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Final Macaron Post

By , September 2, 2010 11:24 am

You guys must be sick of macarons, but indulge me just one final macaron post.

Presenting the Green Tea Macarons!


Green tea powder isn’t readily available in most supermarkets, and I only had two sachets of green tea powder from a green tea loving friend who bought them from Taiwan. Lucky that was all I had because if I had put more, the taste of green tea might be overpowering. I paired it with bitter chocolate ganache and it was quite the winner with me my friends.

I overwhipped the egg whites which explains the uneven height of the macaron so nay to how it looks. But still, yay to its taste!

NB: I substituted 1 tbsp green tea in place of 3 tbsp cocoa

This next picture, is of my attempt at making the Pistachio macaron.


The same mistake – overwhipped egg whites 🙁 I knew the texture when wrong when the macarons did not settle down after piping, but maintained the shape of how it was piped out. The unevenness was even more obvious after it set in the oven. Like this :


For this macaron, I grounded whole pistachios instead of using almonds. Couldn’t taste the pistachios much – it just tasted sweet. So I thought I’d use more pistachios with buttercream for its filling.


It was….. still too sweet. Macarons are generally too sweet for my liking which explains why my fillings must either be bitter chocolate or VERY lightly sweetened cream cheese.

So nay to taste and nay to looks for this macaron. *sigh

Please feel free to drop ideas of ‘bitter’ flavors other than coffee, chocolate and green tea. It will be much appreciated!

Ok. No more macaron entries for awhile!

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