Picking the right stuff.

By , July 1, 2011 9:06 am

I have a confession. It kills me to admit this….. but everytime I go to a new restaurant, I usually pick the duds on the menu. *hangs head* 

Daniel on the other hand usually picks the winners. He will then finish whatever (bad) food I ordered and give me half of his (good) food so I don’t starve. Then I”m doubly trumped because he is right again, and he is gracious about it although he’s wearing a smirk on his face. (I may be imagining that tho…. *hangs head again)

The reason why I am making this confession, is cos we went to Soup Broth Asia at Raffles City last week. Soups are supposed to be my domain. I’m the one who can drink soup everyday of the week and Dan is the one who says he’ll faint from hunger an hour after lunch if he takes just soup and rice.

Anyhow, I walked in all confident that I will order the ‘right’ stuff even tho it was our first visit.

Dan picked the Peranakan Itemtim(9.6 with 3 sides and a drink) which is essentially a duck soup with salted vegetables.


I liked the rich flavour of the soup, the evidently boiled-for-a-long-time duck cos the meat was falling off the bones, and that there was so many ingredients in there.


He picked the mango salad, sweet and sour pork and some mixed veges for his side dishes. They were alright =)

He then chose the Canton Lotus Pork(8.20) for my mom and she loved it. I thought it a tad sweet cos there was sliced apple in the soup and I generally don’t like my soups to have a fruity sorta sweet in them… but it was really tasty and again, it was a generous portion of soup and ingredients.


I ordered a Tom Yam Talay (10.20 with 2 sides and a drink) soup. It’s of the clear variety that packs a punch – very spicy and sour the way I like it. I happily took a bite of a juicy looking piece of squid. It was soft and springy which I took to be good news because nothing spoils a Tom Yam soup more than overcooked ingredients. Then the aftertaste hit me – a rather strong fishy smell. I guess I was wrong – nothing spoils a Tom Yam soup more than not so fresh ingredients =( In fact, all of the seafood inside had that strong fishyness and seriously, if a Tom Yam soup can’t mask it, it must be quite bad =(


One of my sides saved the day(c’mon, surely I can pick ONE winner!) – the sambal egg was Excellent. I loved the sambal – very authentic and super spicy. The wasabi prawns didn’t fare so well tho – same strong ‘fishyness’ as the seafood in my soup.


I picked the Java Opor Ayam(7.2) for my helper – a chicken soup with vegetables and a coconuty gravy.


It was interesting, but according to her not exactly authentic. I wasn’t a fan =P

Sad right, I think I had more of Dan and my mom’s soup than my own… The next time we go to a new restaurant, I think I’ll let Dan the man order. Or I could go back to Soup Broth Asia and order the stuff he’s ordered before….. At least I made the right choice of food, right? =P

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