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Barcook Bakery

By , May 20, 2010 5:07 pm


I know I know. This bun looks rather unappetising. That was my first thought when my sister plopped a bag of 10 on the table and took one out. She insisted I try it immediately cos it was still warm from the oven. I wasn’t all that thrilled cos my lunch had also just arrived but thank goodness I didn’t have the heart to say ‘no’ to her expectant face.

Zero expectations can sometimes be a very good thing. I didn’t even know what filling it was. But what it was, was Very Good.  The bun is uber soft and you bite into a very smooth cream cheese filling with plump raisins inside. Absolute heaven. I got a nicer picture from their website :


An irresistible cottony-soft and flat bread filled with silky cream cheese and juicy raisins that gives the bread a full bodied flavor and wonderful aroma.

They aren’t overselling. It also explains why this is their best seller. Actually, they’ve been around for more than a year(why isn’t this bigger than it is?!) and I can’t believe this is my first taste.

I’ve been thinking of this everyday since. Me like very much!

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