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Heart the Sweets in Perth

By , August 2, 2010 11:18 am

I know my blog says “Everybody loves a sweet ending”, but I suspect (almost)everybody loves a sweet beginning and sweet everything in between too! Just like our recent trip to Perth – generously interspersed with many sweet treats!


Does coffee count? I like my my latte sweet =P And coffee somehow tastes better when it’s cold outside, with a simple muffin(or anything for that matter) to go along.


And this simple muffin isn’t all that simple – it’s fluffy and light and the epitome of the perfect muffin.

crepesuzette1I have to say that it is worthy of all the praises I’ve heard sung about it! This soft crepe wrapped around nutella, bananas, strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream is the absolute best I’ve had. It was the absolute messiest eat too but so worth it! JC


A friend staying in Perth recommended this little cafe which has the honor of the best patisserie in town (the patrons there said the same when they spotted me taking pictures!). I think using only the freshest of ingredients and being generous with it gave this place its reputation. You can tell just by looking, that the strawberry tart is going to taste divine, can’t you? (it did) The custard in both the croissant and donut had just a hint of a alcohol in it, giving the simple custard an interesting twist. Soooo good. Oh and we learnt that the best way to eat the donut is to hold our breaths and bite down else the powdered sugar snows on everything. The jam donut was a winner too!! 

This same friend also showed me the best macaroons in town:


This would give Canele and Bakerz zero business a run for their money if they came to town! But I doubt they will because this cafe is a small setup and obviously run by people who make them cos they love to. At AUD3 PER macaroon, it helped deter me from buying another hundred or so home. It also made me miss making macaroons.


We couldn’t resist ordering the mille feuille cos it looked so yummy. Dan asked how it was pronounced and the lady said she has no idea. Calls it the milli filli hurhur. Anyhow, this has 3 layers of puff pastry, a butterscotch glaze,a hazelnutty pastry cream and I suspect a thousand calories. I finished everything. Holidays are great. (Thanks Ning!)


And when in Perth, we always visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory (this is the Swan Valley outlet) to have their hot chocolate. We’d swipe a handful of “For tasting” chocolate pastilles from the big bowls to give our hot chocolate more oomphf. Might have overdone it this time (it was awfully sweet =p)

Holidays are such a great excuse for pigging eating!

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