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Perfect Chocolate Macaroons!

By , August 11, 2010 10:33 am

IMG_2353There they are. I think they look lurverly – maybe not as leggy as my previous macaroons but they look store-bought. More importantly, they not only look good, they were yummilicious. Thin crispy shells that cover a soft, and slightly chewy centre with a rich chocolate taste. Using only bitter chocolate worked in combatting the sweetness of the shells. LOVE.

I tried to not be too hopeful after piping out this second batch on a tray. The shiny tops looked promising.choc_mac1Looking at them made my heart sing- smooth, uncracked domes with petite legs peeking out! (I sound a little crazy but attempting anything twice in a day requires a little crazy.)

My first attempt had equal glossy tops but some website said I should bake it at 93deg for 5mins and then 190degs for 8mins. That resulted in a trayful of this :


Not only that, but I couldn’t remove them from the baking paper at all =( I was about to fold it up and throw the entire thing away, but decided to pop it back into the oven and see if I could create a meringue type cookie. It worked! I got a boxful of these :


I call them my Ugly Macaroons. These things are cookie-like on the outside and chewy on the inside. Almost like a french macaroon but uglier hardier. Miss J said to keep them for her cos she likes these (and she’d know because I’ve made ugly macaroons before).

Am glad I didn’t give up. Macaroons are about persistence!!!

The only recipe that has worked consistently for me, is the David Lebovitz chocolate macaroon recipe. There is no need to age the egg whites or wait an hour or two after piping before popping them in the oven. Here’re some tips I learnt thru too many trials and errors:

1. Bake at 150deg insetad of 180deg. Small macaroons take about 8-10mins. Bigger macaroons 12-15. Pop it back in the oven if you Really cannot remove from the baking paper.

2. Prepare your ingredients in an airconditioned room. Not sure if that helped but I think working in the natural humidity of Singapore isn’t very good for meringues or macaroons.

3. Do Not overbeat the egg whites – it’s ready once it is glossy.

4. Do Not overfold the icing sugar/ground almond into the egg whites – it’s ready once its texture is like magma/lava.

I definitely prefer baking macaroons to eating them cos they are a tad too sweet for me. But there’s something about making something so pretty that makes me happy. The next two flavors I’m thinking of trying is pistachios and green tea.

Bear with me – my macaroon obsession will pass soon (enough).

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