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By , September 7, 2007 1:44 pm

I’ve always found it tough to write “about me” sections. What’s expected in there? Life history? Hobbies? Personality? I figure getting soundbites of what my friends say about me would be simpler if not for the fact that just getting them to write something feels like a fishing for compliments expedition.

So…. I’ll go for a very short intro (and you decide for yourself from my posts, the rest of me) :

Jaime. Loves God. Simple Girl. Thinks too much. Enjoys Baking. Going to be a Mommy.

And to put a face to the words you’re reading :


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Pretty picture girlie =) And I’m lovin’ the new blog template. Much much easier to read!

  2. Jeredy Wee says:

    Your blog makes me hungry!! I love~!

  3. agnes says:

    Hi Jaime, surprised that I was actually reading your baking blog. How do you bake mini cup cakes with the Japanese Cheese Cake batter. If I put them in the same time, I will have to take the mini cup cakes within 10-15 mins. Do you keep the batter aside and bake the round one for 1 hour first. I thought such delicate batter must be baked otherwise they lost their airy consiistency?

  4. jaimeteo says:

    Clare : Would be better if it could align to right And left so it’s a clean line on both sides. Ah well, but I do prefer this template to the previous!!

    Jeredy : That’s Goooooood!

    agnes : Surprised that I blog? or that I bake? :p I put them in at the same time (water bath!) and take them out after 15mins or whenever they look ready. I don’t think that’s the most professional way, but it is the easiest one for the lazy baker.

  5. Marga says:

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  6. JR says:

    I have not met you Jaime, but I am completely in love with you 🙂 I have a lot of respect for you and your husband for running such a great business, good luck!

  7. Karen Lee says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I want to get in touch with you on being the face of a kids’ shoe brand. The brand is international and I am helping to market and distribute. The brand is endorsed by US podiatrists and have been in the market for close to 19 years. Endorsing would be endless shoes for you baby girl. Kindly get in touch with me cos I have some much problems getting in touch with you.

    I can be contacted at karenlee@cadencharles.com.

    Karen Lee

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