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By , June 24, 2011 10:03 am

I’ll admit this meal I had was quite a while back. Dan and I were at Bugis and decided to eat here because it was quieter in comparison to the rest of Bugis – have you been there on a weekend?? Anyhow, I prepared the pictures for uploading and then…. had other stuff to eat that were better so those got to cut the blog queue. It’s been a few days of eating at the same restaurants I’ve blogged about before(creature of habit I am) and of packed dinners (economical rice rocks) so I was wondering what eats to share. Then I saw these pictures and my mouth could almost taste the food – must be good to have remained so fresh in my mind, so here’s sharing :


When I saw this picture, I was reminded about how we were trying not to finish the buns before our food arrived. Warm and toasty buns with nice dips are so hard to resist, especially when you’re hungry and your main course takes some time to arrive. Maybe mediterranean restaurants have to stay true to their theme of being relaxed and unhurried – even for drinks and (baby)cutlery =p It could also be that sitting at a table with a screaming fussy child makes you hope that your food arrives quickly so you can eat and disappear.

Then the appetizer arrived – Dan ordered a chicken tikka :


Doesn’t look like much right? But every piece of chicken was well marinated and tasted tender, juicy and flavorful! The pita bread on the side was warm, fluffy and chewy. We weren’t so antsy once this dish came. Not sure if it’s cos it was so good, or cos we were hungry. Or cos our helper brought our screaming baby for a walk outside so we could chill and eat.


Then my main course arrived and all was forgiven. This is one REALLY good Barramundi. It’s a generous portion of tender, salted just right and pan fried just right barrumundi, on a bed of soft mashed and crunchy greens.


Dan was all silent when he ate his lamb(sorry, Dan told me it’s not lamb!) pork chop with mint sauce, sauteed asparagus and poached pear/peach (sorry – I can’t remember as well what I didn’t eat and I’m not so good at identifying cooked fruit. )… Suffices to say he really enjoyed it because I could see that he was savouring every bite.

We also ordered a pizza but that doesn’t warrant photo space because it tasted a little like frozen pizza but better. ie: not woodfired pizza which is the only type I really like =p If I don’t remember wrongly, main courses are about 28++ – the regular hotel restaurant type price….

It was a really nice evening after that – baby came back happy(cos she got to go ‘walk walk’), and parents satisfied with dinner. It’s all about finding something for everybody, right? =)

I hear this place is good for buffets and desserts as well. Let me know if you try it!

On Waterloo Street…..

By , June 15, 2011 12:01 pm

Waterloo Steet wasn’t this colourful in the past :photo

And I would know because I was in a school(St Anthony’s Convent) opposite that street for ten years. The coffeeshop along Waterloo street would always be our ‘last resort’ when we had CCA breaks (we called it ECA then) because Bugis, Cityhall and Bras Basah always appealed to us more. It might have been a different story if the place looked as hip as it does now – with colourful buildings that makes this street look like one for the arts. =) I mean there is the Stamford Arts Centre, Action THeatre, Dance Ensemble and other artsy buildings on it. This picture isnt quite representative (or the best), but I wanted to show you 51 Waterloo St. The building with the poster of the face on it.

We met a friend at Campus Corner in that building – a sprawling store for camping equipment with friendly owners and this unique piece of furniture :


This bench is made entirely of recyled cardboard and according to the owner, can seat 18 people when stretched out to its full length. It’s like an accordion! You can wrap it around a pillar and it’ll look like a round bench. You can also put it straight, or curved like in the picture. I’m rather in awe of this bench although talking about it is more fun than buying it – it costs an entire Grand! =p The most used part of the bench is most comfy (where its dented in the shape of a butt), and I suppose coffee spills wouldn’t be the most convenient thing to clean off of it.

But I digress. I wanted to talk about this other restaurant inside beside Campus Corner. It’s called Fine Palate. Their seating area is small in comparison to the huge kitchen, but classy and cosy :


(Grabbed the above pic off their website)

Then we realised that’s cos they cater. You can tell they mean business when the bread plate is served like this :


The dip on the side (when I asked) is their unique blend. No explanations or elaborations. It tasted of peppers and some cream. Yummy.


The simple Tomato Mozarella Pizza (16) was a really good woodfired pizza. Cracker-ish edges with a slighly chewy centre. I really like this. And if a restaurant can do a simple pizza well, their food cannot go too far wrong =)


The Chicken Quesidillas (8) was lightly crispy on the outside and a little gooey from the melted cheese inside. Quite a lethal combo. Dip that in the salsa sauce and you’ve got a recipe for a really good starter. The bed of lettuce bits added some crunch, colour and lightness to this plate.


Dan enjoyed their cheeseburger (20) because it was done very medium (ie: too rare for my liking). I liked the steak cut fries with the wasabi mayo dip. Plus the presentation looked pretty darn fine =)

Nice place to try out if you’re in town and want some old school charm – the outdoor seating is in a covered courtyard. Beautiful when the weather isn’t sweltering. But be warned – many restaurants along that stretch will be vying for your attention!

Guess who’s upped their food standard?

By , June 7, 2011 11:11 am

Bakerz Inn that’s who! It’s not to say that they used to serve lousy food, just that their food didn’t really wow me before.

Then yesterday, we headed to myVillage (again!) and decided to go to the only restaurant there we haven’t patronised. I’ve always been a fan of their Linguine Vongole(14.5) and haven’t had it in awhile. So I revisited my old favourite:

IMG_5815 It was as good as I remembered it to be – a rich white wine sauce with chilli padi, some tomatoes (that’s a new ingredient), and plenty of fresh clams. Yumz!


The Bacon and Ham Penne in a Cream Sauce(10.9 with a soft drink for lunch) really surprised me. I like the taste of this very much and I’m not one for cream sauces because they tend to be too rich for my liking. But this one was lighter than most, flavourful and I loved how the sauce oozed out of the penne when I bit into it.


This is the Bakerz Inn CheeseBurger(16.9). Cheddar cheese, mushrooms, juicy beef patty, fresh vegetables, and a ranch dressing made this a messy, yummy, indulgent eat that I think we will be going back for very soon.


This is a Mushroom Truffle Pizza that is topped with an egg cooked sunny side up and fresh arugula leaves. The pizza base was lightly crispy and chewy. I liked that they cut the pizza up into a few irregular shapes before putting on the leaves (it can get so messy) and I Loved dipping the pizza dough into the egg. So good!

I’m not sure if all their outlets are serving up this fabulous standard of food, but you can be sure I’ll be quite happy to head there later soon =)

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