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Xin Wang Cafe

By , June 24, 2010 10:06 am

I used to live just opposite one (and it was a 24hr outlet too!) but never visited. There were just too many other options around, like the Punggol Nasi Lemak *drool*  Anyhow, I finally went two weeks ago to the United Square outlet. Twice. For this :


It may look like muar chee, and it may taste like muar chee, but it isn’t muar chee. It’s Japanese mochi in ground peanut. The difference lies in the chew factor of the mochi. And that pretty round shape instead of the haphazard shapes of the regular muar chee. Or it may be the finely ground peanut with fine sugar and I think some almond. Yums!


Since it’s a HongKong cafe, my choice of beverage was naturally the yin yang aka coffee and tea. I thought this was quite a good version cos some I’ve tried are too heavy on the coffee OR tea and that just messes up the drink.


Dan had the lychee tea on both occasions cos he thought it was really well done. I think simple things done right is very appealing. Yes, lychee tea can go wrong  – too much or not enough sugar syrup.


This is a beehoon with spare ribs which I liked. The beehoon reminded me of the sort my grandma used to cook : regular beehoon fried with canned spareribs. Pity the spareribs on the side was a tad dry.

Actually, we tried quite alot of food on both visits. Peanut toast, half boiled eggs, siew mai, prawn dumplings, fried wanton, pork chop and pork chop burger. But I thought they were pretty much mediocre although the variety (menu claims over 200!) is a plus point for a big group with diverse tastebuds…

I’ll probably head back for drinks and mochi =)

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