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Little treats

By , June 2, 2010 1:13 pm

It isn’t that I haven’t been eating out. It’s that either I’ve blogged about those places already, or the new places are so bleah I can’t bring myself to recommend them.

Fortunately, there are the little treats I’ve been having cos my main meals haven’t been filling me up(they really have been so bleah).

This one was recommended by my Mom !


I went there wanting to buy egg tarts cos that’s what my Mom asked – if I would like egg tarts. Then realised they have so many other flavours (strawberry, chocolate, orange chocolate, kiwi, kaya, blueberry to name a few), and even some savoury ones (curry chicken/pepper chicken!). 

Presentation is key – these cup looking tarts look very dainty and pretty. Like they will not fill me up too much and still afford me a taste of sweet. I discovered later that it is surprisingly filling (for me)!

eggtart1The original is of course the egg tart. With a crisp and buttery crust, it’s really satisfying unless you do not like buttery. Actually it reminds me of a thin shortbread. The filling is a smooth and soft egg tart filling. Not too sweet or thick. Here are the other flavours!

I bought mine at City Sq Mall (B1). They have two other outlets at IMM and Tanjong Pagar Plaza – you can get the address from the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website (link is above)

The other little treat that I like is from Petit Provence. You must have heard of their choco wassant :

choco wassant

Picture credit cos I googled this image after finishing mine without taking a single picture 😛

These soft, light and fluffy treats are good for anytime of my day! I think Petit Provence made the first choco wassant in Singapore and it was followed by all the major bread shops. I’ve tried most of the others and they don’t come close in terms of texture and taste.

Actually, this has been a favourite since Dasmond and I introduced it on 下一站,吃什麽?a few years back and they’re still as good 🙂

Yummers. Can’t wait for teatime (I still have egg tarts)!

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