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Sago Gula Melaka

By , July 9, 2010 1:37 pm

Following the disappointing sago gula melaka eat in my last post, I figured it can’t be that difficult to make it at home and so decided to try.

To begin, I scoured the internet for recipes. After going through a heap, I decided that the recipe with the nicest picture must be the best. Hey – it’s not all just eye candy ok? This post also has alot of information about sago and gula melaka.

I also recommend that you follow the above recipe cos I did mine the lazy way and it didn’t turn out as pretty as hers(because I dont have pretty coloured spoons). You might wanna learn from my mistakes(or buy pretty coloured spoons) if you do try it.

Packet of Sago (200g)
Gula Melaka (200g)
4tbsp of water
Pinch of salt
Packet of coconut milk

1. Wash and then soak sago for 10mins (optional)
2. Boil water(the way you cook porridge – 3/4 water to 1/4 sago) and add in sago. Keep stirring to prevent the sago from forming clumps.
3. Sago is ready once it turns transparent and that happens very quickly. Do not overboil or the sago becomes too soft (like mine did).
4. Strain sago with cold water til the excess starch is washed off and you get nice pearls.
5. Divide the sago in individual cups and chill in the fridge. Put the packet of coconut milk in too!
6. Melt Gula Melaka with the pinch of salt in 4 tbsps of water. The result is a rather watery syrup but it is also really sweet.
7. Once everything is chilled, add coconut(yep, straight from the packet) and gula melaka syrup into your cup of sago to your taste.


This is how mine turned out. The sago clumped together and the top pic is when i inverted it. I like that it took the shape of the glass and became a squarish sago block. (Amost like ketuput!). Some restaurants serve sago gula melaka this way. In any event, I’ll be careful to not overboil my sago in future cos I prefer individual pearls…

Also, DO NOT dip your finger into the melted gula melaka syrup – its temperature is ridiculously high. I scalded my tongue trying to remove it from my scalded finger. I know – really clever huh.

The final result was better tasting than the $15 gula melaka I had. *yay*

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