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Paulaner Brauhaus

By , March 1, 2010 4:15 pm

We didn’t have much for dinner on Sat and woke up craving for food in quantity and variety on Sunday morning. So I googled “buffet brunch Sunday” and clicked the first site that came up – a buffet guide page.

After filtering through both our requirements ie: not too expensive (eliminates the places with champagne); serves non-local fare (eliminates the dim sums, porridges n steamboats) cos Dan likes western; and doesn’t start too late or is too far away cos we were hungry, it came down to Paulaner Brauhaus at Millenia Walk. I secretly suspect the clincher was actually free flow beer for him.

Have you ever walked along the stretch of restaurants at Millenia Walk at 11+am on a Sunday? It’s a ghost town. We were worried (only for a split second tho cos there’re so many new restaurants there) that the buffet we read about has discontinued. Only 1 way to find out. We arrived at Paulaner Brauhaus and saw ONE customer sitting downstairs. Oops.

Dan asked the bartender if there was a buffet and he pointed us upstairs. Whew! More than 50% filled too!

Fast forward to 2 hours later – two very stuffed people at the table. While the spread wasn’t impressively extensive, I’d say almost every item was good and that’s more important than having many items I wouldn’t touch.

Firstly, any self respecting German spread must feature sausages and pork knuckles. Dan liked that the pork knuckle was well cooked and I esp liked the cheese sausages(goes fantastically with bread), and the Munich sausages (plump, pale and very soft to the bite). I also really enjoyed their fresh fish and chips *thumbs up*- much credit also to their variety of authentic and rich sauces.

There’s frankly quite abit of meat in their spread. Off the top of my head, I remember the meatloaf, julienned beef, braised beef, pork schnitzel, pork knuckle, sliced pork, 5 different types of sausages and the fried fish fillets. For a balanced diet, you could get more steamed veges, pile up on the cold /sauerkraut salad, and have some carbs like spaghetti, bread, mini pizzas or a bowl of thick mushroom soup. A very out of place item, I thought, was their thinly sliced salmon sashimi. I’m not complaining tho – am actually really pleased cos I’ve been craving them recently. (Don’t start on pregnancy and raw foods – I only had a few slices la…)

For dessert, there was most noticeably the warm apple strudel(cos it’s so big), movenpick ice creams, some cakes and fruits. I’d love to have everything, but with no space in my tummy, I picked my favourite blackforest cake. The entire slice magically disappeared into the said ‘no space’ tummy 😛 Buffets shouldn’t be allowed for people with no self restraint.

I’m sorry there aren’t any food pics – I was too busy stuffing my face to take any pictures think pictures dont do buffets enough justice *vigorous head nodding.

Oh and I almost forgot the most important item that made our buffet so enjoyable for Dan (had to google the picture too!) :


He enjoys alcohol freshly brewed beer all the time accompanied with meats and totally made sure to have enough to cover the cost of both our buffets.

Lastly, I thought the buffet was very reasonably priced. At $45++ (with free flow beer) and 35++ (with soft drinks), and an additional 15% off cos we used a Citibank card, the grand total came up to $80.04. Good deal, yes? Plus there’s even a corner for children to play so I’ll definitely be filing this place away for future visits.

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