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Riders Cafe

By , June 7, 2010 5:03 pm

I have blogged about Riders Cafe before here. I was raving about their Mushroom soup the last time but forgot decided not to order it this time. Do you remember the crazy hot weather two weeks back? In a non-airconditioned place, soups just does not sound like a wise choice.

So we tried this something new :


Chicken Paillard. Paillard is a method of preparing meat that involves pounding on a piece of meat til it’s flat. That not only shortens the cooking time, but tenderises the meat. I’d call this a Chicken Salad cos while this piece of meat is very well marinated, is extremely tender and juicy, it obviously isn’t ‘paillarded’.

Y’know, I’m all for fancy names but it’d be good to actually serve a dish that goes with its name. I’d order this again the next time – other than the misnomer, it really is very good!

We also ordered this something new :


Beef Onglet. Another fancy name? I googled this cos I have no idea what an onglet is. “Apparently the Onglet is a the French cut of a Hanger Steak. This is the part of the diaphragm that hangs between the last rib and the loin. Very close to the beef’s kidney which is why it has TONS of beefy flavors. It’s a tough cut to come across because it usually winds up in ground beef or related“.

I remember that the meat had a very tasty flavour, combined with creamy mashed and fresh greens that went perfectly alongside it. I only tried a bite tho because it was too rare for my liking. That may be because (also googled) “It is a tough grainy piece of meat that needs either long slow cooking or a quick pan fry to medium rare or less”. Ah…

This is my something old:


Fish n Chips : The difference from the last time I went – they removed the greens, plumped up the fries (regular fries to steak cut fries) and I think they also upsized the fish. My knife easily cut through the light batter to reveal a white succulent fish inside which was really fresh. Boring is sometimes good!

I think a friend was raving about their Death By Chocolate Cake on Facebook. But that afternoon, it was Death By Oppressive Heat for me so we quickly paid and left. Great place for food but better with good weather.


PS: Door gift anyone?

Riders Cafe (located within Bukit Timah Saddles Club) @ 51 Fairways Drive (S) 286965

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