variety) in this yummy chicken soup which I prefer over a pork bone soup sealed the deal for me.

The (very efficient) server also recommended a crispy chicken katsu – Tasted almost like chicken popcorn served as a cutlet. Ie: very crisy to the bite but also a tad salty.

Many people must love Marutama too because they are now at The Central, United Square, and Liang Court. You have to try it!

Grandma’s Kitchen (Part 2)

By , November 15, 2010 4:43 pm

I wrote about Grandma’s kitchen sometime back and ended it with a note to try their chendol – Which I did!


Except for the palm seed (or attap seed as it’s more fondly called) which was quite hard, this is very good Chendol! Thick coconut cream, sweetened red bean, green jelly and shaved ice topped with (as much or as little of) the best gula melaka I have ever had. This treat is an excellent replacement for ice cream (I’m on a no dairy diet) =D 


This is the Nasi Bukhari(15.8) – you get to taste all the good stuff on a plate. The beef rendang was really good (bigger pic in my prev post), the assam prawn passable, and the deep fried chicken thigh THE absolute best deep fried chicken I’ve had. The skin is fried to a crisp and the tender meat well marinated. I even came back and ordered this a la carte on another occasion.


Their set lunch is a really good deal : Penang Char Kway Teow + soup of the day + drink + dessert(Chendol!) for 6.90! This is really tasty Char Kway Teow – very flavorful and they used clams(which I eat) instead of cockles(which I don’t).

Couple of things IDan really likes about this place: High quality of food at an affordable price, all day beer promo : $3 for a pint of Tiger and $5 for a pint of Erdinger(?!!), quick and good service.

This is Grandma’s Kitchen at United Square =)

Grandma’s Kitchen

By , August 24, 2010 11:52 am

Did anybody read about the food blogger who has “never paid for food in a restaurant ever”? I don’t have that privilege…. but I’ve got Mr Ong that’s alright really. Who said the world was fair?

This is a not so new restaurant at United Square. I gave this place a miss some time back because it looked like it served up food court fare in a restaurant. If I wanted chicken rice/nasi lemak/laksa(there were big pictures at the door), I could head to the foodcourt a minute way on the same floor. 

I’m not sure why we decided to leaf through the menu at its entrance last week, but a well taken picture of a tenderloin caught Dan’s heart eyes. I dutifully trudged along as he enthusiastically made his way in.

The interior was better than I expected it to be (surprisingly comfortable given the wood theme), and I was to find that that was the case with the food too =)


These are great fried chicken wings – a dusting of seasoning and into the fryer. It came out lightly crispy on the outside and very juicy on the inside.


I ordered the nasi lemak which was oddly  coconut rice with chicken curry. The curry was of the drier variety with a rather heavy coconut gravy. Personally, I’d prefer white rice with the curry – it was a slight coconut overload. It’s good if  you aren’t counting calories at lunch.


The Beef Rendang was extremely flavorful with succulent pieces of beef and Dan says, almost the best one he’s had.


The above is a sirloin steak because the tenderloin was unavailable (you should’ve seen the look of disappointment on Dan’s face). It was surprisingly tender for a sirloin steak so it wasn’t too much of a letdown. The accompanying fries were great too!


Finally, we had sago gula melaka (again!). This was REALLY good. They are very generous with their coconut cream and the gula melaka was served separately in a little jar so dessert can be as sweet as you want it (or not). I was impressed with the quality of their gula melaka – thick but not too sweet. You’ll have to try it to know what I mean. 

Grandma’s Kitchen might have been so named because Grandmas are never stingy with the quality or quantity of their ingredients =) The prices are slightly higher than at the food court but the service and quality made up the difference.

Definitely coming back and I’ve got my mind on the chendol. Next month!

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