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By , September 8, 2010 12:42 pm

I have heard much about this place and decided to head over one unfortunate blisteringly hot morning. Sitting outdoors wasn’t an option so we decided to risk smelling like the food we were gonna order since they were frying up stuff right behind the counter in the airconditioned indoors. I also wasn’t all that impressed with their canteen/mismatched furniture setup and started wondering if this place was a case of hype.

Then the food arrived and shut me up properly.


This is the Choco Nana($5) – banana and nutella sandwiched between buttered toast, dusted with a little sugar and a sprinkling of chopped strawberries. The stuff heaven is made of I’m sure =) (By the way, is it rude to shove a picture of a half eaten sandwich at the beginning of a post? It even sounds a little rude… )

 I tried to replicate this at home. Epic fail. Simple does not equal easy.


The Eggs Benedict ($12) was a winner too. Their homemade hollandaise sauce was a little on the creamy side but after I scraped some to the side of the plate, the remainder went really well with their perfectly poached egg atop ham and buttered muffin. Eggs Benedict has a small corner in my heaven.

I tried to replicate this at home too. Epic fail again. If cannot do the simple, don’t try the difficult?


Dan ordered the Breakfast Burrito ($12) which is the above flour tortilla wrapped around 2 scrambled eggs with chorizo, tomatoes and cheese. It was superbly done.

Yes you guessed it. We tried to replicate this at home too! It turned out better than the other two. Yay!!


Finally there’s the Pancakes($6) which we thought was mediocre… But that could be because we didn’t have anymore room left in our tummies.

No no, we didn’t try to replicate this at home. Bet you thought I was gonna say so!

Be warned that this place is crowded for Sunday brunches.

Epicurious is at 60 Robertson Quay.

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